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Empowering Accountants and Small Businesses

QuickBooks Connect, held in Las Vegas, drew over 2,500 bookkeepers and accounting professionals. This event focused on fostering relationships, providing industry insights, and showcasing the latest updates from Intuit QuickBooks, which serves over 7 million small and mid-sized businesses globally.

Jeremy Sulzmann, Vice President of the QuickBooks Accountants Segment, emphasized the importance of accounting professionals in driving small business success. The 2023 event spotlighted AI-driven innovations, aiming to provide insightful tools for more informed business decisions.

Introducing QuickBooks Ledger

QuickBooks Ledger, a new product tailored for accountants, is designed to standardize accounting processes across all client types. This cost-effective tool includes features like automated bank feeds, bank reconciliation, and a seamless transition to tax preparation. Integrated with QuickBooks Online Accountant, it allows for streamlined end-to-end workflow management.

Enhancements to QuickBooks Online Accountant

QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) is central to managing firm and client operations. The latest improvements include:

  • Expanded Roles and Permissions: Offering customizable access to firm and client books to manage sensitive tasks efficiently.
  • Chart of Accounts Templates: Facilitating the creation and customization of account charts, saving time for accountants.
  • Improved Add Client Experience: Streamlining the process of connecting new clients and integrating QuickBooks Payroll and Time.

New QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program

The revamped QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program, celebrating over 25 years of service, offers exclusive discounts, tools, training, and events. The program has evolved with input from the accounting community, offering benefits like pre-written email campaigns, new training on third-party apps, premium customer support, and newly designed certification badges.

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QuickBooks Online Ecosystem Improvements

QuickBooks Online ecosystem has been enhanced to cater to growing, complex businesses. Notable improvements include:

  • QuickBooks Online Advanced: Offering workflow automation, robust reporting tools, and deep integrations for scaling businesses.
  • QuickBooks Payroll: Expanding capabilities to include HR tools, payroll cost allocation, payroll item management, and a partnership with Allstate Health Solutions for enhanced employee benefits.

QuickBooks Online E-commerce Innovations

QuickBooks is enhancing its e-commerce capabilities for QuickBooks Online, aiding small businesses in managing inventory across multiple sales channels efficiently.

These innovations by Intuit QuickBooks at the QuickBooks Connect conference mark a significant stride in empowering accountants and small businesses. With these tools, QuickBooks is poised to further streamline workflows, improve automation, and offer valuable insights, fostering the prosperity of small businesses and the accounting community.

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