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Electronic signature apps like HelloSign are becoming an important part of modern document management for small businesses. Digital signatures cut down on costs.

Signing documents on the go reduces processing time. What’s more, clients are willing to provide signatures and send documents digitally. Consider a report saying that mobile ecommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of ecommerce sales this year.

All good reasons to search for an excellent document management tool. The best electronic signature apps are listed here too.

Our Methodology: The Best Electronic Signature Apps

For small business owners, electronic signature apps are essential tools that streamline the contract signing process, reduce paperwork, and improve efficiency.

In choosing the top electronic signature apps suitable for small businesses, we’ve evaluated various factors crucial for efficient and secure digital document management. Each criterion is rated on a scale from 10 (most important) to 1 (least important), ensuring that our recommendations cater to the practical and legal requirements of businesses.

  1. Security and Compliance: Importance 10/10
    • Robust security measures to protect sensitive information.
    • Compliance with legal standards like eIDAS, GDPR, and UETA.
    • Audit trails and document tracking for legal enforceability.
  2. User Experience and Ease of Use: Importance 9/10
    • Intuitive interface for creating, sending, and signing documents.
    • Accessibility across devices and platforms.
    • Minimal learning curve for new users.
  3. Integration Capabilities: Importance 8/10
    • Seamless integration with commonly used business tools and platforms.
    • API availability for custom integration needs.
    • Synchronization with CRM, project management, and other systems.
  4. Customization and Flexibility: Importance 8/10
    • Options to customize signature fields and document workflows.
    • Flexibility to handle various document types and formats.
    • Branding options to include company logos and design elements.
  5. Pricing and Value for Money: Importance 7/10
    • Transparent pricing models without hidden fees.
    • Scalable plans to suit businesses of different sizes.
    • Value for money considering the features and services offered.
  6. Customer Support and Resources: Importance 6/10
    • Availability of reliable customer support.
    • Access to training materials, guides, and FAQs.
    • Community forums or support networks for additional assistance.
  7. Mobile Accessibility: Importance 6/10
    • Efficient mobile apps for signing on-the-go.
    • Full functionality available on mobile devices.
    • User-friendly design for small screens.
  8. Speed and Efficiency: Importance 5/10
    • Rapid document loading and processing times.
    • Quick turnaround for sending and receiving signed documents.
    • Efficiency in managing multiple documents and signatories.

By meticulously evaluating these aspects, we aim to recommend electronic signature apps that not only simplify the signing process but also bolster the operational efficiency of a small business.

Choosing the Right e Signature App

You need to choose the right electronic signature app for important documents. Here are some of the best. Remember to look for the products with mobile app capabilities. Like HelloSign.

1. DocuSign

DocuSign is the e signature product that allows you to sign documents using any device. Security features are one of the other advantages with DocuSign.

Any of the documents that you send are encrypted. What’s more, complete audit data is kept. This is the platform used in 180 different countries. You can use 44 different languages to sign documents and send agreements. There’s a PCI data security standard. That’s important for small businesses handling payment data.

Best of all, the DocuSign mobile app uses the same admin/password as the desktop. This is a great feature for sales teams or for you when you need to sign documents on the go. DocuSign also offers a free trial.

2. HelloSign

electronic signature app

HelloSign is a Dropbox company with a variety of tools for managing documents including an esignature solution. There are built-in reminders and different signing options available here to improve your ROI. You can customize signature requests with your company logo and/or tagline. Manage document permissions from a central dashboard.

HelloSign offers other important features like solid API documentation.

Business plans start at $40 a month. There’s a 30 day free trial with HelloSign. This product also allows you to store signed sales contracts and pdf documents digitally. Hellosign allows you to do the same with an NDA.

3. Adobe Sign

This product gets credibility for the Adobe name.

Another of the advantages of Adobe Sign is the fact it is easy to use. Get an electronic signature by adding in customer email addresses. There are no downloads or account sign-ups needed with this software. Adobe Sign is an industry leading electronic signature app. Just upload the document, type in the recipient’s email, and hit send.

With Adobe Sign, you can manage all of the documents and track each. There are some excellent integrations for this e signature software including Microsoft 365 and Dropbox. You can also create a PDF document solution for export to Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

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This solution starts at $16.99 a month for SMB teams.

4. YouSign

YouSign is another e-signature software that has a free trial. This esignature solution is scalable and there is no commitment. You can monitor the requests for results in real time. Other features include being able to keep track of docs and files that are timestamped. This is another of the apps that provides legally valid results.

This ranks as one of the best electronic e signature products for its flexibility. You can get a subscription for your office, leave and come back when you need to. You can also automate any of the e-signature solution reminders you send. And personalize the user experience to your prospects.

5. SignNow

electronic signature app

This is another electronic signature app that is easy to use. It works well on any mobile device. You can get an electronic signature from multiple customers at once. SignNow is cloud based and can be used around the globe.

This software can also embed the signatures into your website or app. It’s a great tool if you’re looking for a quick way to complete contracts. A user can collect signatures from customers through online templates you build.

Get started with the free startup trial or the business plan that starts at $8 per user monthly

6. DocSketch

DocSketch is an electronic signature app that has a free version allowing you several documents per month. This software also allows you to know when all of your items get viewed. Along with being able to send documents for signature, there are sales documents features.

This app has more than just digital signatures to offer. Walk customers through bids and proposals that have been approved. They have clients like Cornell University.

There are several products to choose from. Along with the free version, there’s a personal plan with an unlimited number of documents. If you want to get started with that, it’s $8 a month.

The business plan costs $24 per month. You get in person signing and custom branding with this version.

7. Signable

Any good electronic signature app needs to be easy to use. That’s why we’ve included this software on our list. With Signable, you can upload your PDF documents from the United States or in other locations around the world.

You can even convert a PDF to a form that can be filled out. The software includes a PDF converter online that makes this product easy to use. As a result, this document signing product makes it easy for you to upload a PDF and sign it online

Signable is one of the products that works especially well with important documents and mobile devices. There is a signature wizard that provides you with different ways to sign your documents. They include drawing on a mark with your finger.

8. RightSignature

RightSignature is the esignature software that’s designed specifically for business. You can send files that you already have or get forms filled out when you need more information to go with an electronic signature.

It’s an easy to use esignature app. You can set up a documents for signatures with just one click. Another legally binding feature is the ability to get handwritten signatures.

If you are a freelancer or start up, the standard signature plan starts at $12 a month. As far as business plans go, the advanced version costs $60 a month for three team members. You can try this electronic signature app for free before you decide on a plan.

They suggest the security features work best if all your employees sign up as a separate user. Business needs to put security first. RightSignature covers that angle with 256-bit EV SSL encryption. Electronic signatures are also backed up in Amazon data centers.

9. Panda Doc

This is the signature software that comes with a 14 day free trial to help you get started. The PandaDoc,

API is specifically designed to integrate with a businesses applications and websites. It’s a great way to speed along personal signing without needing to switch applications. It makes a client’s signing experience easier. Contact them to learn about pricing on a business plan or other options they sell to sign documents.

10. Get Accept

There’s a free trial with this e signature platform. GetAccept is designed to help sales reps out. This electronic signature software provides custom workflows.

This is the legally binding electronic signature software solution that works in a number of countries. The legally binding documents include an email address as part of the audit checks and balances. The user interface provides a transaction history as another feature.

There are several options this esignature product provides. Small businesses can get an account that starts at $25 per month per user. A good feature that is offered with this tool is chat. The most popular electronic signatures business plan starts at $40 per month. Another excellent feature included is data analytics.

Finally, the enterprise account option includes contract management. This software also has an api for developers.

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11. SecuredSigning

SecuredSigning is an e signature product that boasts many different software technologies. It works by allowing a user and viewer to see the document before signing.

The personalized security features include X509 PKI digital technology. This makes document signing customizable and safer. The legally binding features include video signing and remote witness signing.

One of the big bonuses is that user documents are backed up with video recordings when signed. This product can be used in the United States or anywhere around the world. You can also perform remote online notarizations with the signature software.

12. ContractBook

ContractBook is the e signature solution that rivals HelloSign for working with contracts. This software and signature app allows businesses to share templates. These templates are specifically designed to provide electronic signatures that reduce any risk since they are legally binding.

The platform offers tools for both lawyers and small businesses. Resources include free contract templates and a help center where you can learn more about some of the platform’s features.

13. Lightico

This is the e-signature app for businesses with customers who need to sign on mobile eForms. As far as mobile apps with esignature capabilities go, this tool is good for small business.

With Lightico, you can get electronic signatures through your CRM. This makes signing for any user easier. And providing a good user experience for personal signing improves productivity.

This also changes PDF format documents into smart e-forms. Replacing paper and these PDFs for the person signing shortens the sales cycle.

The company reports that this signature product can boost completion rates up to 96%. That means you can use the electronic signatures you get to bump your bottom line up. Get started with their product demo. This esignature solution is used in many different industries including auto finance and banking.

14. Eversign

Here is another electronic signature app that provides legally binding signatures. Data is encrypted with this app using 256-bit SSL. Eversign also allows your customers to sign documents by integrating with your existing applications. Get a document back after connecting to apps like Dropbox, Salesforce and Google Docs.

You can even schedule documents to auto expire with this product. Or, you can transfer documents to other locations. Eversign digital signature also allows you to import documents you or your customers will need to sign from Adobe and the cloud.

There is a free e signature trial version. After that, you can sign up for a basic plan that includes three templates and unlimited documents. The professional plan allows for signing for 5 team members and unlimited documents too.

Another good feature included with the user interface is the ability to manage documents in the cloud. The features here are similar to industry-leading products like HelloSign.

15. SnapSign

electronic signature app

SnapSign is the e-signature app that stresses a user-friendly interface. There are a variety of templates for nondisclosure agreements, sales contracts and others. The workflow process for any document can be configured.

There’s a history that shows all of your documents. Document signing is possible from anywhere with the global support for applications.

Pricing starts at $9.99 per user per month. There are unlimited documents. The business plan for a brick-and-mortar or digital office costs $19.99 per user per month. Documents are unlimited for up to 5 users.

The enterprise package has a 30 day free option like the others. It offers third-party integrations for the document platform you use. Call the company for more information on this document signing plan.

16. FormstackSign

This is an interesting product if you have a mobile office. Formstack can provide an electronic signature on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Customers who need to sign documents are alerted via text message.

This esignature product saves time since you can create templates for the document types you frequently use. There’s an auto reminder feature so employees don’t need to remind customers to sign.

People in small businesses in healthcare take note. This app can provide a HIPAA compliant esignature. FDA compliant workflows are also available. The secure data storage and password protection are other bonuses for any document. Take the time to review the hundred plus integrations this app includes.

There is a free trial that lasts 14 days and a silver account for individuals that costs $50 a month. The more popular esignature account is the gold platform. It costs $83 per month with advanced features.

17. SignRequest

This is the e signature platform with over 300,000 users. SignRequest stresses simplicity. For every signature license they sell, they plant a tree. They are also an ISO 27001 certified company. Any document that gets signed is stored in one place for quick retrieval.

There are several signature plans for you to choose from. The first one is free and you get 10 documents per month. The professional and business versions offer a free option and unlimited documents.

You can implement any document you get signed with popular tools like Google Drive and Salesforce. It’s great for sales people who are mobile.

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18. SignEasy

SignEasy doesn’t require a credit card to sign up. Self signing is easy with this product. You can use your mouse or download a picture of your signature. The application competes with HelloSign for integrations as well as security and document management.

Here’s another useful option this product offers. There is a document status tracking feature so you can keep on top of your business flow.

The platform offers an essential plan for individuals at $8 a month. It comes with an unlimited document option. The pro plan is $15 a month for a single user. The business plan starts with three users who can get clients to sign digitally. Finally, there’s an enterprise esignature solution.

Electronic Signature Apps Comparison

Product Key Features
DocuSign Encrypted documents, audit trails, 44 languages, mobile app
HelloSign Document management tools, custom branding, central dashboard
Adobe Sign No downloads/account needed, integrations with MS 365 & Dropbox
YouSign Scalable, real-time tracking, legally valid
SignNow Cloud-based, multi-signature collection, embeddable signatures
DocSketch Timestamped docs, tracking, sales document features
Signable PDF converter, signature wizard, mobile-friendly
RightSignature Handwritten signatures, 256-bit EV SSL encryption
Panda Doc API for integration, personal signing without app switching
Get Accept Custom workflows, transaction history, chat, data analytics
SecuredSigning Video signing, remote witness signing, X509 PKI digital technology
ContractBook Shareable templates, tools for lawyers and small businesses
Lightico Mobile eForms, CRM integration, boosts completion rates
Eversign 256-bit SSL encryption, document auto-expiration, cloud management
SnapSign User-friendly interface, configurable workflows, global support
FormstackSign Mobile-friendly, text alerts, HIPAA compliant
SignRequest Simplicity, one-place storage, integrates with Google Drive & Salesforce
SignEasy No credit card required, document status tracking, multiple integrations

What are electronic signatures anyway?

electronic signature app

An e signature is basically all about getting legally binding consent on forms — without the ability to secure a physical signature on a document. So esignatures replace a handwritten signature. They are used for various things like NDAs and onboarding agreements. Companies like HelloSign also have options for W9 forms. Other companies like Onespan Sign offer compliance options.

Why use an electronic signature app?

electronic signature app

Electronic signature applications like HelloSign are becoming increasingly essential for small businesses. In a world where mobile e-commerce sales are on the rise, the ability to sign and send documents digitally is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity. Here’s why you should consider incorporating an electronic signature app into your business workflow:

  • Convenience: Electronic signature apps allow you and your clients to sign documents from any location, at any time.
  • Efficiency: Digital signatures drastically reduce the time it takes to process documents.
  • Cost Reduction: They cut down on paper-related costs and other expenses associated with manual document management.
  • Enhanced Security: Digital documents are encrypted and can be more secure than paper.
  • Customer Expectations: Clients are becoming more accustomed to digital transactions and often prefer them.

How legally binding is an Electronic Signature?

Having a document signed is an important function for small businesses. When customers sign a contract or invoice with digital signature technology, it can be legally binding. It’s been this way in Europe since 1999 and the United States since 2000. There are some factors that make a document signed digitally legal. These include expressed or implied intent.

Attribution is another important factor. To make such signatures legal, there must be an audit trail including things like an email address and time stamp.

An esignature is also legal when a copy is sent to the client. People need to have an opt out clause they can read before they sign. When choosing an esignature tool, look for instructions on how the product works with pdf files and others.

Industry-leading products like HelloSign also assign a queue for signing documents And companies like OneSpan Sign offer additional compliance options.

What is the best electronic signature app?

Small businesses will want to know what the best electronic signature apps are. Here’s a list that includes industry leaders like HelloSign.

This product is an industry leader for several reasons. Reasons to choose HelloSign include the fact that it can produce a document which complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPPA) Act. It also allows you to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). HelloSign can also be used with Google Docs and Salesforce too.

PandaDoc also makes the list. The platform offers an audit trail as well as customizable templates and document analytics.

Onespan Sign offers enhanced compliance which is important for small businesses.

SignNow also offers analytics for the document that gets created. Step 1 for the deployment of the solution are customizable templates. These are good for people and sales teams on the go.

How do you use a mobile app to sign a document on your phone?

Today’s businesses need to be sure they can get an esignature on a smart phone. That’s why going paperless means having the right mobile app like the one that comes with the HelloSign product. In most circumstances, you need to tap on an attached email to sign. When you do, you’ll see some simple instructions for adding your signature and text. Usually, you can tap right inside the document to place any text and on a pen icon if you need to sign your name.

That’s the process for a variety of file types like PDF and others. One of the other advantages to using a mobile app like HelloSign is the ability to auto fill in information. Another advantage to these mobile e-signature solutions is validation. Once again, HelloSign, leads the way with a data validation. This alerts the signer if incorrect information is being added.

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