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National days can provide fun and unique content opportunities for businesses throughout the year. There are several exciting September holidays that small businesses may want to add to their marketing calendars this year. Check the list below for a full list of national days in September 2023, along with weekly and monthly celebrations.

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National Days in September

If you want to use national days in September to boost sales or increase engagement, you need to understand what holidays are coming up. Here’s a list of daily celebrations throughout the entire month.

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national days in september 2023

September 1st – National Food Bank Day

Food Bank Day is a perfect opportunity for businesses to give back to their communities and encourage others to do the same.

September 2nd – National Tailgating Day

Businesses can offer sales on tailgating gear or even host special outdoor events.

September 3rd – National Cinema Day

Movie theaters may host promotions or events, and other local businesses can team up with theaters for gift card or bundle promotions.

September 4th – Labor Day

A huge array of businesses may offer Labor Day sales or wish followers a happy holiday weekend.

September 5th – National Cheese Pizza Day

Pizzerias and restaurants can offer promotions or create unique social media content around this fun holiday.

September 6th – National Read a Book Day

Libraries, bookstores, and educational businesses can all encourage reading or host special events for readers of all ages.

September 7th – National Salami Day

Restaurants, grocery stores, and delis can offer specials or post fun facts about this food item online.

September 8th – Star Trek Day

Star Trek Day is a fun holiday that businesses can use to show off their personality by posting fun facts or engaging in discussions with other fans.

September 9th – National Teddy Bear Day

Toy stores or gift shops may offer fun promotions like free gifts with purchase or events where kids can bring their favorite teddy bears.

September 10th – National Pet Memorial Day and World Suicide Prevention Day

Businesses can show a caring side by raising awareness and sharing resources for anyone struggling or mourning.

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September 11th – Patriot Day

Patriot Day marks the anniversary of the September 11 attacks. Many businesses post messages of solidarity and/or patriotism on this day.

September 12th – National Video Games Day

Video game stores or streaming platforms may host events or promotions.

September 13th – Day of the Programmer

Businesses that utilize programmers can recognize team members and celebrate their accomplishments on this day.

September 14th – National Parent’s Day Off

Childcare businesses can offer events or promotions to give parents some time off.

September 15th – National Online Learning Day

Online learning platforms can use this day to call attention to their offerings by posting online or offering special sign-up rates.

September 16th – National Guacamole Day

Restaurants may offer free guacamole with purchases or create a fun event around this silly holiday.

September 17th – National Dance Day

Dance studios and similar businesses can host events or create fun content to educate people about various dance methods.

September 18th – Wife Appreciation Day

Gift shops, florists, and card shops can offer sales on products that may be gifted on this day.

September 19th – Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like a Pirate Day is a favorite on social media; nearly any business can create silly content around this idea.

September 20th – National IT Professionals Day

If your business employs IT professionals, consider offering a small token or sending your thanks for their hard work.

September 21st – World Gratitude Day

Post messages of gratitude online and encourage the same from your followers to spur engagement.

September 22nd – American Business Women’s Day

This holiday celebrates American businesswomen. So, post messages thanking your female employees and recognizing their accomplishments.

September 23rd – Autumnal Equinox

Celebrating the first day of fall, offer specials or create content around any products that may be popular during this season.

September 24th – National Hunting and Fishing Day

Any businesses that offer outdoor gear or experiences may create social media posts or email newsletters surrounding this holiday.

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September 25th – National Comic Book Day

Comic bookstores often host promotions and special events on this day to increase sales and foot traffic.

September 26th – National Family Day

National Family Day encourages families to spend time together and enjoy meals around the table. So, businesses may offer sales or promotions on experiences or products that encourage togetherness.

September 27th – National Scarf Day

Gift shops and boutiques can offer free scarves with purchase or discount certain products on this day.

September 28th – National Drink Beer Day

Bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and liquor stores can all encourage beer purchases with fun and engaging content or sales.

September 29th – VFW Day

VFW Day celebrates Veterans of Foreign Wars. Businesses owned by VFW members may take this opportunity to call attention to their service to the country.

September 30th – National Chewing Gum Day

Post fun facts or content surrounding this check-out aisle staple.

National Weeks in September

Some celebrations in September expand beyond a single day. Here’s a short list of weekly observances that may be relevant to your marketing campaigns this month.

September 3-9 – National Waffle Week

Breakfast restaurants, recipe bloggers, and markets can all celebrate waffles by offering specials or limited-time products.

September 5-10 – National Payroll Week

Payroll services and software providers can use this week to educate potential customers about the importance of their products and services.

September 10-16 – National Assisted Living Week

Senior care providers may offer open houses or post educational content online for families.

September 10-16 – National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Businesses that utilize truck drivers can thank them for their contributions and educate the public about the importance of this part of the supply chain.

September 18-24 – National Keep Kids Creative Week

Art shops, educational businesses, and toy stores may create special displays or promotions that call attention to creativity-based products or services.

September Monthly Holidays

There are also monthly observances that extend throughout the entire month of September. Businesses may post about these regularly or create ongoing campaigns to market or connect with customers. Here are a few to consider.

National Suicide Prevention Month

All types of businesses can post resources and supportive content designed to help anyone struggling.

National Preparedness Month

Offer tips and resources to help families increase their preparedness for various disasters or situations.

Self Improvement Month

Businesses that offer products or services that can be used for self-improvement may use this month to call attention to their benefits.

FAQs: National Days in September

What special days does September have?

September includes national days on each day throughout the month. See a full list above. Labor Day and Patriot Day are the most widely recognized holidays of the month.

What national awareness month is in September?

There are several monthly observances throughout September, including Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

What is September 22 National day?

September 22 is National American Business Women’s Day, celebrating working women and their contributions to the U.S.

What national day is on September 15?

September 15 is National Online Learning Day, a holiday designed to celebrate and raise awareness for various online learning methods and platforms.

What are some significant September holidays that small businesses should be aware of for their operations and promotional activities?

September holidays include Labor Day, National Video Game, Parents’ Day Off, Patriot Day, National Guacamole Day, and more. Read the list above for a full calendar of events throughout September.

How can small businesses optimize their strategies around Labor Day, a well-known holiday in September?

Businesses offering Labor Day sales or promotions should start marketing these offerings prior to September, since the holiday takes place early in the month. Post about campaigns on social media, in email newsletters, or in print and online advertisements leading up to the holiday.

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