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International real estate can be an amazing investment. But it isn’t accessible to everyone. Now, RealPool is working to change that. Read about the innovative new business model below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Makes international real estate investing more accessible.

Founder Vlad Lushnikov told Small Business Trends, “RealPool, a startup with a mission to democratize international real estate investment, aims to open the doors of opportunity to a wider audience. Fueled by my own experiences, I recognized the stark inaccessibility of this industry for the average person, despite its potential for excellent returns. Armed with my extensive expertise, I took the initiative to launch RealPool. I have personally witnessed the remarkable returns that international investments can yield, but historically, this realm has remained exclusive, reserved for the ultra-elite. RealPool seeks to level the playing field by harnessing the same sophisticated tools used by high-net-worth individuals, all within the user-friendly interface of our app.”

Business Niche

Using technology to target a unique market.

Lushnikov says, “No other players in the market are pursuing the same approach as us in the realm of international real estate investment. Although there are crowdfunding real estate platforms operating within the United States, their primary focus remains limited to domestic markets, overlooking some of the most lucrative opportunities worldwide. Thanks to our exclusive algorithm, RealPool can identify undiscovered prospects across the globe and make them accessible to a broader audience.”

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Business Origin Story

Due to a fascination with real estate markets around the world.

Lushnikov explains, “I’ve always been intrigued by the notion of investing in residential properties. In a world with a population of seven billion people, each with their unique cultures and perspectives, the concept of a home is universally understood and appreciated.

“This fascination drew me towards delving into the real estate industry, particularly the international real estate sector. As I deepened my involvement, working as a global law and tax consultant and wealth management advisor, I began to recognize a stark reality: the majority of the global population lacked access to resources for international investments. These valuable tools were typically reserved for individuals with substantial wealth. It was this realization that sparked the inception of RealPool.”

Biggest Risk

Launching something new.

Lushnikov says, “I’d say we’re in the midst of taking the biggest risk ever by launching this platform. It’s never easy launching a platform that is going to disrupt an industry controlled by very wealthy and powerful individuals, but that’s what RealPool will do. We know we are going to face obstacles along the way, but we’ve accepted that and are looking forward to disrupting the international real estate industry.”

Lesson Learned

Embrace mistakes as lessons.

Lushnikov adds, “If you don’t make mistakes, your company won’t have a sense of resiliency or direction. And so I wouldn’t want to go back and fix any of the previous mistakes I made.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Spreading the word.

Lushnikov says, “Since we are launching a direct-to-consumer product, that money can be spent on PR and marketing. We want to spread the word about our platform as far and as wide as possible.”

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Fun Fact

The platform is already expanding to new markets.

Lushnikov says, “We currently have properties available in Thailand and Bali. But we’re excited to launch in Europe shortly.”

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Image: RealPool, Vlad Lushnikov


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