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Selling items online and in person can be a great source of income and a way to get more life out of used items. There are many types of items to flip, so there is plenty to choose from. To help you start flipping, we’ll look at some of the best things to flip for this article.

What is Flipping?

Flipping is a straightforward concept wherein you purchase items and resell them straight away rather than holding on to them. Some items may need to be repaired or have some maintenance involved before they can be flipped. But the general idea when it comes to flipping items is to purchase things at a low price and sell them for a profit.

best items to flip

Identifying the Best Items to Flip for Profit: Our Methodology

When it comes to flipping items for profit, selecting the right products is key. Here are essential factors that we considered when compiling our list:

  1. Market Demand (Weight: 35%)
    • High-demand items are easier to sell quickly.
    • Research current trends and consumer interests.
  2. Profit Margin Potential (Weight: 30%)
    • Look for items you can purchase at a significantly lower price than their market value.
    • Consider restoration or repair costs if applicable.
  3. Ease of Restoration or Repair (Weight: 15%)
    • Items that can be easily restored or repaired can increase in value.
    • Assess your skills and the cost of any needed repairs or improvements.
  4. Storage and Transportation (Weight: 10%)
    • Consider the logistics of storing and transporting the items.
    • Bulky or fragile items may incur higher costs.
  5. Sales Channels (Weight: 10%)
    • Ensure there are accessible platforms or marketplaces to sell the flipped items.
    • Consider the platform’s fees and audience.

Some items that often meet these criteria include vintage furniture, collectibles, electronics, designer clothing, and automobiles. By evaluating these factors, you can identify items that not only have a high potential for profit but also align with your resources and expertise.

42 Best Items to Flip

Many items can be flipped, so if you want to flip for profit, you’re in luck. Selecting the right things to flip can often be challenging, but it will largely depend on your local market, broader trends you can capitalize on, and how much of a profit you can gain from flipping the item. Let’s look at some of the best things to flip for profit.

best items to flip

1. Power Tools

They are in high demand due to their utility in DIY projects and home repairs. Their durability means they retain value well.

2. Outdoor Furniture

Seasonal demand peaks in warmer months, offering profitable resale opportunities, especially for high-quality, durable pieces.

3. Wood and Vintage Furniture

These items have timeless appeal and can often be restored to increase their value. Vintage pieces, in particular, can fetch high prices due to their uniqueness and historical value.

4. Vintage and Designer Clothing

These items are sought after for their unique styles and quality construction. Vintage and designer pieces can become more valuable over time, appealing to collectors and fashion enthusiasts.

5. Wedding Dresses

High initial value and limited use make these ideal for resale. Many seek budget-friendly options for weddings, creating a steady market.

best items to flip

6. Exercise Equipment

Growing health consciousness drives demand for home gym equipment. Quality items retain value and are sought after in the secondhand market.

7. Old Books and Textbooks

Rare books or textbooks in current curricula have a dedicated market. Collectors and students alike seek out these items, often at premium prices.

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8. Old Board Games

Nostalgia and the resurgence of board gaming culture make these items popular. Rare or vintage games can be particularly valuable.

9. Electronics and Games

High demand and rapid innovation in technology create opportunities for profitable resale, especially for items in good condition or with a cult following.

10. Baby Items

Babies quickly outgrow their items, creating a constant supply and demand. High-quality, gently used items are particularly sought after by budget-conscious parents.

best items to flip

11. Hockey Equipment

Sporting goods, especially for popular sports like hockey, have a strong resale market due to high new retail prices and seasonal demand.

12. Toys and Vintage Toys

Nostalgic value and collectibility can make these items highly profitable, especially if they are rare or in good condition.

13. Shoes and Sneakers

High demand, especially for designer or limited-edition sneakers, combined with a culture of collecting, can lead to significant profits.

14. Trading Cards

Niche markets and collectors value rare or limited-edition cards, making them potentially lucrative resale items.

15. Vintage Cars

Classic cars often appreciate in value, especially if they are rare or have been well-maintained or restored.

best items to flip

16. Houses

Real estate can be a highly profitable investment, especially if purchased at a low price and sold after renovation or market appreciation.

17. Household Appliances

Good condition appliances are always in demand, as they are essential in every home and can be expensive to purchase new.

18. Lego Sets

Discontinued or rare sets can be highly collectible and increase in value, appealing to both children and adult collectors.

19. Scrap Metal

While not glamorous, scrap metal can be profitable due to consistent demand in manufacturing and recycling industries.

20. Websites and Domain Names

Digital real estate can be highly valuable, especially if the site or domain has high traffic, a niche market, or a memorable name.

best items to flip

21. Bicycles

Cycling’s popularity and the high cost of new bikes create a strong market for secondhand bicycles, especially high-quality or unique models.

22. Musical Instruments and Equipment

High-quality instruments retain value and are in demand by both beginners and experienced musicians.

23. Cameras

Photography enthusiasts and professionals are always on the lookout for good quality equipment, making cameras a profitable flip.

24. Picture Frames

Unique or high-quality frames are always in demand for home decor and art display, offering opportunities for profitable resale.

25. Photography Gear

As with cameras, photography gear such as lenses, tripods, and lighting equipment holds value well and is sought after in the secondhand market.

best items to flip

26. Luxury Handbags

Their high initial value and brand recognition make them appealing for resale, especially when they’re well-maintained or rare, appealing to both fashion enthusiasts and collectors.

27. Stocks and Options

The financial market offers high potential for profit through strategic buying and selling, appealing to those with good market knowledge and risk management skills.

28. Houses

Real estate investment can yield significant returns through strategic renovations and market timing, appealing to entrepreneurs with knowledge in property management and real estate markets.

29. Raw Land

This represents a blank canvas with various profitable possibilities, from development to resale after appreciation, appealing to long-term investors.

30. VCRs and VHS Tapes

Nostalgia and the rarity of functioning units make these items collectible, appealing to enthusiasts and those looking for unique or vintage media.

best items to flip

31. Clearance Items

Buying items at clearance prices and reselling them at market value can offer high margins, especially for in-demand or seasonal products.

32. Artwork

Unique pieces can appreciate in value, especially from sought-after artists or limited editions, appealing to collectors and art enthusiasts.

33. Home Decor

Trendy or unique home decor items can be resold at a premium, appealing to individuals interested in interior design and decoration.

34. Records and Record Players

Vinyl has seen a resurgence in popularity, making these items highly collectible and profitable, especially rare or vintage editions.

35. Collectibles

Items like figurines, comics, or themed merchandise can appreciate in value and have a dedicated collector market, offering profitable flipping opportunities.

best items to flip

36. Board Games

Classic and niche board games are in demand, with rare or out-of-print editions fetching high prices among enthusiasts.

37. Antiques

Their historical value and uniqueness make antiques highly sought after, with potential for high profit, especially with rare or well-preserved items.

38. Rare or Retro T-Shirts

Nostalgia and uniqueness drive demand, with certain prints or vintage band tees being highly collectible and profitable.

39. Concert T-Shirts

Limited edition or vintage concert tees can be highly sought after by fans and collectors, often fetching high resale prices.

40. Concert Tickets

Buying and reselling tickets for popular events can be profitable, especially for sold-out shows or in-demand performances.

best items to flip

41. Sports Memorabilia

Items like signed jerseys, cards, or game-used equipment have a dedicated collector base and can appreciate in value, particularly rare or historical pieces.

42. Upcycled Items

There’s a growing market for eco-friendly, creative products like upcycled glass, jewelry, and furniture, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

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# Item to Flip Reason for Being Ideal to Flip
1 Power Tools High demand for DIY projects and home repairs; durable and retain value well.
2 Outdoor Furniture Seasonal demand peaks in warmer months; profitable for high-quality, durable pieces.
3 Wood and Vintage Furniture Timeless appeal; can be restored to increase value; vintage pieces fetch high prices.
4 Vintage and Designer Clothing Sought after for unique styles and quality; can become more valuable over time.
5 Wedding Dresses High initial value and limited use; steady market for budget-friendly options.
6 Exercise Equipment Growing health consciousness; quality items retain value in the secondhand market.
7 Old Books and Textbooks Dedicated market for rare books or current textbooks; collectors and students seek these.
8 Old Board Games Nostalgia and resurgence of board gaming culture; rare/vintage games valuable.
9 Electronics and Games High demand and rapid innovation; profitable for items in good condition or with cult following.
10 Baby Items Constant supply and demand due to quick outgrowing; high-quality items sought after.
11 Hockey Equipment Strong resale market due to high new retail prices and seasonal demand.
12 Toys and Vintage Toys Nostalgic value and collectibility; rare or well-conditioned items highly profitable.
13 Shoes and Sneakers High demand for designer or limited-edition; culture of collecting.
14 Trading Cards Niche markets value rare or limited-edition cards; lucrative resale potential.
15 Vintage Cars Appreciate in value, especially if rare or well-maintained/restored.
16 Houses Highly profitable investment; potential returns through renovation or market appreciation.
17 Household Appliances Always in demand; essential in every home and expensive when new.
18 Lego Sets Discontinued or rare sets highly collectible; appealing to children and adult collectors.
19 Scrap Metal Profitable due to consistent demand in manufacturing and recycling industries.
20 Websites and Domain Names Valuable digital real estate; high traffic, niche market, or memorable name.
21 Bicycles Strong market due to cycling popularity and high cost of new bikes.
22 Musical Instruments and Equipment Retain value and in demand by both beginners and experienced musicians.
23 Cameras Photography enthusiasts and professionals seek good quality equipment.
24 Picture Frames In demand for home decor and art display; unique or high-quality frames.
25 Photography Gear Holds value well and sought after in the secondhand market.
26 Luxury Handbags High initial value and brand recognition; appeal to fashion enthusiasts and collectors.
27 Stocks and Options High potential for profit through strategic buying and selling.
28 Houses (Real Estate) Yield significant returns through strategic renovations and market timing.
29 Raw Land Blank canvas with various profitable possibilities; appealing to long-term investors.
30 VCRs and VHS Tapes Nostalgia and rarity of functioning units make these items collectible.
31 Clearance Items High margins by reselling clearance items at market value.
32 Artwork Unique pieces can appreciate in value; appealing to collectors and art enthusiasts.
33 Home Decor Trendy or unique items can be resold at a premium.
34 Records and Record Players Vinyl resurgence in popularity; rare or vintage editions highly collectible.
35 Collectibles Can appreciate in value; dedicated collector market.
36 Board Games In demand, rare or out-of-print editions fetch high prices.
37 Antiques Historical value and uniqueness make them highly sought after.
38 Rare or Retro T-Shirts Nostalgia and uniqueness drive demand; highly collectible and profitable.
39 Concert T-Shirts Limited edition or vintage highly sought after by fans and collectors.
40 Concert Tickets Profitable for popular events, especially sold-out shows or in-demand performances.
41 Sports Memorabilia Signed jerseys, cards, game-used equipment appreciate in value.
42 Upcycled Items Growing market for eco-friendly, creatively upcycled products.

Where to Flip: Flip Items Online and Sell Items locally

There are many ways to build a profitable reselling business; you can sell online and in person. Some of the best places to find items for flipping include the following:

Finding Items to Flip

You can find items to flip in the following places:

Garage Sales

If you can find a local garage sale or are willing to drive out further to find good sales, you can find great items to flip for profit.

Yard Sales

Like garage sales, going to a yard sale is another option to find cheap items you can purchase for just a few dollars to flip for extra cash.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores and consignment stores are filled with hidden gems and cheap items that can make all the difference for flipping. Check your nearest thrift store for apparel, good-quality shoes, costume jewelry, and more.

Estate Sales

Many hidden gems have been discovered in estate sales, including vintage items and unique items such as upcycled art and upcycled jewelry.

Facebook Marketplace

You can find items and resell items on the Facebook Marketplace. It’s easy to make money selling items in high demand without incurring massive shipping costs since you can meet locally to deliver the items.


Auctions are another way to find items to flip, but you must be careful about how much you spend. When bidding for items, think about the regular retail price and whether you could compete with that based on the amount it is being bid for.

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Flea Markets

You can easily become a flea market flipper and make all your money by searching for items at flea markets in your spare time

House Clearance sales

Many people undertake spring cleaning or house cleaning efforts, and you can go to these sales to find cheap items that you can sell high on online platforms and locally.

Your own home

If you’d like to start your flipping business and make serious cash but are not sure where to start – start with your own home! You can find items you no longer use, such as baby gear or baby stuff that children have outgrown, video games, and other items, and sell them for a decent profit.

best items to flip

Selling Items to Flip

Once you find items you’d like to flip, plenty of flipping websites are available for you to sell on.

Many platforms such as Poshmark, Mercari, and Vinted generate free shipping label options so you can ship items domestically to customers, making it easy to turn flipping from a fun hobby to something more. These platforms have a large user base looking for a good deal and looking to save money by purchasing secondhand items.

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • ThredUp
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • OfferUp
  • Etsy
  • Craigslist
  • Mercari
  • Poshmark
  • Varagesale
  • Vinted
  • Your own online store

Flipping to Make Extra Money

There are many ways to flip items to make money. You can find things in secondhand stores, thrift shops, and online platforms such as Etsy, Mercari, and more. Additionally, you can make extra money by finding items to flip in local places such as garage and yard sales, estate sales, and other events where people sell secondhand items at a low cost.

Final Thoughts: What is The Most Profitable Item to Flip?

The world of flipping items for profit offers a wealth of opportunities for those looking to generate income and extend the life of used goods. Whether you’re a seasoned flipper or just getting started, there are numerous items and niches to explore, and your success ultimately depends on your local market, your knowledge, and your ability to identify profitable opportunities.

Flipping, at its core, is a simple and effective concept: acquire items at a low cost and resell them for a profit. While some items may require repairs or maintenance before they are ready for resale, the key is to maximize your profit margin through smart buying and selling strategies.

The list of 42 best items to flip presented in this article offers a diverse range of options, catering to various interests and expertise. From power tools to vintage clothing, wedding dresses to electronics, there’s something for everyone. The key to success lies in finding the items that align with your knowledge, passion, and market demand.

When it comes to sourcing items for flipping, there are numerous avenues to explore. Garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores, estate sales, online marketplaces, auctions, flea markets, and even your own home can serve as treasure troves of items waiting to be flipped. The choice of where to find your inventory depends on your location, preferences, and the type of items you intend to flip.

Once you’ve acquired your items, you can sell them through various channels, both online and locally. Platforms like Poshmark, Mercari, Etsy, and eBay offer access to a broad online audience, while local options like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and community-based apps can connect you with nearby buyers. The key is to leverage these platforms to reach potential customers effectively.

While the profitability of flipping varies depending on factors like the item’s condition, rarity, and demand, some specialized items tend to yield higher profits. Tech gadgets, exercise equipment, vintage clothing, and designer fashion items are among the most lucrative options. These items often command higher prices, and with some minor repairs or refurbishments, you can significantly increase their resale value.

In the realm of flipping, innovation and creativity can be your allies. Consider upcycling items, such as furniture, glass, jewelry, and even artwork, to breathe new life into old pieces and make them more appealing to buyers. These unique creations can not only fetch higher prices but also showcase your craftsmanship and attract a dedicated customer base.

In conclusion, flipping items for profit is a dynamic and rewarding venture that offers a sustainable source of income. Whether you’re a part-time flipper looking to earn extra cash or a full-time entrepreneur seeking a thriving business, the world of flipping has something to offer. Keep your finger on the pulse of market trends, continually expand your knowledge, and, most importantly, embrace your passion for turning forgotten items into valuable assets. With the right strategy and a keen eye for opportunity, you can flip your way to success and financial prosperity.


What is the Easiest Thing to Flip?

Power tools are an easy item to item to flip as they are always in demand, and not many people tend to have these tools in their homes. Rather than purchasing new power tools, they can buy them secondhand, which is why flipping them is easier.

What Flipping Items Make the Most Money?

Another option if you’re looking to start an upcycling business is to flip vintage clothing and high-end designer fashion items. The secondhand apparel market is steadily growing, and clothing items are easy to find and resell. Wedding dresses are another option if you’re looking to make a full-time income by flipping clothing. Many brides are looking for beautiful wedding dresses at deep discounts, so you can make a nice profit by flipping and selling wedding dresses.

What Can I Resell Quickly?

To make money online by reselling an item quickly, you can sell used books and textbooks to students and others via reselling platforms. You can find books online, in library sales, and in secondhand stores that you can resell quickly.

What is the Best to Resell?

The best item to resell is old furniture. For spring and summer, consider flipping items such as wicker chairs, patio tables, and other types of furniture perfect for backyards and gardens. Many people are looking for good-quality wood furniture and beautiful vintage furniture to add to their homes, so upcycled furniture is an option for flipping items.

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