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From sales to customer service, Salesforce plays an important role in streamlining business processes. However, the real power lies in the wide array of Salesforce apps available, designed to enhance functionality and efficiency. In this article, we’ll explore the 35 best Salesforce apps for small businesses, offering valuable solutions for their specific needs. Let’s get started!

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Understanding Salesforce Apps and the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce apps are specialized tools that can be installed on the Salesforce platform to extend its capabilities. These apps offer a range of functionalities, such as automating tasks, managing customer relationships, and analyzing data.

The Power of Salesforce Apps

Salesforce apps possess immense power in transforming business operations. These specialized tools enhance productivity while providing valuable insights for informed decision-making. Let’s take a look at how businesses can benefit from the power of Salesforce apps…

Sales Process Optimization

Salesforce apps play a crucial role in optimizing sales processes by streamlining and automating various tasks. With these sales apps, businesses can achieve enhanced efficiency and productivity, enabling sales teams to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

Leveraging Salesforce CRM

To maximize the benefits of Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM), businesses can leverage various apps that enhance engagement strategies, enabling them to build stronger connections with customers and drive long-term success.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Salesforce apps can significantly improve customer satisfaction by providing superior customer service tools and personalized marketing apps. These applications empower businesses to deliver exceptional experiences, address customer needs promptly, and create personalized interactions that foster loyalty and satisfaction.

Generating Insightful Salesforce Reports

Salesforce apps provide businesses with the means to generate comprehensive reports, offering valuable insights and enhanced data visibility. These tools allow businesses to analyze trends, track performance, and make informed decisions for future growth and success.

Ensuring Data Backup

Robust data backup solutions offered by Salesforce apps are so important for ensuring data security and business continuity. These apps give businesses reliable methods to protect their valuable data, preventing loss and enabling smooth operations.

Empowering Data Analysis

Certain apps within the Salesforce ecosystem empower businesses by enabling effective data analysis. These tools facilitate data-driven decision-making and help organizations formulate strategies based on valuable insights, leading to improved outcomes and success.

An Overview of the Salesforce Platform

The Salesforce platform is a versatile and popular choice among businesses for customer relationship management (CRM), sales, marketing, and more. With its robust features and capabilities, it enables organizations to streamline processes, enhance customer engagement, and drive growth through effective data management and automation.

Harnessing Salesforce Data

To unlock the full potential of Salesforce data, businesses can rely on specialized apps that enhance data management and analysis. Two key aspects are the role of Salesforce apps in customer data management and transforming customer data into actionable insights.

The Role of Salesforce Apps in Customer Data Management

Salesforce apps play a crucial role in effective customer data management. These apps offer features such as robust data storage, easy accessibility, segmentation tools, and enhanced security measures. With these capabilities, businesses can efficiently organize and leverage customer data to drive personalized experiences and informed decision-making.

Transforming Customer Data into Actionable Insights with Salesforce Apps

Salesforce apps have the power to convert raw customer data into actionable insights for businesses. By utilizing advanced analytics and reporting features, these apps can uncover patterns, trends, and correlations within the data. This enables businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize strategies, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Real-life examples and case studies further illustrate the transformative impact of Salesforce apps in turning data into valuable insights.

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Choosing the Best Salesforce Apps: Our Methodology

Evaluating Salesforce apps requires a keen understanding of how they can enhance the functionality of the Salesforce platform, particularly for small businesses seeking to optimize their customer relationship management (CRM) processes. Here’s our methodology for assessing Salesforce apps, using a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most critical:

  1. Integration with Salesforce (5/5):
    • Seamless integration with existing Salesforce features
    • Synchronization with Salesforce data without issues
    • Minimal disruption to current workflows
  2. User Experience and Interface (4/5):
    • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
    • Consistent experience with the Salesforce platform
    • Ease of navigation and use
  3. Customization and Flexibility (4/5):
    • Ability to tailor the app to specific business needs
    • Flexible configuration options
    • Support for custom fields and processes
  4. Scalability (4/5):
    • App’s ability to grow with the business
    • Capability to handle increasing data volumes and users
    • Flexible pricing plans for different stages of business growth
  5. Support and Documentation (4/5):
    • Availability of comprehensive documentation and user guides
    • Responsive and knowledgeable support team
    • Availability of community support or forums
  6. Security and Compliance (5/5):
    • Adherence to data security standards and best practices
    • Compliance with relevant regulations and laws
    • Robust data encryption and privacy measures
  7. Cost-Effectiveness (4/5):
    • Transparent pricing without hidden fees
    • Value for money considering the features offered
    • Free trial or demo availability
  8. Feature Set and Capabilities (4/5):
    • Richness of features relevant to business needs
    • Availability of automation and AI functionalities
    • Regular updates and feature enhancements
  9. Performance and Reliability (5/5):
    • App’s stability and performance within the Salesforce ecosystem
    • Minimal downtime and maintenance disruptions
    • Speed and responsiveness of the app
  10. Reviews and User Feedback (3/5):
    • Positive reviews and ratings on the Salesforce AppExchange
    • Testimonials from other users, especially those in similar industries
    • Evidence of successful use cases and improvements

By rigorously evaluating Salesforce apps against these criteria, we aim to provide small business owners with tools that effectively extend the capabilities of their Salesforce platform, aligning with their business processes and goals.

Best Free Salesforce Apps

Below is a curated list of the best free Salesforce apps that can enhance your small business operations without breaking the bank. These apps offer valuable functionalities to help streamline processes, improve productivity, and boost customer engagement.

1. Salesforce CRM Dashboards

salesforce apps

Salesforce CRM Dashboards offer example dashboards for executives, reps, sales, support, and more. They provide best practices reports, increase CRM adoption, and give comprehensive insights into organizational performance, helping teams close more business.

2. In-App Guidance Walkthroughs

salesforce apps

Salesforce Labs offers premade In-App Guidance Walkthroughs for sales users, covering basics, navigation, lists, and records. Users can edit or clone the walkthroughs. Customization guides and a PDF are available.

3. Salesforce Adoption Dashboards

salesforce apps

Salesforce Adoption Dashboards offer visibility into user login history, key feature adoption, and sales/marketing productivity. It includes 42 reports, 6 custom fields, and 3 dashboards. Ideal for boosting adoption and customizable metrics.

4. In-App Guidance: Boost Service User Productivity in Lightning Experience

salesforce apps

Salesforce gathered Trailblazer Community’s wishlist for In-App Guidance prompts in Lightning Experience. The package includes prompts for five key features, aiding user adoption and productivity.

5. ZoomInfo Field Trip

salesforce apps

ZoomInfo’s Field Trip allows Salesforce users to analyze field usage, identify unused fields, and improve data quality. It generates a customizable data quality score based on field fill rates and weights.

6. Scan to Salesforce/Pardot

salesforce apps

Scan to Salesforce/Pardot by Sansan offers 99% accurate OCR scanning, eliminating manual entry. Scan up to 4 cards at once, transfer leads and contacts to Salesforce, and enjoy top-class data accuracy and support.

7. Query Studio for Marketing Cloud

salesforce apps

Query Studio for Marketing Cloud enables users to write and run queries in a SQL-like environment. It offers features like query validation, one-off queries, and a shortcut for running queries.

8. Duplicate Check

salesforce apps

Duplicate Check for Salesforce by Plauti is a native app that finds, prevents, and merges duplicate records. It offers automated merging, prevention methods, and customization, and is free for up to 10,000 records.

9. Graphics Pack

salesforce apps

This graphics pack offers hundreds of images and icons for Salesforce applications. It includes graphics for image formulas, tabs, and Visualforce pages in sizes of 16×16 and 32×32 pixels. Examples include animals, sports, finance, and more.

10. dataloader.io

salesforce apps

dataloader.io by MuleSoft is the top cloud-based Data Loader for Salesforce, offering easy data import, export, and deletion. It has a 4.55 rating, simplified data mapping, and supports scheduling, multiple file sources, and API integration via Anypoint Platform.

11. AppExchange Dashboard Pack

salesforce apps

The AppExchange Dashboard Pack offers seven prepackaged dashboards for Admins. With an average rating of 4.17, it provides real-time insights into Sales, Marketing, and Support. The free pack offers instant visibility into your Salesforce Account.

12. Org Check

salesforce apps

Org Check is a Salesforce app that monitors technical debt. It analyzes data models, metadata quality, role hierarchy, public group membership, and Apex components. Install it to reduce technical debt and gain insights for your organization today.

13. Formstack Forms

salesforce apps

Formstack Forms automates processes and eliminates data silos. It offers dynamic form prefilling, record generation, and integration with standard and custom objects. Documents for Salesforce enables document generation and digital signature collection. A free trial is available.

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14. Nonprofit Success Pack

salesforce apps

The Nonprofit Success Pack is a user-friendly fundraising and constituent management application. It effectively manages users, donors, contacts, volunteers, and more.

15. CMS Content Type Manager

salesforce apps

The CMS Content Type Manager simplifies managing custom CMS content types in Salesforce Lightning Experience. Easily clone, modify, test, and delete content types. Access embedded guidance and learning resources.

16. Volunteers

salesforce apps

Volunteers is a highly-rated nonprofit tool that manages volunteer data, shifts, and reports. It enables personalized communication and public signups on websites.

17. Agile Accelerator

salesforce apps

Agile Accelerator is an Agile Development Toolset with a 3.94 average rating. It offers agile project management, collaboration, and leverages expertise from Salesforce Agile teams, based on their successful internal system.

18. Rollup Helper

salesforce apps

Rollup Helper by Passage Technology is a no-code roll-up platform for Salesforce. It offers easy configuration of roll-ups, supports various data types, and provides scalability. It’s compatible with Salesforce Lightning or Classic.

19. S-Docs

salesforce apps

S-Docs provides secure document generation and e-signature services within Salesforce. Their native app automates the process, offers various document formats, and ensures data compliance.

20. DESelect Search

salesforce apps

DESelect Search is a robust search engine for Salesforce Marketing Cloud that helps marketers quickly find objects, like data extensions and email templates.

Salesforce Apps List – Paid and Premium Options

Next, let’s check out a comprehensive list of paid and premium Salesforce apps that provide advanced features and functionalities to take your business operations to the next level.

21. DocuSign eSignature

salesforce apps

DocuSign eSignature enables quick agreement processing within Salesforce, offering an intuitive signing experience across devices. Pricing starts at $30/user/month.

22. Gong.io

salesforce apps

Gong.io is a Revenue Intelligence Platform that captures and analyzes customer interactions and generates reports. It helps improve sales performance and collaboration and starts at $1/company/month.

23. Adobe Sign

salesforce apps

Adobe Sign is a trusted e-signature solution allowing users to create, send, sign, and track agreements within Salesforce. It improves compliance, reduces risk, and offers customizable features with seamless integration.

24. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

salesforce apps

LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables embedded profiles for buyer insights. Pricing starts at $125/user/month. Requires Sales Navigator Advanced or Advanced Plus Edition.

25. PDF Butler

salesforce apps

PDF Butler by CloudCrossing revolutionizes Salesforce document generation. Generate lightning-fast docs with comprehensive branding and personalization options. Pricing starts at $14/user/month with nonprofit discounts.

26. Config Workbook

salesforce apps

Config Workbook offers easy extraction of Salesforce metadata into Excel files, including field-level security, profile permissions, and page layouts. It starts at $50/month.

27. Box

salesforce apps

Box is a leading content management platform offering document management, collaboration, and e-signatures. It reduces costs, integrates with Salesforce and Slack, and supports various industries.

28. Titan

salesforce apps

Titan provides dynamic forms, document generation, signatures, and web apps. Trusted by companies like Intel and IBM, it helps create seamless customer experiences with real-time integration.

29. Conga Composer

salesforce apps

Conga Composer automates document generation in Salesforce, with customizable templates and support for multiple formats. Pricing starts at $20/user/month.

30. Bulk Object Field Creator

salesforce apps

Bulk Object Field Creator allows cloning, exporting, and comparing various metadata types. Pricing starts at $8 per month per organization.

31. Seismic Enablement Cloud

salesforce apps

Seismic Enablement Cloud is the first cloud-based platform for enablement, delivering AI-guided personalized content to align teams, increase productivity, and accelerate sales. It starts at $55/user/month.

32. ZoomInfo SalesOS

salesforce apps

ZoomInfo SalesOS is a B2B go-to-market platform with a large, frequently updated database. It integrates with Salesforce for refined searches, seamless exports, and prospecting. Pricing starts at $15,995 per year.

33. Conga Sign

salesforce apps

Conga Sign is a secure eSignature solution that speeds up approvals, ensures compliance, and integrates with other Conga products.

34. NICE CXone Agent

salesforce apps

NICE CXone Agent is a cloud-based call center solution that synchronizes contact center and CRM information, improves agent efficiency, and offers personalized interactions.

35. Nintex DocGen

salesforce apps

Nintex DocGen allows easy automation of document creation, regardless of technical expertise. Generate compliant documents using Salesforce data and templates, and deliver them to recipients. No coding is required.

App Name Description Key Features
Salesforce CRM Dashboards Provides example dashboards and comprehensive insights into organizational performance Best practices reports, promotes CRM adoption, supports various roles
In-App Guidance Walkthroughs Offers premade walkthroughs for sales users Customizable, includes navigation, lists, records guides
Salesforce Adoption Dashboards Provides visibility into user login history and productivity 42 reports, 6 custom fields, 3 dashboards
In-App Guidance: Boost Service User Productivity Includes prompts for five key features in Lightning Experience Aids user adoption and productivity
ZoomInfo Field Trip Allows Salesforce users to analyze field usage Generates data quality score, identifies unused fields
Scan to Salesforce/Pardot Provides 99% accurate OCR scanning for lead and contact transfer Scans up to 4 cards at once, ensures data accuracy
Query Studio for Marketing Cloud Enables users to write and run queries in SQL-like environment Query validation, one-off queries, shortcut for running queries
Duplicate Check Finds, prevents, and merges duplicate records Automated merging, prevention methods, free for up to 10,000 records
Graphics Pack Offers images and icons for Salesforce applications Graphics for image formulas, tabs, Visualforce pages
dataloader.io Cloud-based Data Loader for Salesforce Easy data import, export, deletion, supports scheduling, API integration
AppExchange Dashboard Pack Offers seven prepackaged dashboards for Admins Provides real-time insights into Sales, Marketing, Support
Org Check Monitors technical debt in Salesforce Analyzes data models, metadata quality, role hierarchy, Apex components
Formstack Forms Automates processes and eliminates data silos Dynamic form prefilling, record generation, document generation, digital signature collection
Nonprofit Success Pack Fundraising and constituent management application Manages users, donors, contacts, volunteers
CMS Content Type Manager Simplifies managing custom CMS content types in Lightning Experience Easy clone, modify, test, delete content types
Volunteers Manages volunteer data, shifts, reports Personalized communication, public signups on websites
Agile Accelerator Agile Development Toolset Offers agile project management, collaboration
Rollup Helper No-code roll-up platform for Salesforce Easy configuration of roll-ups, supports various data types
S-Docs Secure document generation and e-signature services Automates process, offers various document formats, ensures data compliance
DESelect Search Search engine for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Quickly find objects, like data extensions and email templates
DocuSign eSignature Enables quick agreement processing Intuitive signing experience across devices
Gong.io Revenue Intelligence Platform that captures and analyzes customer interactions Generates reports, improves sales performance
Adobe Sign Trusted e-signature solution Creates, sends, signs, tracks agreements
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enables embedded profiles for buyer insights Requires Sales Navigator Advanced or Advanced Plus Edition
PDF Butler Revolutionizes Salesforce document generation Fast document generation, comprehensive branding
Config Workbook Easy extraction of Salesforce metadata into Excel files Includes field-level security, profile permissions, page layouts
Box Leading content management platform Document management, collaboration, e-signatures
Titan Provides dynamic forms, document generation, signatures, web apps Real-time integration
Conga Composer Automates document generation in Salesforce Customizable templates, supports multiple formats
Bulk Object Field Creator Allows cloning, exporting, comparing various metadata types
Seismic Enablement Cloud First cloud-based platform for enablement AI-guided personalized content, aligns teams
ZoomInfo SalesOS B2B go-to-market platform with a large, updated database Integrates with Salesforce for refined searches, exports
Conga Sign Secure eSignature solution Speeds up approvals, ensures compliance
NICE CXone Agent Cloud-based call center solution Synchronizes contact center and CRM info, improves agent efficiency
Nintex DocGen Easy automation of document creation Generates compliant documents using Salesforce data and templates
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How to Choose the Best Salesforce Apps for Your Business

Choosing the best Salesforce apps for your small business is a crucial decision that can significantly affect your operational efficiency, sales effectiveness, and customer service quality. Here are some factors and steps you should consider in the selection process:

  1. Define Your Business Needs: Understand the specific pain points or challenges that your business is currently facing. The Salesforce app you choose should directly address these issues. For example, if you are struggling with duplicate data, an app like Duplicate Check might be appropriate.
  2. Budget Consideration: Be clear about how much you are willing to spend on Salesforce apps. While some apps are free or come at a nominal cost, others may require a substantial investment. Align your budget with your priorities.
  3. Consider Your Team Size: The size of your team will also play a crucial role. Some apps are more suited to larger teams with diverse roles, while others work better for smaller, more focused teams.
  4. Identify Your Goals: What do you hope to achieve with the Salesforce app? Do you want to streamline processes, improve customer relations, or boost sales performance? Keep these goals in mind when reviewing potential apps.
  5. Evaluate App Features: Consider the features and functionalities of different apps. Some may offer a broad range of features, while others may specialize in a specific area. Ensure the app has the necessary features to meet your needs and goals.
  6. User Reviews: Reading user reviews can provide insight into how well the app performs in real-world scenarios. You can learn about the app’s reliability, ease of use, and customer support quality.
  7. Request for Recommendations: Reach out to industry peers or other business owners who have used Salesforce apps. Their firsthand experience can provide valuable insight that can help you make a more informed decision.
  8. Compatibility with Existing Systems: Ensure that the app is compatible with your current systems and workflows. An app that requires substantial changes to your existing operations may not be the most cost-effective or efficient solution.
  9. Vendor Support: Consider the level of support offered by the app’s vendor. Prompt and effective customer support can be crucial when facing technical issues or when you need assistance.
  10. Scalability: As your business grows, your needs will change. Choose an app that can scale with your business and continue to meet your evolving needs.
  11. Free Trials or Demos: If available, use free trials or demos to test how the app works in your specific business setting. This can help you gauge whether the app will be a good fit before you make a purchase.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose the best Salesforce apps for your small business and ensure that they effectively support your operations, boost productivity, and contribute to achieving your business goals.

Budget Considerations when Choosing a Salesforce App

Consider your budget when choosing a Salesforce app. Strike a balance between business needs and available funds. Research pricing, explore free options, and consider the long-term value to make an informed decision that fits your budget.

FAQs: Salesforce Apps

What is the Salesforce AppExchange?

The Salesforce AppExchange is a marketplace where businesses can discover and install a wide range of pre-built Salesforce apps, extending the functionality of the Salesforce platform to meet specific business needs.

What is a Salesforce Org and How Does it Interact with Salesforce Apps?

A Salesforce Org refers to a distinct instance of the Salesforce platform. It acts as a container for an organization’s data, customizations, and settings. Salesforce apps can be installed and integrated into a Salesforce Org to enhance its capabilities and support specific business processes.

How Can Salesforce Users Manage and Access Apps Across Multiple Salesforce Orgs?

Salesforce users can efficiently manage and access apps across multiple Salesforce Orgs through the Salesforce App Launcher. This centralized feature allows users to navigate between various Orgs and seamlessly access installed apps, promoting a consistent experience across different instances.

How Can I Identify the Best Salesforce Apps for My Business on the Salesforce Platform?

Identifying the best Salesforce apps for your business involves evaluating your specific needs, considering budget constraints, and researching user reviews. Look for apps that align with your requirements and have a proven track record of enhancing business processes and customer engagement.

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