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In the buzzing hive of social media, not all influencers wear crowns. Some wield power through genuine connections and heartfelt recommendations. Enter the micro-influencer—a unique blend of authenticity and influence.

Here’s what you need to know about how these gifted people can benefit your small business.

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What is a Micro Influencer?

Who are these social media figures that seem to have such a strong influence online? Micro influencers, typically with a following ranging from 2,000 to 50,000, are making waves. While their follower count may differ based on who you ask, there’s no denying their significance. For small businesses on a tight budget, they offer a cost-effective way to deliver targeted advertising.

Jill Stanton is the Co-Founder of Screw The Nine To Five. She provides a definition that small businesses can use to get started.

“A micro influencer is someone who has a small, yet hyper-engaged following online of 2,000 to 20,000 followers,” she writes.  “The followers read, watch, listen, click and buy anything these influencers put out there.”

Being authentic is one of the other attractions. That’s a big factor for selling in today’s markets.

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“They are someone who prioritizes resonance and engagement with their audience over big, sexy numbers that can be faked.”

Some of what they do is the same as their bigger counterparts.

“They share glimpses into their daily lives, the products they use–ones they are paid for and ones they aren’t. Included are any products, programs or services they may be offering to their audience.”

micro influencers - influencer asking followers to subscribe

Where Can You Find Them?

Typically, you’ll find micro influencers on social platforms like Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, here are a few examples of the top micro influencers on Instagram from 2018.

According to Stanton, finding the right one for your small business means knowing how to narrow your search. She says looking through relevant hashtags on Instagram like #influencer #paid #partner helps. You can also search YouTube channels by looking at specific niches.

There’s one caveat. You might need to look under the hood a bit when sorting through Influencer Agencies.

“The only thing you have to keep in mind with these agencies is they typically represent larger influencers,” she says. “They may only have a few micro influencers who are looking to leverage their following.”

What Are the Benefits of Using a Micro Influencer?

benefits of micro influencers

Ellie Shedden runs the digital marketing agency THE-OOP.COM. She explained why micro influencers would be attractive to small businesses with limited advertising budgets.

“The benefit of using a micro influencer over a macro influencer (those with >100k followers) is the price,” she wrote in an email.“Rather than paying tens of thousands of dollars for a post, micro influencers may cost less than $100. Their conversions are high depending on their engagement rate.”

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You can run diverse campaigns and get more for your advertising buck. Reach different audiences with multiple campaigns and spread the net wider.

Jill Stanton adds they often incentivize followers with discount codes and allow SMBs to “fast track” brand recognition.

How You Should Pick One

how to pick micro influencers - business owner brainstorming strategy on whiteboard

Both Stanton and Shedden provide valuable advice.

Stanton’s Recommendations:

  • Look for micro influencers whose values and message align with your brand.
  • Prioritize engagement and resonance:
    • Do followers like, share, and most importantly, comment and engage on posts?
  • Seek out those with at least 3% of the followers engaging consistently.

Shedden’s Insights:

  • Engagement Rate Formula:
    • Divide the number of followers by the number of likes on a post.
    • Multiply by 100.
  • Assessing Comment Authenticity:
    • Beware of large numbers of emoji-only comments or comments less than 5 words.
    • Indication of bot usage: Such influencers should be avoided.

Utilizing Micro-Influencers for Your Small Business

business owner looking for the best micro influencers

As you can see, engaging with micro-influencers can offer a substantial return on investment for small businesses. The following tables explore various aspects of working with micro-influencers, providing a structured guide to effectively integrate them into your marketing strategy.

Table 1: Characteristics of a Micro-Influencer

Table 1 helps small business owners identify and understand the key characteristics of a micro-influencer.

Characteristic Description
Follower Count 2,000 to 50,000 followers
Authenticity Genuine connections and authentic recommendations
Engagement High engagement rate with followers reading, watching, clicking, and purchasing
Content Style Sharing personal life and product usage, both sponsored and non-sponsored

Table 2: Platform & Finding Strategy

Tablle 2  presents the primary platforms where micro-influencers are active and strategies to find them.

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Social Platform Strategy for Finding Micro-Influencers
Instagram Use relevant hashtags: #influencer, #paid, #partner
YouTube Explore channels by niching down to specific topics of interest
Snapchat Dig up clues about your audience’s interests, find official accounts, use a snapchat directory, trace influencers from other social networks, ask for a snap code

Table 3: Benefits of Engaging a Micro Influencer

Table 3 outlines the core advantages of leveraging micro-influencers for marketing.

Benefit Explanation
Cost-Effective Less expensive than macro-influencers, possibly under $100 per post
High Conversion Potential Higher engagement and conversion rates due to authentic connections with followers
Diverse Campaigns Ability to run varied campaigns to reach different audience segments
Brand Recognition Faster track to brand recognition through direct, authentic recommendations

Table 4: Choosing a Micro Influencer – Checklist

Table 4 compiles the recommendations and insights from Stanton and Shedden into a coherent checklist.

Criteria Stanton’s Recommendations Shedden’s Insights
Alignment Values and message should align [Not specified]
Engagement & Resonance At least 3% consistent engagement Calculate Engagement Rate
Comment Authenticity [Not specified] Beware of bot-like or generic comments
Cost [Not specified] Ensure cost is within budget


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