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If you run a handmade business, you likely have lots of art supplies, fabric, ribbon, and office supplies around your home or office. Organizing these small items can help you find what you need quickly and make your business more efficient. Here’s a guide to some top organization options for crafters.

How Does a Business Benefit from Better Organization?

Not sure why craft room organization is so important? Here are some specific benefits for business owners:

  • Find what you need quickly: An unorganized space can force you to waste time searching for supplies whenever you start a new project. With organized systems, you know where everything is and can start right away when inspiration strikes.
  • Avoid purchasing extra supplies: If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you may simply buy more of that item. This can waste your earnings and lead to frustration when you eventually find those items later.
  • Improve productivity: Clutter can be distracting, and you’ll waste lots of time tidying when you could be working. Instead, set systems up right away and maintain them to spend more time on your business.
  • See what you have available: If you’re not sure what to make next, organized space can give you easy access to all your supplies. This may provide inspiration or help you quickly make a list of necessary materials.
  • Enjoy work/life balance: If you work from home, storing crafts and other supplies in every room can distract from time with your family. Keeping everything in its place allows you to focus on work during work time and family during your off hours.


Clever Craft Storage Ideas

Whether you have a dedicated craft room, an entire office, or just a small corner of your spare bedroom, an organized craft space can support a thriving business. Here are some storage containers, shelving units, bins, and other items you can use to organize your materials.

Pegboard System

craft supply storage ideas

A pegboard is a large board with holes that allows you to insert pegs or hooks for hanging tools, supplies, or organizers. Crafters can use pegboards to hang scissors, rulers, spools of thread, and other tools for easy access. Shelving and bins can also be attached to pegboards to store larger items. One of the benefits of a pegboard system is its versatility; as your craft needs change, you can easily reconfigure the setup.

Rolling Storage Carts

craft supply storage ideas

These are multi-tiered carts with wheels, often made of metal or durable plastic. Each tier can hold bins, boxes, or just craft supplies directly. The convenience of wheels allows crafters to move their supplies from one area to another, making it perfect for shared spaces or for those who like to craft in different areas of the home.

Wall-Mounted Shelving Units

craft supply storage ideas

Shelving units that are mounted to the wall can provide ample space for organizing craft supplies. Bins, boxes, or jars can be placed on the shelves to store beads, buttons, threads, or any small craft item. Since they utilize vertical space, they’re great for rooms where floor space might be limited.

Storage Cubes

craft supply storage ideas

Storage cubes are modular shelving units that are often made of wood or laminate materials. They come in various sizes, and each cube can hold a bin, basket, or individual craft supplies. These units are both functional and decorative, blending seamlessly with room décor while providing easy access to supplies.

Over-the-Door Organizers

craft supply storage ideas

Originally designed for shoes, these organizers have multiple pockets or shelves that hang over a door, making them a handy solution for crafters. Each pocket can hold items like paintbrushes, markers, or glue sticks. They’re a great way to utilize the back of a door, maximizing storage in smaller spaces.

Craft Armoires

craft supply storage ideas

These are specialized pieces of furniture designed for craft storage. They often resemble a wardrobe or cupboard and contain a variety of shelves, hooks, and drawers. When closed, they can hide away all your supplies, making them perfect for crafters who want to keep their space tidy or who craft in multi-purpose rooms.

Under-Bed Storage Bins

craft supply storage ideas

These are flat, wide bins designed to slide under beds. For crafters with limited space, they can be a lifesaver. They can hold larger items like rolls of fabric, large paper pads, or bulkier tools. Clear bins are especially helpful to easily identify contents without having to open them.

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Drawer Units

craft supply storage ideas

Multi-drawer units, often on wheels, can store a variety of craft supplies. From paper to paints, each drawer can be designated for a specific type of supply. Transparent drawers can help in identifying contents at a glance.

Hanging Fabric Organizers

craft supply storage ideas

For those into sewing or fabric crafts, hanging fabric organizers allow you to drape and display your fabrics so you can easily see and access them. They often come with multiple slots and can be hung in closets or on walls.

Magnetic Knife Strips

craft supply storage ideas

These are long magnetic strips often used in kitchens to hold knives. For crafters, these can be mounted on a wall or the side of a desk to hold metal tools like scissors, tweezers, or needles. This solution takes advantage of wall space and keeps essential tools within arm’s reach.

Mason Jars and Mounted Holders

craft supply storage ideas

Mason jars, or any clear jars, can be mounted onto walls or under shelves using clamps or specialized holders. They’re perfect for storing and displaying items like brushes, pens, pencils, or beads. The clear glass allows easy visualization of the jar’s contents.

Lazy Susans

craft supply storage ideas

A Lazy Susan is a turntable that can be placed on a table or inside a cabinet. Crafters can use it to store multiple small bins or containers, making it easier to access supplies by simply rotating the turntable.

Hanging Mesh Bags

craft supply storage ideas

Mesh bags can be hung on hooks or pegs and are perfect for storing items that need ventilation, like sponges or certain paints. Their transparent nature means items are easily seen and accessed.

Tension Rods

craft supply storage ideas

These can be installed inside cabinets or closets and can hold spools of thread, ribbons, or even small baskets. Tension rods make use of the often-overlooked space inside of cabinets and can be adjusted to fit various widths.

Decorative Wall Storage Cabinets

craft supply storage ideas

If you want to keep lots of craft supplies hidden, invest in cabinets with solid doors. This one with a sliding barn door would be perfect for a farmhouse-style space.

Wall Hooks

craft supply storage ideas

Wall hooks may be ideal for jewelry, bags, or similar items. You can even hang bins from the hooks and add smaller items inside.

Foldable Craft Table with Storage Shelves

craft supply storage ideas

If you want to keep your craft supplies in your workspace, consider a desk with drawers or shelves underneath. This option even folds up when not in use, making it ideal for hybrid spaces like offices that also serve as guest bedrooms.

Storage Solution Description Benefits Best For
Pegboard System A large board with holes allowing pegs or hooks for hanging tools and supplies. Versatile and can be reconfigured as needs change. Wall storage and easily accessible tools and supplies.
Rolling Storage Carts Multi-tiered carts with wheels, often made of metal or durable plastic. Portable; can be moved around easily. Shared spaces or crafting in different areas of the home.
Wall-Mounted Shelving Units Shelving units mounted to the wall for storing craft supplies. Maximizes vertical space. Rooms with limited floor space.
Storage Cubes Modular shelving units often made of wood or laminate. Functional and decorative. Blending storage with room décor.
Over-the-Door Organizers Organizers with multiple pockets that hang over a door. Maximizes back of door space. Small spaces and easy access to frequently used items.
Craft Armoires Specialized furniture with shelves, hooks, and drawers for craft storage. Keeps supplies hidden and tidy. Crafting in multi-purpose rooms.
Under-Bed Storage Bins Flat, wide bins designed to fit under beds. Space-saving for small rooms. Storing larger craft items in bedrooms or small apartments.
Drawer Units Multi-drawer units, often with wheels, designed for storing craft supplies. Organized and often portable storage. Categorizing supplies by drawer.
Hanging Fabric Organizers Organizers with slots for draping and displaying fabrics. Visible and accessible fabric storage. Sewing or fabric crafts.
Magnetic Knife Strips Magnetic strips for holding metal tools. Maximizes wall space. Holding metal crafting tools.
Mason Jars and Mounted Holders Clear jars mounted on walls or under shelves. Visually appealing and space-efficient. Displaying beautiful craft items.
Lazy Susans Turntables for storing bins or containers. Easy rotation for access. Accessing supplies from all sides without reaching.
Hanging Mesh Bags Transparent bags hung on hooks or pegs. Provides ventilation and visibility. Storing items that need to breathe or easily identified.
Tension Rods Rods installed inside cabinets or closets to hold items. Makes use of cabinet space. Holding spools, ribbons, or small baskets.
Decorative Wall Storage Cabinets Cabinets with solid doors for storing craft supplies. Keeps supplies hidden and offers a decorative element. Spaces where craft supplies should be concealed stylishly.
Wall Hooks Hooks attached to walls for hanging items. Versatile and can hold a variety of items. Hanging items like bags, jewelry, or even bins with smaller items.
Foldable Craft Table with Storage Shelves Desk with storage options that can be folded when not in use. Multifunctional and space-saving. Hybrid spaces or rooms with dual purposes.
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More Creative Ways to Create Storage for Craft Supplies

If you have other craft supplies that don’t fit into the solutions above, there are even more products and creative ideas that may work. Here are some to consider.

Photo Storage Boxes

craft supply storage ideas

Photo storage boxes are often sturdier than regular cardboard boxes and come with a label holder in front. While intended for photographs, they’re perfect for storing flat craft items such as scrapbook papers, stickers, or stamps. Their compact size makes them easily stackable and they come in a variety of designs.

Tin Containers

craft supply storage ideas

Tins, like those used for teas or mints, are excellent for small craft supplies like beads, buttons, or sequins. They can be magnetic, allowing you to attach them to magnetic boards or strips. The metal construction keeps items safe and can add a vintage touch to your craft area.

Plastic Divider Cases

craft supply storage ideas

These are plastic containers with adjustable dividers. They’re frequently used for fishing tackle or hardware, but crafters can use them to sort and store beads, buttons, or any small embellishments. Being able to adjust the size of each compartment provides flexibility.

Zippered Pouches

craft supply storage ideas

Fabric or plastic pouches with zippers are great for storing items like threads, small fabric swatches, or even paper craft supplies. Being soft and flexible, they can fit in larger storage containers or drawers, and the zipper ensures items stay inside.

Glass Apothecary Jars

craft supply storage ideas

These decorative jars, often with lids, are ideal for visually appealing supplies like colorful beads, buttons, or yarn balls. They can be displayed on a shelf or a table, adding a decorative touch while keeping supplies organized.

Toolbox or Craftbox

craft supply storage ideas

These are usually hard plastic or sturdy canvas containers with a handle and multiple compartments, resembling a traditional toolbox. Some come with tiers that fan out when opened. Crafters can use them to store various tools and small supplies, and they’re portable for crafting on the go.

Rotating Craft Caddies

craft supply storage ideas

These are typically tiered, rotating organizers that sit atop a table or desk. They can have multiple compartments to hold items like pens, brushes, glues, or small embellishments. The rotating feature ensures easy access to all sides, making it perfect for tight spaces.

Accordion-Style Craft Organizers

craft supply storage ideas

Resembling large accordion files, these organizers are great for scrapbookers or paper crafters. Each section can hold different types of paper, stickers, or embellishments. Their portable nature means they can be stored away and then brought out to a crafting table when needed.

Clear Shoeboxes

craft supply storage ideas

Transparent plastic shoeboxes are versatile and stackable. They’re great for storing fabrics, yarns, threads, or any other craft supplies. Being clear, they allow you to see the contents easily, and they can be stacked or slid into tight spaces, like under furniture.

Wicker Baskets

craft supply storage ideas

These baskets include lids, so they can easily stack on top of one another. And the woven texture makes them attractive enough to be stored in common areas.

Fabric Bins

craft supply storage ideas

Soft-sided bins made of fabric can be used to store items like yarn, knitting needles, or larger paper supplies. They’re often collapsible, allowing you to store them away when not in use, and can add a cozy touch to your crafting space.

Acrylic Organizers

craft supply storage ideas

Often used for cosmetics, acrylic organizers come in various shapes and sizes, with compartments tailored for items like brushes or lipsticks. Crafters can use them for tools like paintbrushes, markers, or pens. The clear design allows easy visibility of contents.

Stackable Jewelry Trays

craft supply storage ideas

Designed for rings, necklaces, or earrings, these trays have multiple compartments and can be stacked to save space. They’re perfect for any small craft items, ensuring each item has its own compartment.

Ceramic or Pottery Bowls

craft supply storage ideas

Handcrafted bowls or dishes can serve as a unique storage solution for items you want to display, like spools of thread, colorful ribbons, or decorative buttons. They can sit on a craft table or shelf, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Foldable Storage Containers

craft supply storage ideas

These storage bins made from vegan leather fold up when not in use. So you can pack them tightly into a closet or other bin when not in use.

Card Catalog Cabinet Organizer

craft supply storage ideas

This wooden cabinet includes lots of small compartments for organizing different types of fabric, pencils, stickers, or paints.

Thread Spool Rack

craft supply storage ideas

For sewing businesses with a lot of thread, this spool rack can keep everything mounted on the wall so that it’s easily accessible.

Revolving Yarn Holder

craft supply storage ideas

Knitters can display yarn and keep it easily accessible for a variety of projects using this type of revolving holder.

Paint Hive

craft supply storage ideas

If you have tons of acrylic paint bottles, a hive like this should fit everything and keep it easily accessible.

Hanging Canvas Pockets

craft supply storage ideas

This hanging storage solution is made of canvas and simply hangs on a wall or door. It has several small pockets for items like scissors and pencils. And it can even serve as decor in a craft room.

Storage Solution Description Benefits Best For
Photo Storage Boxes Sturdy boxes with label holders in front. Compact, stackable, and visually appealing. Flat craft items like scrapbook papers, stickers, or stamps.
Tin Containers Metal tins, sometimes magnetic. Durable and can add a vintage touch. Small items like beads, buttons, sequins; magnetic craft spaces.
Plastic Divider Cases Plastic containers with adjustable compartments. Customizable compartments and durable. Small embellishments; sorting beads or buttons.
Zippered Pouches Soft pouches, fabric or plastic, with zippers. Flexible and ensures contents stay secure. Threads, small fabric swatches, paper crafts.
Glass Apothecary Jars Decorative jars, often lidded. Attractive display and easy access. Colorful and visually appealing supplies like beads or yarn balls.
Toolbox or Craftbox Hard plastic container with compartments, handle. Portable and durable. Tools and small supplies; crafting on the go.
Rotating Craft Caddies Tiered, rotating organizers for table or desk. Easy access from all sides. Tight spaces; storing brushes, glues, or small embellishments.
Accordion-Style Craft Organizers Large accordion file-like organizers. Portable and keeps items separate. Scrapbooking or paper crafts; paper, stickers, embellishments.
Clear Shoeboxes Transparent plastic boxes. Visibility of contents and stackable. Fabrics, yarns, threads, or any craft supplies.
Wicker Baskets Lidded, stackable woven baskets. Aesthetic appeal and stackable. Common areas; visually appealing storage.
Fabric Bins Collapsible, soft-sided bins. Cozy aesthetic, flexible storage. Yarn, knitting needles, or larger paper supplies.
Acrylic Organizers Clear organizers, often compartmentalized. Visibility of contents and sleek design. Tools like paintbrushes, markers, or pens.
Stackable Jewelry Trays Trays with compartments, designed for jewelry. Multiple compartments and space-saving. Small craft items; each having its own compartment.
Ceramic or Pottery Bowls Handcrafted bowls or dishes. Unique and aesthetic appeal. Display items like spools of thread, ribbons, or buttons.
Foldable Storage Containers Vegan leather bins that fold up. Space-saving when not in use. Temporary storage or infrequent craft supplies.
Cabinet Organizer Wooden cabinet with multiple compartments. Ample storage space and aesthetic design. Diverse craft supplies like fabric, pencils, or paints.
Thread Spool Rack Wall-mounted rack for thread spools. Easy access and visibility of threads. Sewing enthusiasts or professionals with a variety of threads.
Revolving Yarn Holder Display holder for yarn that revolves. Keeps yarn organized and easily accessible. Knitters and those with multiple yarn projects.
Paint Hive Hive-like structure for acrylic paint bottles. Organized storage and easy access to paints. Painters with a variety of paint bottles.
Hanging Canvas Pockets Hanging canvas with multiple pockets. Space-saving and can serve as decor. Wall or door storage for items like scissors and pencils.
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How Do You Store Craft Supplies in a Small Space?

When you’re limited on space, organizing and storing your craft supplies can feel like a daunting task. However, with some creativity and clever solutions, you can maximize every inch of your available area. Here’s how you can effectively store your craft tools and materials in a small space:

  • Utilize Existing Structures:
    • Under-Desk Storage: Add drawers or bins underneath your desk. This not only utilizes often-overlooked space but also keeps supplies within arm’s reach when you’re working.
    • Door-Back Organizers: Hang organizers or pocket storage solutions on the back of your closet doors or room doors. This takes advantage of vertical space and keeps items easily accessible.
  • Vertical Storage:
    • Wall-mounted Pegboards: These allow you to hang tools, spools of thread, and other items, keeping them visible and within reach.
    • Floating Shelves: Install shelves up the height of your walls to store items like paint bottles, jars of buttons, or stacks of fabric.
  • Over-the-Door Racks: These are perfect for storing wrapping papers, craft papers, or long tools like rulers and crafting mats.
  • Magnetic Strips: Attach these to the inside of cabinet doors or walls. They’re great for holding scissors, needles, or any metal tools.
  • Furniture with Hidden Storage: Invest in ottomans or benches that open up to reveal storage space inside. They serve a dual purpose: seating and storage.
  • Foldable Craft Stations: Find a foldable craft table or desk that you can easily stow away when not in use. Some even come with built-in storage.
  • Clear Storage: Using transparent bins or containers lets you see what’s inside without having to open each one. This reduces the time spent searching for items and keeps things organized.
  • Stackable Containers: Opt for boxes and bins that can neatly stack on top of each other. This utilizes vertical space and keeps your craft supplies orderly.
  • Hanging Baskets: Suspend small baskets from the ceiling or underneath shelves to hold lightweight items like yarn or ribbons.
  • Corner Shelves: Corners are often overlooked. Install corner shelves to take advantage of this space.
  • Tension Rods: Place these inside cabinets or closets to hang items like ribbons, washi tape, or even small containers.
  • Drawer Dividers: If you have drawers, use dividers to create separate sections, making it easier to sort and find your craft supplies.

Remember, the key to effectively storing craft supplies in a small space is to think outside the box. Look for dual-purpose solutions, take advantage of vertical space, and organize in a way that makes the most sense for your crafting habits. With a little creativity, even the smallest spaces can become a crafter’s haven.

How Do You Store Crafting Supplies in a Closet?

There are tons of organizing supplies and systems you can use to build a custom closet for craft supplies. For example, you may add shelving throughout the space, and include some drawers or hanging space. If you only have a small amount of space to work with, use a hanging organizer that attaches to the back of the door.

Can You Keep Craft Supplies Organized on a Budget?

You can purchase inexpensive containers or even use small baskets or boxes you already own to organize your craft supplies. Just lay out all your supplies on your craft table and sort them into categories. Then place them in the boxes or bins that will fit each type of item.


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