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If you’re seeking CMS Hub themes for small businesses, we have some good news: You’re in the right place, and there are plenty of options! Whether you want a free or premium theme to get your site up and running, you’ll be thrilled to learn that plenty of options are worth your consideration. 

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In this post, we’ll walk you through CMS Hub themes for small businesses. We’ll also dive into additional details about why CMS Hub may be the right pick for you as you bring your small business onto the web. 

CMS Hub Themes for Small Businesses: Free 

Ready to dive into the best free CMS Hub themes for small businesses? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites. (Psst: Don’t forget that if you’re just starting with CMS Hub, you can use the software for free, which is perfect for small businesses just getting started.) 


cms hub themes for small businesses: austyle homepage example First up is AUSTYLE, a free theme to build your small business site with CMS Hub. Whether you are making a B2C site or ecommerce, AUSTYLE is flexible enough to suit your needs. Additionally, it’s fully optimized to ensure your visitors aren’t waiting around for your pages to load. 

The theme includes 25 excellent modules, 13 system templates, and seven page templates. 

2. Garado 

CMS Hub themes for small businesses: GaradoGarado is an excellent option for a small business owner building a website on CMS Hub. This free theme is a modern, SEO-optimized option. It would be the best match for those creating an ecommerce website.

If you choose to use this theme, you don’t need to touch any code as CMS Hub offers a drag-and-drop builder. Additionally, you can use advanced theme options to customize your site. Altogether, this theme features a fully responsive design, offers 10 page templates, 15 system templates, 10 sections, and even 21 modules.

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3. Stockie 

CMS Hub themes for small businesses: StockieStockie is another option worth considering. It’s mobile-friendly and fully optimized for page speed. Plus, it was built to work seamlessly with HubSpot’s free CMS tier, so it’s a solid choice if you’re building a website on a budget

The theme features native HubSpot design, product, FAQ, pricing modules, galleries, an image carousel, and more. Overall, it features 16 unique modules, 14 system templates, and six page templates. 

4. Focus 

CMS Hub themes for small businesses: Focus Next up is the Focus theme. This is one of our favorite CMS Hub themes for small businesses for a few reasons. For starters, it was designed with digital agencies, professional services, non-profits, and corporate firms in mind. In other words, it’s a highly professional option. That being said, you can easily customize it to suit your small business’s unique needs. 

If you’re eventually ready to upgrade, you can check out the Focus+ theme, a premium option that offers even more functionality and customization. The theme is completely committed to HubSpot CMS Hub standards, too. 

5. StudioCanvas 

CMS Hub themes for small businesses: Studio CanvasWe love StudioCanvas because this free theme gives you the tools you need to design your site creatively and scale your business. Its signature features include easy-to-customize modules that look great and function well, templates designed to help you convert, 17 modules, and 15 system templates. 

6. Interactive 

CMS Hub themes for small businesses: InteractiveWhen you’re building your small business, it’s crucial that your website looks excellent regardless of what size screen it is you’re using. Because this CMS Hub theme was specifically tailored towards marketers who want to build a website, it’s easy to begin if you’re a small business owner looking to build a digital landing space for your site. Interactive is mobile-responsive, features no-code website development (perfect for beginners!), and boasts 21 modules to help you customize your website.  

7. Outlet 

CMS Hub themes for small businesses: OutletNext up is Outlet, a CMS Hub theme that is especially appealing if you have a retail business. This theme streamlines creating a retail website with excellent user experience and allows you to use the drag-and-drop builder to efficiently list your products, edit blog posts, and more. 

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Outlet also scores major points because it was created with the global theme setting, so you can completely edit the color scheme in just a few clicks. When you use this theme, you get 15 premade templates, 19 components, and full mobile responsiveness. 

CMS Hub Themes for Small Businesses: Premium 

If you’re ready to invest a bit more of your budget into a CMS Hub theme for your small business, we have some suggestions for premium options worth your consideration.

1. UpShop

CMS Hub themes for small businesses: UpShopCost: $299

If you’re looking for an advanced CMS Hub theme for your small businesses, look no further than UpShop. It was created specifically with ecommerce websites in mind, and is highly customizable, so you can build a website for many types of small businesses quickly. 

When you use UpShop, you get 15 premade templates to help you supercharge your site creation efforts. Additionally, the theme boasts 45 components, cross-browser optimization, and full mobile responsiveness. It’s fully compatible with our drag-and-drop builder, too.

2. CLEAN Lite 

CMS Hub themes for small businesses: Clean Lite Cost: $100 

CLEAN Lite is a limited version of CLEAN Pro, another premium theme. Because this theme is very reasonably priced, it is an excellent option for small business owners who are willing to invest in their website but want to keep it within budget. One of CLEAN’s signature features is its pricing table module, where you can help showcase four different pricing options.

There’s also a logo scroller, which is appealing for B2B small businesses, as you can showcase your clients. Another module we love is the testimonial module, where you can showcase how customers love your product. 

3. Abstract 

CMS Hub themes for small businesses: AbstractCost: $399 

While Abstract is on the pricer side for CMS Hub themes for small businesses, its features can make it worth the money. It features a clean, balanced layout that makes it visually appealing for visitors arriving on your website. Abstract is also an excellent choice if you’re starting a blog with your small business. 

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4. Flow 

CMS Hub themes for small businesses: FlowCost: $497 

Next up is Flow, which features a modern, aesthetically pleasing design. You have the option to choose from the library of premade templates or to build your website on your own from the ground up. Regardless of what you decide, this theme works effortlessly with the drag-and-drop builder, so it won’t be difficult to create.

We love how there’s no coding required for this site theme so it’s beginner-friendly, has over 45 modules, custom backgrounds, global theme settings, and a robust hero slider. 

5. Realize 

CMS Hub themes for small businesses: RealizeCost: $297 

Next is Realize, another option for small businesses seeking themes to use on their website. This theme features no legacy code, is highly customizable, prioritizes SEO optimization, and was even created with Google Lighthouse and 2023 web standards in mind. The theme also offers 25 modules, 16 page templates, nine system templates, and five sections to choose from to build your dream site. Another perk? You get free unlimited updates to guarantee your site is up to date.

6. Glambiz 

CMS Hub themes for small businesses: GlambizCost: $49 

At just $49, this is the most affordable option on the premium CMS Hub themes for small businesses list. Because of that, it already earns some points — but what we like about it doesn’t stop there. It has unlimited customization, you can pick a static or drag-and-drop header and footer, prebuilt templates, and global typography.

With this theme, you can also mix and match colors to ensure your site represents your branding. We also love the reusable sections and blog feature. 

7. Mimosa 

CMS Hub themes for small businesses: MimosaCost: $50

Next up is Mimosa, another affordable option for those seeking a premium theme. The theme was designed specifically for retail and fashion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t customize it for your small business regardless of what you do. There’s no coding required, 22 fully customizable modules, 14 system templates, and even 10 page templates.

Bring your site to life with the best CMS Hub themes for small businesses. 

Regardless of what you want your small business website to look like, you are sure to find a theme that will suit your needs for aesthetics and functionality by perusing the options on this list. 

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