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Small business marketing campaigns tend to change over time. As technology evolves and consumer demands shift, it’s important to evaluate current strategies and update them as needed. Read on for tips from the online small business community for shifting your marketing efforts.

Learn All About SMS Marketing

SMS marketing can be an incredibly powerful tactic. But before you create your strategy, it helps to learn all about the landscape of this type of marketing. In this post, Adam Connell goes over several SMS marketing statistics for small business owners to know. BizSugar members also shared thoughts on the post here.

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Get the Most Out of Lead Enrichment Tools

Lead enrichment is an essential part of turning prospects into loyal customers. And there are many tools that can help with this process. So how can you make the most of these tools to grow your business? Read this mvpGrow post by Eyal Katz for tips.

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Make the Most of the Creator Economy

The creator economy is making a major impact on how businesses engage with consumers. Before you can make the most of it, it’s important to understand what the creator economy is and how other businesses are using it. In this SMB CEO post, Mike Szczesny discusses this concept in depth and shares tips for small businesses.

Find the Best Giveaway Prize Ideas

Giveaways can help businesses drive engagement and get customers excited about new products or initiatives. But these promotions are only as powerful as the prizes offered. Check out this Profit Blitz post by Christopher Benitez for ideas.


Utilize Social Media Campaigns and Content Marketing for B2B Branding

Social media and content marketing aren’t just for B2C businesses. In fact, tailoring these campaigns for B2B brands can help companies make a major impact. In this New Horizons 123 post, Ann Smarty goes over best practices for small businesses.


Enhance Your Instagram Story with Music

Instagram stories offer a unique way to connect with followers and customers. But sometimes, simple videos could use something extra to really deliver value and/or entertainment. If you’re interested in adding music to your stories, read this Inspire to Thrive post by Lisa Sicard.

Embrace Next-Gen Web Design with an AI Website Builder

AI can help businesses improve efficiency in numerous areas. And web design is one function where your business might benefit from AI. In this Lion Blogger Tech post, Lahaul Seth dives into several tools and their benefits for business owners.

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Learn How to Make Video on an iPhone


Video content is an essential part of many marketing campaigns. And you don’t need huge, expensive equipment to create this content. In this post, Dan Swords details how to create marketing videos using an iPhone. And the BizSugar community commented on the post here.

Find the Best Video Hosting Sites

Once you create video content, it’s time to find sites to host your campaigns. There are several options, all with their own pros and cons. Matt Moran compares several top sites in this Startup Bonsai post.

Unlock Growth with Social Commerce Marketplaces

There’s a good chance your business already uses social media for marketing. But many sites now also offer features that enhance actual sales. Learn more in this Platter of Gold post by Adeyemi Adisa.

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