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With over 40% of the web powered by WordPress, this content management system isn’t just a blogging platform—it’s a potential goldmine. As digital enterprise takes the world by storm, countless entrepreneurs are discovering innovative ways to turn pixels into profit. If you’ve ever wondered how to make money on WordPress, you’re in for a treat. From e-commerce ventures to sage advice from experts, this guide unpacks 32 proven strategies underpinned by success stories of giants like Etsy, TechCrunch, and MasterClass.

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Understanding the WordPress Platform

So what is WordPress exactly? For the uninitiated, WordPress might sound like a buzzword. But for many, it’s the backbone of their online presence. Originating as a blogging tool in 2003, it has since evolved into a versatile content management system (CMS). The primary distinction to note is between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. While WordPress.com is a hosted platform, WordPress.org allows for more freedom and customization, as users can host their own sites. Some of the internet’s top blogs, from TechCrunch to BBC America, trust WordPress for their daily operations.

The Potential of a WordPress Blog

Launching a WordPress blog isn’t just about putting thoughts on the web. It’s about connecting, influencing, and – yes – monetizing. The beauty of a blog is in its potential. With its plugins and themes, you’re not just setting up a site; you’re building a brand. Plus, considering its vast user base, the reach is unparalleled. As your readership grows, so do your chances to monetize. Think sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and ad revenue. With every post, you’re stepping closer to turning passion into profit.

WordPress Website – Your Digital Business Ground

Think of a WordPress website as your online storefront or digital office. Whether you’re selling handmade crafts or offering consultancy services, this platform enables you to showcase your offerings, interact with clients, and close deals. It’s not just about aesthetics, either. With a plethora of plugins available, functionalities such as e-commerce, booking systems, and contact forms are mere clicks away. With a strategic approach, your WordPress website can become a revenue-generating machine.

The Versatility of a WordPress Site

When someone says “WordPress,” don’t just think of blogs or basic websites. Its adaptability is its forte. From online forums and membership sites to e-learning platforms and e-commerce hubs, WordPress is capable of hosting varied web entities. This adaptability translates to diverse monetization strategies. You could charge for memberships, sell digital products, or even offer online courses. The point is WordPress is not a one-size-fits-all tool; it’s a multifaceted platform waiting to be molded to your vision.

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How Many Views on WordPress to Make Money?

The million-dollar question (sometimes, quite literally) for many WordPress owners is: how many views do I need to start raking in cash? While there’s a clear correlation between traffic and potential earnings, it isn’t a linear relationship. Instead, several interplaying elements determine your site’s revenue potential.

Traffic and Revenue: The Connection

At a glance, the math seems simple: more views mean more clicks on ads, leading to higher income. However, it’s not just the quantity of the traffic but the quality that counts. For instance, 1,000 engaged readers who are keen on your niche are far more valuable than 10,000 random visitors who bounce off the page within seconds.

Beyond Numbers: Quality Matters

A HubSpot survey found that companies that prioritize blogging efforts are 13 times more likely to see positive ROI. But it’s not merely about producing content and amassing views; it’s about fostering a connection with your readers. High engagement rates, longer time on site, and repeat visitors often indicate a genuine interest in your content, which can translate to better monetization opportunities.

32 Great Strategies to Make Money on WordPress

From e-commerce endeavors to expert advice, let’s explore 32 fantastic strategies to make money with WordPress.

Let’s start with a quick summary first.

Strategy Description Practical Example
Selling Physical Products Leverage WordPress with WooCommerce for e-commerce. Etsy
Dropshipping Ecommerce Synchronize your store with suppliers’ inventory. Oberlo
Offering Online Courses Turn your WordPress site into an e-learning platform. MasterClass
Create Your Own Blog Share your voice and passion. TechCrunch
Sponsored Blog Posts Monetize with branded content. BuzzFeed
Affiliate Marketing Promote products for commission. Amazon Associates
Accepting Donations Get support from your audience. Wikipedia
Develop & Sell Plugins Create solutions for WordPress users. Yoast SEO
Offer Consultancy Services Convert your site into an appointment hub. Gary Vaynerchuk
Host Webinars Share expertise live with real-time interaction. SaaS companies’ webinars
Monetize with Premium Content Charge for exclusive content access. The New York Times
Start a Membership Site Create a paid community or forum. Patreon
Freelance Writing Showcase writing and land gigs. Medium
Email Marketing Engage audience with targeted campaigns. HubSpot
Rent Ad Space Directly Directly offer ad spaces on your site. Forbes
Sell Digital Products Offer e-books, digital art, etc. Gumroad
WordPress Theme Development Design themes for others. Elegant Themes
Offer Virtual Workshops Host workshops via video conferencing. MasterClass
Podcasting Integrate and monetize podcasts. Podbean, Anchor
Offer Website Maintenance Provide WordPress maintenance services. WP Buffs
Start an Online Magazine Transform your site into a digital magazine. Vogue, Wired
Create Quizzes & Surveys Engage and monetize through sponsored quizzes. BuzzFeed
Event Promotions Promote events and sell tickets. Eventbrite
Host Sponsored Giveaways Engage with sponsored product giveaways. Rafflecopter
Stock Photography Sell your photos as stock photos. Shutterstock, Getty Images
Directory Listing Charge for business listings. Yelp, TripAdvisor
Job Board Listings Offer a niche-specific job board. Glassdoor
Flipping Websites Design, develop, and sell WordPress sites. Flippa
Offer SEO Services Cater to the demand for SEO. Moz
Integrate a Booking System Useful for appointment-based businesses. Spas, consultancies
Collaborate with Influencers Partner for content or product promotions. AspireIQ
Subscription Boxes Offer curated monthly packages. Birchbox

1. Selling Physical Products in Your Own Online Store

how to make money on wordpress

Leveraging WordPress with WooCommerce provides a potent combination for aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs. Take Etsy, for instance, which began as a simple idea and blossomed into a platform hosting millions of shops.

2. Set up a Dropshipping E-commerce store

Instead of managing physical stock, you can synchronize your WordPress store with suppliers’ inventory using plugins like AliDropship. The model mirrors businesses like Oberlo, which integrates products from suppliers directly into a store.

3. Offering Online Courses

how to make money on wordpress

Your expertise can be gold. Platforms like LearnDash transform your WordPress site into a comprehensive e-learning platform. MasterClass stands as a testament to the power of online courses, having collaborated with numerous celebrities to offer expert advice.

4. Create Your Own WordPress Blog

Whether it’s travel, fashion, or tech, the world is eager to hear unique voices. Sites like TechCrunch began as simple blogs and morphed into dominant authorities in their niche.

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5. Sponsored Blog Posts

how to make money on wordpress

With a steady readership, brands might approach you for sponsored content. BuzzFeed frequently integrates sponsored content while maintaining their distinct voice and style.

6. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Promote products related to your content and earn a commission. Amazon Associates, one of the largest affiliate programs, has been instrumental in monetizing countless sites.

7. Accepting Donations

how to make money on wordpress

If you’re providing value, your audience might support you. Wikipedia, for all its vast knowledge, operates significantly on donations.

8. Developing and Selling WordPress Plugins

Plugins like Yoast SEO began as solutions to real-world problems and are now used by millions.

9. Offering Consultancy Services

how to make money on wordpress

Platforms like WP Booking can convert your site into an appointment hub. Gary Vaynerchuk, a renowned entrepreneur, offers consultancy via his website, guiding businesses to growth.

10. Host Webinars

Expertise can be shared live. Platforms like Zoom, integrated with WordPress, allow for real-time interaction. Many SaaS companies use webinars as part of their sales and customer education funnel.

11. Monetizing with Premium Content

how to make money on wordpress

By using plugins like MemberPress, you can charge readers for access to exclusive content. The New York Times, for instance, offers a range of subscription plans, including one for premium articles.

12. Starting a Membership Site

Think about creating a community or forum where members pay a recurring fee for special benefits. Something akin to platforms like Patreon, which allows creators to offer exclusive content to subscribers.

13. Freelance Writing

how to make money on wordpress

Use your Website as a portfolio to showcase your writing and land freelance gigs. Sites like Medium partner with writers, compensating them based on the number of claps they receive. Learn more about how to make money on Medium here.

14. Email Marketing

Platforms like Mailchimp can integrate seamlessly with WordPress, allowing for targeted campaigns. Brands like HubSpot have leveraged this to the fullest, offering a range of inbound marketing services.

15. Renting Ad Space Directly

how to make money on wordpress

Bypass middlemen and offer ad spaces on your website. Similar to how Forbes might work with direct advertisers for specific campaigns.

16. Selling Digital Products

From e-books to digital art, WordPress can host it all. Gumroad is an excellent example of a platform allowing creators to sell digital goods.

17. WordPress Theme Development

how to make money on wordpress

Design unique and responsive themes for others. Just look at the success of companies like Elegant Themes, which offers Divi, one of the most popular themes.

18. Offer Virtual Workshops

Using video conferencing tools, you can host workshops directly through your site. MasterClass does something similar with its array of celebrity-led classes.

19. Podcasting

how to make money on wordpress

With the growing popularity of podcasts, platforms like Podbean and Anchor can help you integrate and monetize podcasts on your website.

20. Offer Website Maintenance Services

Capitalize on your WordPress expertise by offering maintenance services. WP Buffs, for instance, focuses exclusively on website care.

21. Starting an Online Magazine

how to make money on wordpress

Platforms like Issuu can turn your Website into a digital magazine hub. Magazines like Vogue and Wired have thriving online versions.

22. Create Quizzes and Surveys

Engage your audience and make money through sponsored quizzes and surveys. BuzzFeed’s success with quizzes is undeniable.

23. Event Promotions

how to make money on wordpress

Promote offline and online events and sell tickets through your site. Eventbrite’s integration with WordPress is a classic example of this in action.

24. Hosting Sponsored Giveaways

Engage readers with sponsored product giveaways. Companies like Rafflecopter can help facilitate this on WordPress.

25. Stock Photography

how to make money on wordpress

If photography’s your game, sell images as stock photos. It mirrors the likes of Shutterstock and Getty Images.

26. Directory Listing

Charge businesses to list on your site. Think of it like a localized version of Yelp or TripAdvisor.

27. Job Board Listings

how to make money on wordpress

Offer a niche-specific job board. WP Job Manager can help integrate this functionality, much like platforms such as Glassdoor.

28. Flipping Websites

Design, develop, and sell WordPress websites. Platforms like Flippa have made a business out of this model.

29. Offer SEO Services

how to make money on wordpress

With the demand for SEO growing, offer specific services through your Website. Moz started similarly and is now an SEO giant.

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30. Integrate a Booking System

If you’re in a business that requires appointments, integrate a booking system. Businesses like spas or consultancies can greatly benefit from this.

31. Collaborate with Influencers

how to make money on wordpress

Partner with influencers for content or product promotions. Influencer marketplaces like AspireIQ can be integrated with WordPress for streamlined collaborations.

32. Subscription Boxes

Offer monthly subscription packages of curated items. It’s a model companies like Birchbox have successfully capitalized on.

How to Make Money from Ads on WordPress

Advertising remains one of the most tried-and-true methods of monetizing a website. In the world of WordPress, several ad networks can seamlessly integrate, but one stands head and shoulders above the rest – Google AdSense.

This is a free program that allows website publishers of all sizes to display targeted Google ads and earn valid clicks by visitors. To get started, you’ll need to:

  1. Apply for AdSense: Head over to the AdSense site and sign up using your Gmail account. After signing up, you’ll have to add your site details and wait for approval.
  2. Insert Ad Codes: Once approved, you’ll receive ad codes that you can add to your WordPress website. This can be done manually, or you can use plugins like Ad Inserter.
  3. Choose Ad Types and Placements: Google AdSense offers various ad formats, from display ads to in-article ads. Placement is crucial. Ensure they’re placed in high visibility areas but don’t disrupt the user experience.
  4. Earn Money: Every time a visitor clicks on one of the ads, you earn money. The exact amount depends on the competition for the ad and the content’s relevance. While the per-click amount might seem small, with substantial traffic, these numbers can quickly add up.

Though AdSense is a popular choice, it’s vital to note there are many other ad networks available, like Media.net or Infolinks. Rued Riis also offers some interesting insights on ways you can monetize your WordPress blog. Check out the video:

Using WordPress Themes to Make Money with WordPress

The design and usability of your WordPress site play a pivotal role in its success. Think of your theme as the foundation—it sets the tone, determines usability, and can significantly influence traffic and, by extension, potential earnings.

Why the Right Theme Matters:

  • User Experience: A well-organized, attractive theme keeps visitors on your site longer. The longer they stay, the higher the chance they’ll click on an ad or make a purchase.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Many premium themes come  SEO-ready. With search engines being a significant source of traffic, having a theme optimized for SEO can be a game-changer.
  • Load Times: Visitors are impatient. If your site takes forever to load because of a bulky theme, you’ll lose traffic. And less traffic means fewer earnings.

And let’s not forget about mobile. The modern web browsing trend heavily leans towards mobile devices. In fact, over half of global web traffic now comes from mobile phones. Therefore, having a mobile-responsive theme isn’t just nice to have—it’s essential. Google also factors mobile-friendliness into its ranking, so if you want to appear in search results, ensure your chosen theme looks and works great on mobile devices.

FAQs: How to Make Money on WordPress

What are the Benefits of a WordPress Powered Website?

WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms for good reasons. Some of its key benefits include its user-friendliness, a vast library of plugins and themes to enhance functionality, high customizability, strong SEO capabilities, and a large community for support and knowledge-sharing. Furthermore, it’s scalable, meaning it can grow as your online business or blog grows.

What’s the best way to monetize WordPress for beginners?

For beginners, affiliate marketing and ad placements like Google AdSense are often the most straightforward ways to start. These methods require minimal investment and technical expertise. As you grow and understand your audience better, you can explore other monetization avenues like selling digital products, memberships, or online courses.

How much can I expect to earn from Google AdSense on a Self Hosted WordPress site?

Earnings from Google AdSense vary widely based on factors like website traffic, content niche, ad placement, and audience geography. While some sites may only make a few dollars a month, others with high traffic and a lucrative niche can earn hundreds to thousands monthly. Regularly updating content, optimizing ad placements, and driving quality traffic can help increase AdSense earnings.

How does running multiple WordPress websites impact the potential of making money online?

Managing multiple WordPress sites can significantly boost earning potential, as you diversify your income streams and tap into various niches. However, it also increases the workload and requires strategic management. It’s essential to ensure each site maintains quality content and user experience. Using tools like ManageWP can help streamline the process.

How can one transition from a hobby blogger to making money with WordPress?

Transitioning from hobby blogging to a monetized platform requires a strategic approach. Start by understanding your audience’s needs and preferences. Once you have a clear picture, identify monetization methods that align with your content—be it ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or selling products/services. Consistency in content, marketing efforts, and continuously improving user experience are crucial for a successful transition.

Additionally, promote your blogs on other platforms to bring in new readers. Social media sites and other online platforms may even introduce you to new income streams. In fact, there are many different ways to make money on your phone and online outside of WordPress. For example, explore how to make money on Instagram, how to make money on PayPal, or how to make money on Pinterest.

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