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Considering resin crafts to sell? Epoxy resin, a moldable polymer, is a remarkably versatile material ideal for crafting a variety of unique items. Whether you’re diving into small craft business ideas ideas or seeking ways to earn extra cash, tapping into the world of resin crafts offers an exciting opportunity.

What are Resin Crafts?

Resin crafting taps into the world of liquid artistry. It’s a captivating method wherein epoxy resin, a viscous fluid that hardens over time, is used as the primary material. Artists pour this compound into molds and then can embed a variety of objects or introduce dyes to give it color and design.

The final result is a solidified piece of art that captures the essence of the inclusions or colors in a clear or tinted crystalline form.

resin crafts to sell

21 Resin Craft Ideas

Because epoxy resin is so versatile, there’s a nearly endless list of resin craft ideas to sell. The following list includes some of the best-selling resin crafts to consider.

1. Epoxy Resin Jewelry

resin crafts to sell

The delicate charm of jewelry meets the versatility of resin in this craft. With resin, bespoke jewelry pieces come to life. It’s a canvas that allows crafters to embed miniature landscapes, dried flowers, or shimmering glitters.

Whether it’s a statement pendant, ethereal earrings, or a unique bracelet, resin jewelry is a testament to the imagination and the vast possibilities of this craft.

2. DIY Resin Coasters

Functional yet aesthetic, resin coasters bring a dash of personal art to your living space. Due to the protective properties of hardened epoxy resin, these coasters are not just decorative but also practical.

The array of designs is staggering – from intricate beach scenes that capture the gradient of the ocean to the swirls of galaxy-inspired patterns.

3. Mosaic Resin Tray

A fusion of traditional mosaic art and modern resin techniques results in beautiful trays. This craft involves setting tiny tiles, colored glass, or stones in patterns and then submerging them in clear resin.

The end product is a functional tray that is also a centerpiece of conversation, bridging classic and contemporary artistry.

4. Resin Bookmarks

For bibliophiles, a resin bookmark is a marriage of literature and art. These bookmarks, slim and durable, can capture a myriad of designs.

They can encapsulate the essence of a favorite book, hold dried petals of a memorable bouquet, or just shimmer with fairy-tale glitter, making every reading session magical.

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5. Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

resin coffee table

Moving beyond smaller items, resin finds its way into furniture too. Crafting a coffee table with epoxy resin is a project that marries functionality and grandeur.

The tabletop can be a canvas for ocean waves, a forest scene, or an abstract blend of colors. The hardened resin not only adds to the visual appeal but also ensures the table remains resistant to common wear and tear.

6. Resin Wall Art

Taking a step beyond traditional canvas, resin wall art offers a multidimensional appeal. By layering paintings or photographs under a clear coat of resin, the resulting piece exudes depth and vibrancy.

The protective resin layer not only amplifies the colors beneath but also adds a glossy finish that can make any ordinary piece extraordinary.

7. Resin-Encased Pressed Flowers

resin crafts to sell

The ephemeral beauty of flowers can be preserved forever with the magic of resin. By placing pressed petals and leaves in a mold, one can encapsulate nature’s fleeting moments in a clear or tinted resin frame. These resin-encased blooms create an ethereal display, bridging the gap between nature and art.

8. Hair Accessories

Hair accessories aren’t just functional—they can be miniature works of art. With resin, traditional hair clips, combs, and barrettes are transformed.

Crafters can embed dazzling beads, sequins, or even tiny floral arrangements within the resin mix, resulting in accessories that shimmer and shine, making every hairstyle a statement.

9. Resin Paperweights

resin crafts

Whilst paperweights serve the primary purpose of holding down papers, their design possibilities are limitless.

By incorporating intriguing items like fresh flowers, colorful sand, or even wood slices into the resin, these paperweights become mesmerizing mini art installations. The clear, solid nature of resin allows the embedded items to be viewed from every angle, making them a standout piece on any desk or table.

10. Buttons

As well as being functional buttons can be statement pieces on clothing or accessories. Crafting buttons using epoxy resin not only ensures their durability but also opens up a world of design possibilities.

With the versatility of resin, buttons can be made transparent, tinted, or even glittery. Embedding elements like gold leaf or delicate dried flowers can give an ordinary garment a high-fashion touch.

These unique buttons are not only great for personal use but can also be sold to fashion designers or boutiques looking for unique touches.

11. Napkin Rings

A dining table setup is often elevated by the smallest details, like napkin rings. Creating napkin rings with epoxy resin can range from simplistic transparent designs to intricate ones with embedded decorations.

The addition of resin pieces shaped like flowers, hearts, or even tiny sculptures can transform ordinary napkin rings into art pieces, enhancing the dining experience.

12. Lamps

The allure of resin extends to functional decor like lamps. By using a substantial resin kit, one can craft the base of the lamp, setting in decorative elements that can shimmer when the lamp is lit.

Clear resin allows you to suspend items like flowers, gold flakes, or even seashells, creating a captivating visual display.

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13. Ornaments

resin crafts to sell

Ornaments, often associated with festive times, can be keepsakes that carry memories. Crafting them with resin provides longevity and an opportunity to encapsulate memories, be it in the form of photographs, tiny trinkets, or festive motifs.

With a range of molds available, these ornaments can take any shape, from classic spherical bulbs to stars and snowflakes.

14. Candle Holders

Crafting candle holders with resin is not just about functionality; it’s about setting the mood. Depending on the design, a resin candle holder can emanate a soft glow, especially if made with semi-transparent or tinted resin.

By embedding elements like crystals, dried flowers, or colored sand, the resultant candle holder can reflect mesmerizing patterns when lit, enhancing the ambiance of any space.

15. Game Boards

Creating bespoke resin game boards and pieces can cater to a niche yet enthusiastic audience.

Think of a custom chess set where each piece is meticulously crafted, embedded with gemstones, glitters, or even miniature landscapes inside.

Such unique game sets not only elevate the gaming experience but can become collector’s items, fetching a good price at craft fairs or specialized game shops.

16. Personalized Name Plates

Whether it’s for a professional setting or personal spaces, name plates made of resin can be both durable and aesthetic. Infuse them with colorful tints, sprinkle in some gold or silver leaf for that opulent touch, or embed tiny objects that resonate with the owner’s personality.

For events like weddings, imagine a translucent nameplate with dried flowers or romantic motifs set in – a keepsake for attendees to cherish.

17. Resin Keychains

resin keychains

A project that’s both beginner-friendly and highly customizable, resin keychains are small, practical, and can be tailored to any theme or occasion.

From embedding photographs to setting tiny charms or keepsakes inside, these keychains can be as personal or as fanciful as you’d like. Plus, they make for perfect little gifts or souvenirs.

18. Resin Bowls

While not suitable for food, decorative resin bowls can be stunning centre pieces for tables or mantelpieces.

The translucence of resin allows for a myriad of design possibilities. Imagine a bowl with an aquatic theme, with seashells, pebbles, and maybe a hint of blue tint making it seem like a piece of the ocean is right in your living room.

19. Resin Letters

Fun and functional, resin letters can be a vibrant addition to kids’ playrooms. By using colorful resin, possibly with some sparkle or glow-in-the-dark properties, these letters can serve as educational tools.

They can be affixed with magnets for interactive learning on a fridge or turned into tactile toys for kids to familiarize themselves with the alphabet. The durability of resin ensures these educational aids last long and can be passed down.

20. Building Blocks

Resin building blocks are not just toys but a melding of art and play. These blocks can be translucent or tinted, embedded with glitters, miniature objects, or even glow-in-the-dark elements.

Such blocks can offer an enchanting play experience for children and double up as decorative pieces when not in use. Safe, durable, and unique, these blocks could also be educational tools, with numbers or alphabets embedded within.

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21. Picture Frames

Picture frames encapsulate memories, and with resin, you can add another layer of artistry to that encapsulation. Resin frames can hold intricate details, such as dried flowers, gemstones, or ethereal glitters that complement the photo within.

Whether you create a fully resin frame or just enhance a wooden one with resin details, these can become sought-after home decor pieces.

resin crafts

Where to Sell Resin Art and Creations

Once you’ve mastered any of these resin projects, it’s time to find customers. The following places may be of interest to those selling resin crafts.

Platform Advantages Disadvantages
Etsy Largest marketplace for handmade items, established audience Fee per sale, competition
Own ecommerce (Shopify) Control over design and selling process Setup and maintenance costs
Classified Ads (e.g., Craigslist, Facebook) Direct local audience, no fees Limited reach, potential scams
Local Craft Fairs Physical interaction with customers, local exposure Entry fees, seasonality
Local Craft Stores Steady sales, community presence Might require wholesale pricing, less control

Tips on Selling Your Resin Projects

If you’re ready to make resin crafts into a business, the following tips can help you earn a profit:

  • Find a specific niche: Resin can make nearly anything, but your shop should focus on one type of item. This simplifies your process and makes marketing easier. Research competitors and decide what you enjoy making to decide.
  • Invest in the right materials: Then you need the molds, epoxy, protective equipment, and extras that you’ll use in your products. Buy in bulk where possible to save.
  • Practice your craft: Keep quality high by practicing before launching. Avoid listing items below your standards.
  • Find target customers: Think about who may buy your products to find the best avenues for selling.
  • Market: Then, market products online or in your local community. Consider ads, sponsored listings, social media, or even special events.

resin craftmarket

Is selling resin products profitable?

Yes, selling resin crafts can be profitable. You can make multiple items with the same materials, and find buyers online or in person. However, the exact profits depend on your pricing and expenses.

What do you need to start a resin business?

Exact materials vary depending on what crafts you make. However, the following are required for many types of resin art:

  • Resin
  • Mixing cups
  • Stir stick
  • Safety gear
  • Molds
  • Decorative elements

How do you price resin crafts?

Pricing is crucial to ensure the sustainability of your craft business. Here’s a more detailed approach:

  • Material Costs: Begin with the raw materials – resin, molds, embellishments, and any other additives. Always keep a detailed track of these expenses.
  • Overheads: Factor in recurring expenses like utilities, website maintenance, marketing, studio rent, and tools or equipment wear and tear.
  • Labor: Determine how much you’d like to earn hourly and multiply this by the number of hours you put into crafting. Don’t underestimate your time’s value!
  • Profit Margin: A business needs to make a profit to grow. Add a percentage (usually 10-50%, based on your market) atop your costs to ensure you’re making a profit on every sale.
  • Competitive Analysis: Check online marketplaces or local craft fairs. Understand the pricing range for similar products but remember that unique, high-quality crafts can demand a premium.
  • Value Proposition: If your products offer something unique, be it in design or the quality of craftsmanship, don’t shy away from pricing them higher. Highlight the uniqueness and quality in your product descriptions.
  • Feedback and Flexibility: It’s okay to adjust prices as you go. Seek feedback from customers, monitor sales, and be prepared to revisit your pricing strategy periodically. Remember, pricing isn’t static; it evolves with your business.

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