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Upcycled jewelry combines sustainability with style. If you have a passion for creating beautiful pieces, aspire to turn your jewelry-making hobby into a small business, or simply want cost-effective ways to expand your collection, numerous upcycled jewelry projects are ready for you to explore and sell.

What is Upcycled Jewelry?

New jewelry can be expensive, especially when considering the high cost of materials and craftsmanship involved. Furthermore, with fashion trends evolving rapidly, what’s in vogue today may become outdated tomorrow.

This transient nature of jewelry trends is one of the reasons why upcycled jewelry is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

By repurposing old and damaged pieces that might otherwise languish forgotten in storage, not only do we reduce waste but also reduce the need for mining new gems and metals, making the process environmentally friendly.

Additionally, there’s a certain charm in giving old jewelry a second life. Items that have been cherished for years, carrying with them memories and emotions, can be rejuvenated through upcycling.

Such recycled and upcycled designs often strike a chord with jewelry enthusiasts because these pieces aren’t just eco-friendly and cost-effective, but they also offer the allure of owning a unique piece that tells a story.

While many artisans and professional jewelers have taken up the mantle of crafting upcycled jewelry, it isn’t limited to experts alone.

With a dash of creativity, the appropriate tools, and a bit of patience, even hobbyists can embark on this journey. From reimagining an old necklace to creating a dazzling new ring, the sky’s the limit.

With enough practice, a jewelry fan even can learn how to start a small business on Etsy or how to sell on Amazon Handmade.

upcycled jewelry

Looking for ways to repurpose old jewelry? Check out the following 10 upcycled jewelry projects to make and sell:

What Can You Make with Old Jewelry?

Have you ever wondered about the potential lying dormant in old or broken jewelry? Whether you’re aiming to craft something special for your personal collection, searching for a memorable gift, or even considering selling artisanal pieces, the realm of upcycled jewelry is filled with possibilities.

The art of upcycling allows jewelry to evolve, either as a modern take on its original form or as an entirely different creation.

Picture this: a once-beloved bracelet, now outdated, can be reborn into a chic anklet. Similarly, gems and stones salvaged from various pieces could be artistically arranged to adorn a bespoke photo frame or even a hand mirror.

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Old and broken accessories can have a new lease on life when transformed into custom jewelry, and there is a growing market for sustainable upcycled jewelry designs. Just learn where to sell handmade items locally or how to sell jewelry on Etsy or other online marketplaces. It’s simple!

Upcycled Jewelry Ideas

Looking to create the perfect custom gift, save money on new jewelry designs or even learn how to start an upcycling business and sell repurposed jewelry? While your creations are only limited by your imagination, you’ll need a few upcycled jewelry ideas to get started:

1. Repurpose Vintage Jewelry

upcycled jewelry

Over the years, many accumulate a trove of vintage costume jewelry. While these pieces may have lost their shine or relevance, their potential remains undiminished. Merging fragments of these bygone beauties can give rise to novel creations like ornate picture frames or embellished jewelry boxes.

These repurposed artifacts, infused with nostalgia, make for great conversation starters. If your personal stash isn’t enough, vintage jewelry hunting can become a thrilling quest.

Flea markets, estate sales, and local yard sales are treasure troves waiting to be explored, often brimming with forgotten costume jewelry ripe for repurposing.

2. Upcycle Gold Jewelry

upcycled jewelry

The timeless allure of gold ensures it never really fades from the fashion scene. The trend of recycling gold is on the rise, given that repurposing existing gold reduces the environmental impact associated with mining.

This approach is not just cost-effective, but it also champions sustainability. Whether it’s melting scrap gold to forge a fresh design or simply revamping old, tarnished pieces, the results can be both stunning and eco-friendly.

The added benefit? Owning a modern piece that carries with it the essence and history of the original.

3. Upcycle Diamond Jewelry

upcycled jewelry

Diamonds, often revered as symbols of eternity, sometimes outlive their original purpose or setting. As fashion and personal preferences evolve, what was once a cherished engagement ring might now sit untouched.

However, these sparkling gems don’t need to gather dust. For instance, the diamond from a ring that once symbolized eternal love could beautifully adorn a necklace, or even take pride of place in a pair of bespoke earrings.

The business potential for upcycling diamond jewelry is immense. Although revamping old diamonds entails some expenditure, the modern, exclusive designs that emerge can command a significant markup.

To embark on this entrepreneurial journey, you might begin with diamonds in your collection. Alternatively, a host of avenues like pawnshops, second-hand jewelry dealers, and even online platforms can be goldmines for sourcing discarded diamonds ripe for reinvention.

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4. Upcycle Silver Jewelry

upcycled jewelry

Silver, with its versatile sheen, remains a mainstay in jewelry collections worldwide. However, while silver is precious, the process to mine and refine it can be ecologically taxing.

This makes the prospect of upcycling discarded silver jewelry incredibly appealing. Instead of confining old, tarnished, or broken silver pieces to oblivion, breathing new life into them can yield enchanting results.

Revamping a silver pendant might be as straightforward as coupling it with a contemporary chain. For more intricate designs, tools specific to jewelry making can be employed to mend or modify broken silver components.

As showcased above, adding new elements, like chains, to existing designs can metamorphose an old piece into an entirely new creation, emphasizing both creativity and sustainability.

5. Redesign Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

upcycled jewelryimage: SennenJewellery

While the intrinsic value of a wedding or engagement ring might remain undiminished, the emotional resonance could wane over time.

Alternatively, an heirloom ring might not resonate with modern aesthetics. Such rings can undergo a transformation by modifying the ring’s setting, or even incorporating additional gemstones.

Choosing to redesign rather than buy anew is not just an eco-conscious decision, but can also be economical.

Given the perennial nature of matrimonial celebrations, there will forever be demand for wedding and engagement rings. Offering repurposed designs in this niche can be both lucrative and fulfilling.

6. Repurpose Old Necklaces

upcycled jewelry

Necklaces, with their versatility, offer a myriad of upcycling opportunities. Beyond the obvious route of mending a broken chain, there’s immense potential to reimagine the entire piece. A necklace can evolve into a bracelet, be weaved into a chic headband, or even become the highlight of an anklet.

While fixing a snapped chain is an obvious fix, more creative endeavors can repurpose the entire necklace into something entirely distinct.

For instance, using the pendant as a centerpiece for a new ring or even transforming it into a brooch. This approach not only preserves the essence of the original piece but also results in an item with a fresh appeal.

7. Repurpose Earrings

upcycled jewelry

Earrings, while small, hold vast potential for upcycling. A favorite pair may suffer damage over time or simply fade out of vogue. Yet, there’s no reason to banish these gems to obscurity. The versatility of earrings allows them to be converted into numerous other jewelry pieces or decorative items.

For instance, a solitary earring, whose twin has been lost, can be ingeniously adapted into a striking pendant. Similarly, by creatively integrating earring elements onto plain ring bands, they can metamorphose into contemporary, eye-catching rings.

Such upcycled creations can be showcased on platforms like Etsy or at local artisanal bazaars, resonating with an audience that appreciates sustainable fashion.

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8. Upcycle Old Brooches

upcycled jewelry

Brooches, which have witnessed fluctuating fashion trends, often lie neglected in many a jewelry collection. However, their intricate designs and often vintage allure make them perfect candidates for repurposing.

Instead of letting these ornate pieces languish in obscurity, they can be reinvented for contemporary use.

Consider converting a brooch into a magnetic decorative piece for the fridge or even pinning it onto handbags for an added touch of elegance.

A rising trend in the wedding world involves brides curating bespoke bouquets using brooches handed down through generations, making for a sentimental and lasting keepsake.

9. Repurpose Bracelets

upcycled jewelry

Bracelets, given their size and structure, offer a plethora of repurposing opportunities. Modern artisans have showcased incredible creativity by upcycling unconventional materials like zippers, can tabs, and even discarded tech components into avant-garde bracelets.

Utilize components from other jewelry items, like pendants or charms, and integrate them into a reimagined charm bracelet. Moreover, beads salvaged from old bracelets can find new life in innovative anklets or necklaces.

With platforms like Etsy spotlighting sustainable fashion, these upcycled bracelet designs can tap into a market segment that’s both eco-conscious and fashion-forward.

10. Upcycle Old Earrings

upcycled jewelry

Earrings, even when tarnished or damaged, possess an inherent beauty that can be accentuated through thoughtful upcycling. Forward-thinking designers recognize the potential in these discarded trinkets and are keen to weave them into contemporary fashion statements.

Revitalize old earrings by infusing them with color, using paints or even nail polish, or add glittering embellishments for a renewed shimmer.

A simple pair of hoops can be innovatively revamped by attaching tassels, beads, or even feathers. By imbuing new life into these discarded pieces, designers can not only expand their portfolio but also cater to a growing audience that embraces upcycled fashion.

Comparing Upcycled Jewelry Ideas

To guide your choice of upcycled jewelry projects, here’s a quick comparison of some popular ideas:

Jewelry Type Upcycling Ideas Potential Market
Vintage Jewelry Decorate picture frames or jewelry boxes Craft fairs, online marketplaces
Gold Jewelry Melt and recreate or redesign original pieces Sustainable gift market, online stores
Diamond Jewelry Transform rings into pendants or vice versa Jewelry aficionados, bridal market
Silver Jewelry Repair or add new chains Craft fairs, local jewelry stores
Wedding Rings Update the ring setting Bridal market, online marketplaces
Necklaces Convert to bracelets or headbands Craft fairs, online stores
Earrings Repurpose as rings or other adornments Online stores, local craft fairs
Brooches Convert to fridge magnets or pendant necklaces Bridal bouquets, home decor
Bracelets Create from various materials or repurpose old jewelry Etsy, online platforms

How to Sell Your Repurposed Jewelry

People love to purchase upcycled jewelry, which is what makes selling repurposed jewelry such a lucrative small business idea.

Once you’ve mastered the art of repurposed jewelry and created an inventory of handmade products, you can sell your designs practically anywhere people shop and in a variety of locations, including:

  • Local boutiques and resales shops
  • Online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon Handmade and Ebay
  • Local crafts fairs and festivals
  • Online through your own blog or e-commerce website.

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