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Wondering how to package quotes into viral content?

Quotes are powerful. They pass the test of time, surpass the expectations of those who said them and even survive the fall of empires. One statement made by a figure in history, regardless of who they are, can resonate just as strongly hundreds or even thousands of years later.

Well into the future, you can be sure that a good quote will still be circulating, both from antiquity and from what is today modern.

How can you use this to your advantage?

If you have a social media presence, you will notice that content containing quotes is quick to go viral. But even better, they have a timelessness that allows them to stay there.

While relevant to a current event, the entire point behind one of these sayings is that it is applicable well after the events they are applied to pass.

Re-Package Quotes Into Viral Content

Know Your Market

package quotes into viral content

Who are you aiming to market this content to? Not knowing who your chosen demographic is will be a quick path to failure. Viral content has been shared and reshared, capturing the attention of a group so they feel they just have to spread it.

If you don’t even know who that group should be, how will they know they were the intended audience in the first place?

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Once you know your market, you will also be able to catch their eye through direct reference. One great way is by using modern experts in your field for the quotes.

Not only will this stroke the ego a bit and give you a line into a possible connection, but it will make the quote recognizable to others in the industry. Helping to solidify who the message was for and who should be passing your content on.

Another benefit of marketing with quotes is knowing exactly what that group will be looking for in content. You can isolate the perfect statement to share and the perfect way to share it.

Step Description Action Items
1 Research and Analysis Conduct market research; Analyze competitors and identify market gaps.
2 Segmentation Divide your audience based on demographics or behavior; Use analytics tools to segment your audience.
3 Targeting Choose the segments that align with your product; Prioritize based on potential revenue.
4 Positioning Develop a unique selling proposition (USP) for your target audience.
5 Engagement & Feedback Engage with your target market; Collect feedback to refine your approach.

Repackage With Fresh Media

Viral Image

package quotes into viral content

If there are quotes on your site already, perhaps from interviews or even reader comments, you can repackage it into new content for a fresh perspective.

For example, if you asked for opinions from your readers on a certain issue, you could cherry pick the best. Then take those quotes and make them a text-over-image for easy sharing and appeal to social networks like Facebook and Pinterest.

Quotes look fabulous on the image. Look at how Quoto makes its quotes flye with its picture quotes feature, for example.

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Tool: Quotes Cover + pick sources of free blog images for the awesome backgrounds.


package quotes into viral content

Another way is by creating an infographic with the details you quote from a past piece of work. Statistics take on a whole new and effective meaning when presented more visually. The same goes for slideshows, videos and other visual media.

Tools: Piktochart and Infogr.am.

PowerPoint Presentations

If you have a series of quotes, they can be easily re-packaged into inspirational presentations.

Tool: Haiku Deck (free).


PowerPoint presentations are easy to convert into a video and will some nice music, you have a great piece of content to enrich your Youtuve Channel.

Expand Your Reach

Once you have repackaged your content, it is time to expand the reach of that content. Social media is going to be your best friend in this regard. Both Pinterest and Facebook have been mentioned already and they will be your primary networks for gaining visibility thanks to their popularity and frequent use of image sharing.

But don’t discount the help that sites like Google+, Reddit and even LinkedIn can provide, depending on your demographic. Then there are other media sharing sites, such as Youtube and Vimeo.

Share all content often and in many places at once. There are tools out there that will let you post to all of your social networks from a single dashboard, such as Hootsuite. While not necessary, it can be helpful and more productive than doing each one manually.

Be sure to encourage your followers to ‘like and share’ your content. Sometimes that little call to action can make all the difference.

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Collect and Curate

Start sharing other quoted content. You can do this on most sites, but Pinterest is going to be your main source. Since you are pinning images from other sources, you will be gaining attention each time.

package quotes into viral content

People will be more likely to follow your boards when you collect and curate content – and quotes are especially big there.

Tips on How to Package Quotes into Viral Content

  • Visual Appeal: Pair quotes with striking images or graphics that complement the message. Tools like Canva or Quotes Cover can help in designing these.
  • Relatable Context: Use contemporary events or trending topics as a backdrop for timeless quotes, making them relevant to current discussions.
  • Interactive Engagement: Convert quotes into polls or quizzes, prompting the audience to interact and share.
  • Collaborate with Influencers: Get endorsements or shares from industry influencers or personalities. A nod from a trusted figure can enhance credibility and reach.
  • Optimize for Sharing: Ensure the design and format of your content are mobile-friendly and easy to share on social platforms, with clear call-to-action buttons like “Share if you agree!”


Do you have any tips for repackaging quotes for viral content?

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