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Wix.com Ltd. has unveiled an innovative conversational AI chat feature. This new tool is designed to engage users from the moment they join Wix, offering a more intuitive and personalized experience in setting up their online business.

Dynamic Interaction for Tailored Business Profiles

The AI chat employs a human-like conversational approach, dynamically gathering information about users’ businesses through specific questions and follow-ups. This interaction allows the AI to provide recommendations for essential components tailored to each business’s unique needs, including website templates, commerce applications, images, tone preferences, and text.

One key aspect of this feature is its ability to adapt the conversation based on user responses. For instance, if a user specifies their target audience, the AI can generate sample blog posts suitable for that audience. The conversation continues until the AI has collected all the necessary information to build a comprehensive business profile.

Seamless Transition to Personalized Dashboard

Upon completing the conversation, users are directed to a personalized dashboard. Here, they can manage, personalize, and adjust the recommended components before publishing their site. This streamlined process significantly simplifies the task of online business setup, especially for users unfamiliar with web design and management.

Wix’s Commitment to AI-Driven Solutions

Guy Sopher, Head of AI Assistant at Wix, highlights this technology as a critical step in automating business management and enhancing user experience. This latest offering builds on Wix’s history with AI, dating back to the introduction of their Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) in 2016. The company has consistently expanded its AI capabilities, aiming to maximize AI’s potential in web development and empower users to grow their businesses effectively.

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Availability and Access

The AI conversational tool is currently available in English for all new Wix users. This development marks a significant advancement in providing business owners with a unique and personalized setup experience, streamlining the process of creating and managing an online presence.

A New Era for Online Business Management

Wix’s new AI chat experience represents a significant leap forward in the field of web development and online business management. By harnessing the power of AI to offer tailored solutions, Wix is simplifying the process of creating an online presence, making it more accessible and effective for business owners worldwide. This innovation is a testament to the potential of AI in transforming how businesses approach and manage their digital footprint.

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