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Grants providing certifications and training deliver great value for small businesses as they facilitate skill enhancement and adherence to industry standards. This investment in human capital boosts competitiveness, fosters innovation, and builds credibility with customers. Additionally, such grants level the playing field, allowing small businesses to acquire specialized knowledge often reserved for larger companies. Ultimately, they are a key resource in driving growth and sustainability within the small business sector.

While grants offering financial assistance are important, in the long run, grants with training, certification, and mentoring might deliver more value to keep your small business operational longer.

Certifications and official designations can help businesses realize new opportunities to grow. However, obtaining these certifications often requires additional resources that can strain small businesses. That’s why one new grant program is providing support specifically for businesses looking to apply for various designations.

Small Business News August 25, 2023

In the roundup this week is news about the Credit Card Competition Act of 2023, which has been introduced to both chambers of Congress. The goal of the act is to reduce the financial burden on Main Street businesses by promoting competition in the credit card processing market. For that and more here is the rest of the roundup.

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Credit Card Competition Act of 2023 Looks to Help Small Business Owners

Small business owners nationwide have increasingly felt the weight of rising credit card processing fees, and finally, relief may be on the horizon. A promising piece of legislation, the Credit Card Competition Act of 2023, has been introduced to both chambers of Congress.

Amazon Amplifies Support for Black-Owned Businesses

August recognizes National Black Business Month, spotlighting the significance of Black-owned enterprises in the U.S. As part of this celebration, Amazon unveils enhanced partnerships and resources committed to helping Black-owned businesses flourish during this month and year-round.

Barclays Highlights Role of Travel Rewards

Travel rewards programs are emerging as important aids for consumers wanting to maintain their travel habits. The latest “Barclays US Consumer Bank 2023 Travel Rewards and Loyalty Report” goes into this dynamic as the world navigates inflation and economic uncertainty.

Small Business Owners Grapple with Economic Uncertainties

Recent data showcases small business owners’ challenges in today’s unpredictable economy. Labor quality, inflation, and hiring difficulties continue to be top concerns, according to the latest report from the NFIB Small Business Optimism Index. In a world where data is crucial for decision-making, the July report revealed a minor rise in optimism among small businesses.

iWallet Streamlines Mobile Check Deposits for Field Technicians

Fintech startup iWallet has introduced an innovative solution that allows technicians to manage mobile check deposits directly from their smartphones. This will significantly optimize payment processing in the field service industry.

Semrush’s New Ecommerce Booster App Supercharges Your Shopify Store

In today’s fast-paced e-commerce landscape, small businesses often find themselves stretched thin, managing multiple tasks simultaneously. One of the most critical yet time-consuming activities involves optimizing product pages to drive more traffic and sales.

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ADP’s Acquisition of Sora Streamlines HR Processes for Small Businesses

The recent acquisition by ADP® of Honu HR, Inc. DBA Sora promises to be a game-changer in the HR tech landscape, especially for smaller firms grappling with diverse business application integrations. ADP, renowned for delivering human capital management (HCM) solutions globally, has added Sora’s advanced low-code intelligent workflow automation and data integration tool to its portfolio.

How to Build a Small Business Through Community Led Growth

There are a lot of ways to grow a business; many people use product led growth or sales and marketing to increase their sales. But know there is a third engine to grow your company: community led growth. On the Small Business Radio Show this week, my guest grew his business using his only his community.

Fiverr Ramps Up Offerings with New Business Suite and Advanced Matching System

Fiverr International Ltd. has a new series of major product releases by setting its sights on reshaping how businesses and freelancers connect in a rapidly evolving gig economy. Fiverr’s latest offerings respond to a mounting need for nimble business solutions as companies increasingly seek freelance talent.

WordPress.com Offers Free Google Domain Transfers Amidst Squarespace Acquisition

Amidst the shifting dynamics of the online domain market, WordPress.com has stepped up with an enticing proposition for small business owners and individual domain holders. Following the recent news of Google Domains being sold to Squarespace, WordPress.com is reaching out to affected users with a tempting deal – offering free transfers of their Google domains to the WordPress.

Sprout Social Enters Influencer Marketing Arena with Tagger Media Acquisition

Sprout Social has officially announced its acquisition of Tagger Media. This venture marks Sprout Social’s strategic foray into the rapidly growing influencer marketing domain. For the uninitiated, influencer marketing has rapidly transformed how brands, especially small businesses, connect with their target audience.

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Why Independent Sellers Continue to Choose Amazon: A Deep Dive

What makes Amazon the preferred e-commerce behemoth for small-scale sellers? With so many e-commerce platforms for small businesses to sell their products, Amazon remains a compelling choice for many. 1. Value Proposition & Trust: Most sellers attribute their choice to the exceptional value Amazon offers.

Semrush Enhances Local SEO Tool with ChatGPT AI Features

Semrush has unveiled two groundbreaking ChatGPT features in its Listing Management tool. These advancements promise small business owners a significant edge in local SEO efforts. This is as the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve rapidly, and small businesses often grapple with the challenges of effectively managing their local online presence.

Upwork and OpenAI Forge New Partnership to Link Businesses with AI Specialists

Upwork has joined forces with AI powerhouse OpenAI with an initiative named “OpenAI Experts on Upwork,” which promises to give businesses direct access to top-tier professionals skilled in harnessing OpenAI’s cutting-edge technologies. For small business owners, this partnership presents a two-fold advantage.

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