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Picture this: You walk into a buzzing office — everyone’s in high gear, collaborating, chatting, and sharing info like it’s second nature. How do they pull off this level of teamwork and efficiency?

person choosing a wordpress internet theme on a laptop

Here’s a secret: WordPress intranet themes.

These themes allow organizations to build their private networks, or intranets. They take a regular website and transform it into a dynamic hub where teams can share documents, socialize with their peers, and collaborate on projects from anywhere and at any time. Here are our picks for the best WordPress intranet themes.

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The Best WordPress Intranet Themes

Intranet themes are incredibly powerful tools, but with so many options, knowing which is the best for your organization can be difficult. Discover why we like these ones below.

1. Woffice

wordpress intranet themes, Woffice

Consistently ranked as the #1 WordPress intranet software, Woffice is a versatile and powerful WordPress intranet and extranet theme that deserves a spotlight for its impressive features.

Continually topping the charts, this theme packs some excellent features. Its in-house project management and CRM solution are a dream for any team. Imagine all your tasks, progress tracking, and chats in one place, making your project collaboration as smooth as butter.

Now, let’s not forget about its compatibility with Elementor, everybody’s favorite page builder. Your intranet can elevate your organization’s vibe and style with all the customization freedom you need.

Woffice also has a sweet spot for task management. List views, Kanban boards, Gantt charts? Woffice has everything. And it’s all about convenience with this theme. The one-click demos mean no headache during setup, while the automation feature keeps your processes streamlined and managed from one handy dashboard.

What we like: Woffice offers a complete package with integrated project management and CRM solutions, Elementor compatibility for full customization, and comprehensive task management features.

Pricing: Personal – $59/year; Pro – $99/year; Agency – $199/year.

2. Cera

wordpress intranet themes, Cera

Cera is a genius when it comes to WordPress intranet themes. Getting started is easy, so you’ll have your intranet all set and ready quickly. The activities wall is where all the magic happens. Think of it as your organization’s personal news hub — updates, discussions, teamwork, all happening live and promoting a sense of community.

Cera’s also got your back with its e-learning integration. Companies can offer courses and training, creating a virtual campus within the intranet. The theme’s private messages feature is perfect for those secret squirrel conversations, keeping your chats secure.

Lastly, its members and group directories function like your digital office directory, making it easy to find colleagues or teams.

What we like: Cera stands out as a highly intuitive WordPress intranet theme, boasting easy setup, a dynamic activities wall for live updates and discussions, e-learning integration for internal training, and a private messaging feature for secure conversations to create a central hub.

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Pricing: $59

3. OneCommunity

wordpress intranet themes, OneCommunity

OneCommunity is absolutely packed with features. It comes with over 40 beautifully designed social pages, turning your site into a pretty little playground for your community to connect and interact. And let’s talk speed. With a built-in fragment cache, OneCommunity ensures your network runs like a cheetah, offering quick page load times and a smooth user experience.

Now, here’s the fun part. OneCommunity has this cool Ultimate GaimPress Reward System that adds a pinch of gamification to your social network. Imagine celebrating achievements, awarding badges, and creating a sense of accomplishment — it’s like throwing a virtual party for your members and keeping them hooked.

What we like: OneCommunity shines as a feature-rich WordPress theme that offers beautifully designed social pages for enhanced community interaction, a built-in fragment cache for superior speed, and an engaging Ultimate GaimPress Reward System to gamify the user experience, driving engagement and fostering a sense of achievement.

Pricing: $59

4. Alliance

wordpress intranet themes, Alliance

If you’re on the hunt for an intranet theme that’s all about collaboration and functionality, then say hello to Alliance. Its online user directory feature is super convenient and makes it easy to find and connect with your colleagues.

It acts like a digital water cooler and boosts camaraderie and teamwork. Next up is Alliance’s sleek dashboard — it’s customizable and loaded with important info, user activities, and smooth navigation.

The one-click importer feature multiplies your efficiency. With a single click, you can import cool templates, saving you time and energy setting up your intranet. Plus, if you’re keen on employee training, Alliance’s online course tools are perfect.

The cherry on top is its integration with BuddyPress, transforming your intranet into a bustling community. It’s perfect for sharing ideas and engaging with your team.

What we like: Alliance impresses as a collaboration-focused intranet theme, offering an online user directory for easy colleague connections and integration with BuddyPress to turn your intranet into an interactive community.

Pricing: $69

5. Micro Office

wordpress intranet themes, Micro Office

Micro Office is a fantastic WordPress theme designed specifically for creating efficient and mobile-friendly office intranets. One of its tricks is mobile device optimization. This means your team can access the intranet from their phones or tablets and still have a smooth-as-silk experience. It even includes stunning, mobile-friendly sliders like Swiper and Revolution for that extra visual punch.

And don’t worry about manually optimizing your site. Micro Office is all geared up for SEO, making your intranet visible and discoverable. Automatic updates? Check.

This means your intranet always has the latest safety measures and enhancements. Plus, it comes with plugins like Booked Appointments and Visual Composer for added functionality.

What we like: Micro Office is a stellar WordPress theme designed for office intranets, offering robust mobile device optimization for seamless remote access, automatic SEO capabilities for improved visibility, and automatic updates, ensuring the intranet is always up-to-date and secure.

Pricing: $69

6. Beehive

wordpress intranet themes, Beehive

Beehive is a remarkable social network theme for WordPress that offers a seamless user experience without the need for coding skills. It’s got a friendly vibe, but don’t be fooled — this WordPress theme is packed with powerful features, all geared to help you craft a lively and engaging social network.

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You can choose from three chic homepages to match your mood or goal. And the best part? The templates are always on-trend, making your network look sleek and modern.

With Beehive, you can have group or private chats, upping your real-time communication game. Add to that user profiles, discussion areas, and newsfeeds, and you’ve got a hub of interaction. It’s also got Ajax powering login and search, which means smoother, faster interactions.

To keep your network looking fresh and unique, there’s an extensive Google Fonts library with over 800 fonts. Beehive is also about accessibility. Its responsive design ensures a great user experience, whether desktop or mobile.

What we like: Beehive stands out as a user-friendly WordPress theme for social networking, boasting trendy templates for a modern look, advanced chat features for real-time communication, and a responsive design that ensures a seamless experience across all devices.

Pricing: $59

7. Cirkle

wordpress intranet themes, Cirkle

Cirkle is an impressive WordPress theme that excels in creating engaging and interactive social networks. Its standout feature? Pre-built page layouts. These layouts aren’t just thoughtful but also customizable, making sure your network is always on brand.

Ever been frustrated with complicated logins? Cirkle’s got you covered with a seamless front-end login and registration process. No more navigating through the WordPress backend. You’re all set.

For some added fun, Cirkle’s got a badge gamification feature. Users can earn badges for activities and achievements, adding an element of fun and competition. And don’t forget about the forum. It’s the perfect spot for sparking up conversations and sharing knowledge. Plus, Cirkle’s got useful widgets like members and photo galleries for easy display and management.

What we like: Cirkle, an engaging WordPress theme for social networks, offers pre-built, customizable page layouts for easy branding, a user-friendly front-end login and registration process, and an entertaining badge gamification feature to incentivize user activities and achievements.

Pricing: $49

8. BuddyApp

wordpress intranet themes, BuddyApp

BuddyApp is an impressive WordPress theme perfect for creating engaging and interactive social networks. First off, the knowledge base feature is incredible. It allows users to access and share valuable information, making the social network a hub of knowledge and expertise.

The live customizer is also fantastic. With real-time editing capabilities, you can easily tweak the design and layout of your social network, giving it a personalized touch that aligns with your brand.

Apart from this, live notifications keep users in the loop, ensuring they never miss important updates or interactions within the community. It’s a small detail that goes a long way in fostering engagement. Ajax search is another standout feature of BuddyApp.

It delivers lightning-fast search results, making it a breeze for users to find the content or users they’re looking for.

What we like: BuddyApp shines as a WordPress theme for social networks with its comprehensive knowledge base feature for information sharing, live customizer for real-time site design edits, and live notifications that enhance user engagement and foster community interaction.

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Pricing: $43

9. Aardvark

wordpress intranet themes, Aardvark

Aardvark excels as an intranet WordPress theme, delivering power and simplicity in one neat package. The pre-built demos are indispensable, offering ready-to-use templates that significantly speed up the creation process.

The icing on the cake, however, is the intuitive drag-and-drop page builder, a feature that’s both user-friendly and fun to use. It’s like playing with digital Lego blocks but for building websites.

The 200+ themes with code-free customization add a whole new layer of flexibility. From the most conservative to the downright flamboyant, there’s a theme for every mood and need. Finally, the full RTL support ensures inclusivity by catering to right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew.

What we like: Aardvark demonstrates how a WordPress theme can deliver robust features without overwhelming its users, simplifying intranet building while still allowing for unique personalization.

Pricing: $69

10. SocialV

wordpress intranet themes, SocialV

SocialV is one of the best intranet WordPress themes available. Its social media login integration is a smart feature, making it easy for your team to log in with their existing social accounts. The post reactions feature keeps engagement high, bringing the social media atmosphere into the workplace.

On the privacy front, the private chat function is excellent for those sidebar conversations. SocialV’s integration with LearnPress is handy, too — internal learning and training have never been easier to manage.

The live-style customizer also gives you real-time visual feedback as you tweak your design. Finally, the newsfeed is gorgeous and captures the essence of your team’s updates in an aesthetically pleasing way.

What we like: SocialV stands out as a top intranet WordPress theme, offering easy social media login integration, engaging post reactions for a lively work atmosphere, and seamless integration with LearnPress for effortless internal learning and training management.

Pricing: $59

11. Anesta

wordpress intranet themes, Anesta

Meet Anesta, the best-selling WordPress theme in the BuddyPress category, and it’s easy to see why. Its integration with Elementor page builder makes designing a cinch — even for a rookie. With its support for popular plugins like TRX addons, newsletter popups, and Mailchimp, Anesta proves its commitment to extendibility and user convenience.

My favorite feature is its fine-tuned control over aesthetics. You can tweak its typography settings to ensure your text complements your overall design. Flexible color settings are another boon, enabling you to match your intranet look with your brand aesthetics with ease.

All in all, Anesta’s feature set ensures your intranet is a thing of beauty and functionality.

What we like: Anesta, the top-selling BuddyPress WordPress theme, boasts seamless integration with Elementor for easy designing, versatile typography and color settings for aesthetic customization, and practical built-in events calendars to enhance team collaboration.

Pricing: $69

Building a Lively Intranet with WordPress

WordPress is an ideal platform for creating intranets, and the right theme can bring life and functionality to any intranet. The WordPress themes discussed here are all excellent options for building a vibrant, engaging company network.

Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder or prefer more advanced customization features, there’s a WordPress intranet theme for everyone. Pick the one that best fits your company’s needs and get started.



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