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From Sephora to government grants, there is up to $100,000 up for grabs for small business owners looking for funding across the country.

Grants can be a valuable resource for small businesses in the beauty industry. If you are looking for a grant to help your business grow, there are a number of organizations that offer funding. You can also search online for grants that are specific to your industry or location.

With the right grants, those in the beauty industry can:

  1. Launch or expand their business: Grants can be used to cover start-up costs, such as purchasing equipment, inventory, or renting a salon space. They can also be used to fund expansion plans, such as opening a new location or hiring additional staff.

  2. Develop new products or services: Grants can be used to finance research and development, allowing businesses to create innovative products or services that will help them stand out from the competition.

  3. Provide training and education: Grants can be used to pay for training and education for employees, helping them improve their skills and knowledge. This can lead to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

  4. Market their business: Grants can be used to fund marketing and advertising campaigns, helping businesses reach a wider audience and attract new customers.

  5. Adapt to changing trends: The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and grants can help businesses keep up with the latest trends by funding the purchase of new equipment or the development of new products.

The beauty industry is growing rapidly. And part of that growth involves supporting diversity. Recently, a major beauty retailer announced a grant program with this goal in mind. Read about this and other small business grant opportunities.

Small Business News November 24, 2023

This week, the roundup includes two IRS and U.S. Treasury notices. The first is proposed regulations updating the investment tax credit (ITC) rules under section 48 in the energy industry. The second is a proposed regulation aimed at disallowing deductions for certain charitable conservation contributions made by partnerships and other pass-through entities, such as S corporations. For that, and more small business news, here is the rest of the roundup.

Treasury and IRS Update Investment Tax Credit Regulations for Energy Sector

The Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service have issued proposed regulations updating the investment tax credit (ITC) rules under section 48. This revamp, the first since 1987, reflects the evolving energy industry, integrating recent advancements and the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) stipulations.

Treasury and IRS Propose New Regulations to Curb Tax Evasion

The Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have announced proposed regulations aimed at providing guidance under a new section of the tax law. This new legislation focuses on disallowing deductions for certain charitable conservation contributions made by partnerships and other pass-through entities, such as S corporations.

Small Business Saturday 2023: A Day to Celebrate and Support Local Entrepreneurs

As the holiday season approaches, Isabel Casillas Guzman, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator, calls on Americans to participate in Small Business Saturday on November 25. This day, falling just after Thanksgiving is not just a shopping event but a celebration of the 33 million small businesses that form the backbone of local communities nationwide.

Bebas Neue Leads as the Internet’s Most Used Free Font

Choosing the right font is more important than ever, especially for small businesses with an online presence. A recent study by DigitalSilk.com has shed light on the most used free fonts on the internet, with Bebas Neue topping the list, a valuable insight for small business owners and designers.

Apple’s Latest Logic Pro Update Elevates Music Production on Mac and iPad

Apple’s recent update to Logic Pro introduces an array of advanced features for Mac and iPad, setting a new standard in music production tools.

Intuit Accountants Tax Preparation for 2023 has Comprehensive Product Updates

Intuit Accountants has announced significant updates to its suite of tax preparation products aimed at the 2023 tax year. These enhancements to Intuit Tax Advisor, Intuit ProConnect Tax, Intuit Lacerte Tax, and Intuit ProSeries Tax are designed to streamline workflow and provide advanced insights and reporting capabilities for tax and accounting professionals.

Are Your Employees Quietly Quitting?

You may have heard the term “quiet quitting,” where a team member has effectively given up on their job and is doing as little as possible just to get by in your company.  This trend reflects significant shifts in employee behavior and attitudes in the modern workplace since the COVID pandemic ended.

Wix Introduces Advanced AI Chat for Personalized Business Solutions

Wix.com Ltd. has unveiled an innovative conversational AI chat feature. This new tool is designed to engage users from the moment they join Wix, offering a more intuitive and personalized experience in setting up their online business.

Holiday Sales Shift to Self-Gifting and Small Business Support

The latest Shopify-Gallup Holiday Shopping Pulse survey reveals a significant shift in consumer behavior during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday (BFCM) weekend. Increasingly, Americans are using these sales not just for gift shopping but also for self-gifting. According to the survey, 64% of respondents are likely to buy items for themselves, and 13% plan to exclusively self-gift.

Final Cut Pro Update Brings Advanced Video Editing to Mac and iPad

Apple has announced an update to Final Cut Pro, available for both Mac and iPad, introducing powerful new features that streamline the video editing process. This update, available later this month, is set to revolutionize the way small businesses approach video production, offering improvements in timeline navigation, expanded in-app content, and voiceover recording capabilities.

Lens Fest 2023 Ushers in New Era of Advanced AR Development

The sixth annual Lens Fest has unveiled Lens Studio 5.0 Beta, which promises to revolutionize augmented reality (AR) development. This latest iteration marks a significant leap in AR technology, catering to a vibrant community of over 330,000 developers. These creators have been instrumental in generating nearly 3.

Facebook and Instagram Announce More Monetization Options

Facebook and Instagram are introducing several updates to their platforms, aimed at providing creators with more avenues to earn money. These updates include a new holiday bonus, expanded subscription options, and enhanced advertising opportunities, demonstrating Meta’s commitment to supporting the creative community.

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