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Landscapers can help you transform residential or commercial properties. They can help business owners and homeowners conceptualize plans and execute landscape designs. Landscaping services accounted for around $170 billion in 2022.

Well-designed landscapes add to first impressions, environmental sustainability, and functionality. Following is a step-by-step guide to hiring the right candidate. You’ll get all the information here to make an informed decision, with actual tips and instructions you can use.

how to hire a landscaper

Which Landscape Professional to Hire?

Any landscaping project can use different professionals who all contribute unique skills. They include a landscape architect.

Landscape Architects

A landscape architect is highly trained, and they focus on planning and design. These experts work on big projects like urban planning initiatives as well as public parks. The areas they cover include different factors like soil composition and topography. Understanding these roles is essential if you’re thinking of starting a landscaping business.

Landscape Designers

A landscape designer focuses on aesthetics. They work on smaller-scale projects and collaborate with clients to achieve their preferences. They develop detailed plans that highlight design features.

Landscape Contractors

Landscape contractors are responsible for the practical aspects of maintenance, installation, and construction. They bring a hands-on role to the process and turn design plans into reality. They execute the installation and construction aspects of any project. Understanding what they do is crucial, especially when crafting your own training plan template for your team.

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how to hire a landscaper

What does a Landscape Contractor Do?

These contractors provide a number of popular services. Understanding what they do is crucial, especially when crafting your own training plan template for your team.Here’s more of what you’ll need to know about them.

Duties and Responsibilities of Landscape Contractors

These contractors often work for landscaping companies that handle different tasks, like the following:

  • Planning includes conducting different assessments and evaluating items like soil quality, drainage, and environmental factors. This aspect also includes design plans and estimating project costs. Some even possess knowledge of h2-b visas for landscaping for hiring foreign workers.
  • Landscape contractors and the companies they work for also look after installation. They can build outdoor kitchens and retaining walls under the hardscape installation banner. Softscape installations include grass and flowers. These contractors can also look after outdoor lighting and irrigation.
  • These experts also look after lawn care as well as pest and disease control.

how to hire a landscaper

Hiring a Landscaper: Step by Step

Key Considerations Questions to Ask Evaluation Criteria Additional Notes
Experience Level How many years of landscaping experience do you have? Years and quality of past work Experience often equates to skill level
Design Skills Can you provide examples of past design work? Creativity and vision Portfolio review is crucial
Equipment Proficiency Are you familiar with specialized landscaping equipment? Ability to handle necessary machinery Equipment know-how can speed up the project
Horticultural Knowledge What plants are best suited for this climate? Plant, soil, and climate knowledge Vital for long-term success of the landscape
Licenses and Certifications Are you licensed and certified for this type of work? Required legal credentials Verifying these is essential
Timeline and Availability What is the projected timeline for completion? Realistic and acceptable timelines Make sure their schedule aligns with yours
Budget and Costs Do you offer a detailed cost estimate? Transparency and fairness in pricing Discuss budget constraints upfront
References and Reviews Can you provide references or testimonials? Quality and relevance of references Always check references
Maintenance Services Do you offer ongoing maintenance after project completion? Availability for future work This could be beneficial for long-term care
Insurance and Liability Are you insured in case of property damage or accidents? Adequate insurance coverage Don’t skip on this; it’s crucial for safety
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Selecting the ideal landscaper requires a plan. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting the right one.

Crafting the Perfect Job Description for a Landscape Contractor

A good job description will land qualified candidates. Include the following:

  1. A section on the qualifications and skills you’ll need, like certifications and knowledge of irrigation systems.
  2. Be specific about the number of years of experience you require. Don’t forget to add physical requirements like the ability to lift heavy objects.

Be clear about the different tasks the landscaper will need to carry out, including maintenance, installation, and design. Similarly, you will also need to draft an interview rejection letter.

how to hire a landscaper

Advertising Landscaping Positions

Posting on the right job platforms and boards is essential. This could be one of those unusual ways to promote a job opening.


This is a site with a large reach and paid as well as free posting options.


This is an excellent platform for connecting with contractors and landscapers who have experience.


This is a popular platform that covers many different industries.

Don’t forget to post a straightforward job title so potential candidates understand the role.

how to hire a landscaper

Evaluating a Candidate’s Landscaping Experience

Assessing past projects helps you assess the quality of their work. It’s a great way to see if a candidate meets your standards It’s a great way to see if a candidate meets your standards and if they align with your objectives to reduce hiring bias.

Looking at past projects also helps to understand their design philosophy and level of creativity and innovation. You’ll get the best landscaping contractor by looking at these factors.

how to hire a landscaper

Qualifications and Certifications

The type of service they offer is important. However, good landscaping contractors and professionals need certifications.

  • A general landscaping contractor license is often a legal requirement.
  • Look for certifications from professional associations and a pesticide applicator’s license.
  • A good candidate will have safety training certifications in first aid and CPR.
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how to hire a landscaper

Questions to Ask Prospective Landscape Designers and Contractors

Here are a few questions to ask candidates:

“Please tell us about your experiences with different types of landscaping materials.”

“Please describe how you can incorporate different elements, textures, and colors into landscaping designs.”

“Do you have knowledge and experience implementing and installing irrigation systems?” This question can also serve to gauge if a candidate knows how to onboard new employees effectively.

how to hire a landscaper

Evaluating Soft Skills and Client Interaction

Good interpersonal skills mean that a candidate will understand your vision and expectations for any project. Being able to communicate clearly means that you can share your ideas effectively, and they will understand your concepts. They should also align with your company culture, raising the question of should I hire a family member?

Key Qualities to Look For

There are other attributes and qualities to look for in landscape professionals:

  • A candidate should have a passion for landscaping.
  • They should be able to collaborate with other professionals.
  • A good landscaper should have physical stamina and excellent problem-solving abilities.
  • They need to have excellent project management skills and be environmentally aware.

how to hire a landscaper

Understanding Industry Standards and Trends

A company that keeps up with evolving techniques and trends will do quality work. They will understand trends in home improvement and be able to innovate. Always be looking for a company that understands environmental sustainability.

how to hire a landscaper

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Landscaping Company

Watch out for these pitfalls when you’re hiring a landscape contractor.

  1. Neglecting portfolio reviews can get you the wrong candidate who doesn’t have the right skills.
  2. Don’t skip any practical assessments or tests. You might wind up with a candidate who does well in interviews but underperforms.
  3. Always verify candidates’ references, and don’t ignore a cultural fit.

how to hire a landscaper

FAQs: How to Hire a Landscaper

Here are a few final FAQS to help you make a decision.

What is the average pay for a landscape designer?

According to Indeed, the average salary for one of these designers in the United States is $66,775 a year.

How can landscaping companies increase sustainability?

Water-efficient landscaping is a big help. That includes smart irrigation systems. Sustainable companies also avoid the use of harmful fertilizers and chemical pesticides. Ask about any friendly alternatives they use to promote healthy ecosystems.

How do landscaping companies ensure the quality of their work?

Hiring the right staff can make a big difference. It’s important to make sure you hire a company that has certified and skilled labor. That should include outstanding technicians and landscape architects.

If you’re looking to hire one of these companies make sure they have ongoing quality inspections.

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