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Search for “Unboxing” on YouTube and you will get around 90 million results. Unboxing is a thing, and this, in turn, has made packaging your second product. So, consumers now see a memorable unboxing experience as valuable.

Are you looking to provide a great unboxing experience for your products? A new infographic by 2Flow titled, ‘How to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience’ looks to answer how you can do that.

For small businesses with online commerce, this is a great way to really differentiate your brand from the drab brown boxes of some giant online retailers. This is because the box you send to your customers is the first touchpoint. And if you do it properly, it can be a strong selling point for repeat customers. To that point, don’t forget to be creative with your packaging.

unboxing experience

What is an Unboxing Experience?

On social media, unboxing is the act of capturing the process of opening a new product. This activity has garnered immense popularity, with tens of millions of viewers flocking to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. These platforms are not just entertainment venues but also hubs for product information.

When influencers encounter exceptional packaging during their unboxing videos, they often highlight it, playing a significant role in popularizing this trend. Beyond social media, the infographic emphasizes the role of branded packaging in enhancing customer and business value.

It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about crafting a memorable, shareable experience. For online retailers, the unboxing moment is crucial – it’s the first physical touchpoint with customers, and making it unforgettable can significantly impact customer perception and loyalty.

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Ecommerce and Unboxing

In the world of eCommerce, consumer expectations are at an all-time high. The widespread visibility of unboxing videos has led to an increased appreciation for quality packaging among consumers.

However, this doesn’t diminish the relevance of the standard brown box, a hallmark of giants like Amazon. These boxes represent a baseline expectation in consumer experience.

For brands aiming to stand out, the unboxing experience is a critical differentiator. Its impact extends beyond the initial opening, yielding a lasting return on investment.

These packages often become a part of the customer’s environment, subtly continuing to promote the brand. For instance, aesthetically pleasing or unique packaging might be repurposed or displayed, serving as a constant visual endorsement of the brand.

Quality Brand Packaging

The quality of a product’s packaging can speak volumes about the brand behind it. It’s the first thing a customer interacts with, setting the stage for their perception of the enclosed product. Ideally, the product inside should meet or exceed the expectations set by its packaging.

Moreover, high-quality packaging functions as a potent marketing tool. It adds unexpected value for customers, enhancing their overall experience. According to the referenced infographic, 52% of consumers are more likely to repeat purchase from an online retailer that offers premium packaging.

This positive experience often translates into word-of-mouth referrals, especially through social media. Considering that 4 in 10 consumers share images of their deliveries online, the impact on brand visibility and recognition can be substantial.

To create a remarkable experience, it begins with branded boxes and unique packaging materials, complemented by a thoughtful presentation of the product.

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Additionally, including free samples of other products, or if not feasible, a discount on a future purchase or a complementary item can further elevate the experience. A personal note to the customer adds a touch of warmth and personalization, enhancing the overall unboxing experience.

unboxing experience

Key Elements for a Memorable Unboxing Experience

To create an unforgettable unboxing experience for your customers, consider incorporating these key elements:

  • Branded Boxes: Use customized packaging that reflects your brand identity.
  • Unique Packaging Material: Choose materials that stand out and protect the product.
  • Thoughtful Product Presentation: Arrange the items in an appealing and organized manner.
  • Free Samples or Discounts: Include samples of other products or coupons for future purchases.
  • Personalized Touches: Add customized notes or messages to enhance the personal connection.

All of this will combine to create a story your customers will remember. And creating a story or telling your story through your packaging is a sure-fire way to make it more memorable.

Understanding the differences between standard and branded packaging can help online retailers enhance their customer’s unboxing experience. Here’s a quick comparison:

Aspect Standard Packaging Branded Packaging
First Impression Functional Memorable
Brand Identity Minimal Strong
Customer Engagement Low High
Repeat Purchases Less Likely More Likely
Marketing Potential Limited Extensive
Personalization Rare Common
Cost Lower Higher

unboxing experience

Creating a Story

What exactly are you doing by providing an experience your customer will remember when the unbox their deliver? You are creating a story. The quote from Jonathan Ive, Chief Desing Officer of Apple, in the infographic says it all.

Ive goes on to say, “Steve (Jobs) and I spend a lot of time on the packaging… I love the process of unpacking something. You design a ritual of unpacking to make the product feels special. Packaging can be theater; it can create a story.”

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Take a look at the infographic below for more.

unboxing experience

Image: Depositphotos.com

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