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Home office filing cabinets let you streamline and organize your paperwork and important files in one place efficiently. From bills to contracts, receipts, or title deeds these documents can be safely stored in a file cabinet for the home office.

Having a well-planned filing system is key to making your home office filing cabinet as efficient as possible. After all, you don’t want to waste a time looking for a document, especially when you need to retrieve it for yourself or a customer quickly.

The Benefits of a Well-Organized Filing Cabinet in Your Office

A well-organized filing cabinet isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s an essential tool for any business or professional setting. Maintaining order in your documents and files can significantly boost your productivity, streamline tasks, and even enhance your professional image. Here’s why:

  • Efficiency Boost: Searching for documents in a disorganized mess can waste valuable time. With a structured filing system, you can locate necessary files in seconds, allowing you to get more done in less time.
  • Reduced Stress: It’s stressful to lose essential papers or spend minutes (or even hours) searching for them. Knowing exactly where your files are can give you peace of mind.
  • Professional Image: When clients or colleagues see a tidy and organized office, they get the impression of a meticulous and responsible professional, boosting their confidence in you.
  • Protection of Important Documents: A well-organized cabinet can also include divisions for vital papers, ensuring they are safe from potential damage or misplacement.

Home Office Filing Cabinets – Our Top Picks

With so many options in the marketplace, finding the right filing cabinet for your home office can be time-consuming. Here are some of the best cabinets available now on Amazon:

Feature/Specification Top Pick: DEVAISE 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet Runner Up: Yaheetech 2 Drawer File Cabinet Best Value: Lorell 4 Drawer Mobile Metal Organizer
Number of Drawers 3 2 4
Top Surface Capacity maximum weight capacity of 150lb Up to 110 lbs Not specified
Material & Finish Wood; Black, Gray Oak, Rustic Brown MDF & Particle Board; Rustic Brown & Black Metal; Black
Size 32″ x 16″ x 26″ 39.5″L x 16″W x 26″H’ 18″D x 14.3″W x 26.5″H
Mobility 360° Swivel Casters; 2 with brakes 5 Wheels; 2 which lock Easy-roll casters
Locking Options N/A Top drawer can be locked 2 Locking drawers
Document Fit Letter, A4 size Letter, A4 Letter & Legal-size
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DEVAISE 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet


Top Pick: The top pick is the DEVAISE filing cabinet. It offers open storage spaces, file drawers, and a storage cabinet to organize your home office machines, papers, files, and other supplies. It has two small top drawers, a large bottom drawer, and a large desktop to hold your printer and scanner. You can move around easily with its 360° swivel casters and two of the front casters have brakes to prevent tipping over.

At 32 x 16 x 26 inches, it only weighs just 56.3 pounds, it comes in black, gray oak, and rustic brown, and it includes all the tools, pieces, and instructions for assembly.

DEVAISE 3-Drawer Wood Mobile Lateral File Cabinet with Open Storage Shelves

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Yaheetech 2 Drawer File Cabinet

Yaheetech 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinets with 4 Open Storage Shelves

Runner Up: Next up is this Yaheetech file cabinet. This cabinet has 2 drawers and 4 open storage shelves along with a top capable of holding up to 110 pounds to easily hold printers, scanners, or décor. It is made from high-quality MDF and particle board styled in a rustic brown and black finish.

Each drawer can hold up to 44 lbs and have a full drawer extension and you can lock the top drawer. There are 5 wheels provided, two of which lock.

Yaheetech 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinets with 4 Open Storage Shelves

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Lorell 18″ Deep 4 Drawer Mobile Metal Organizer

Office Dimensions 18-inch Deep 4 Drawer Mobile Metal Organizer

Best Value: Delivering the best value is the Lorell file cabinet, which comes with 4 drawers, two of which are locking drawers. The cabinets have three-quarter drawer extensions and are sized to fit letter and legal-size documents stacked, and easy roll casters.

This black metal cabinet features easy-roll casters and is 18″D x 14.3″W x 26.5″H. It will fit under most standard desks and workspaces.

Lorell 18″ Deep 4 Drawer Mobile Metal File cabinet

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Phoenix Vertical Legal Fireproof File Cabinet

Phoenix Vertical Legal Fireproof File Cabinet

Although fireproof filing cabinets are expensive, they are worth the price if you have documents that are very valuable. This file cabinet from Phoenix has a lock with a water seal and it is made of allow steel. When it comes to fireproofing, it tested for fire at 1700 degrees Fahrenheit and explosion tested at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and rated at 350 1-hour for documents and paper,

It is 25″D x 19.88″W x 54″H, weighs 471 pounds, and has a 3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty on the entire cabinet and lock. Lifetime After-a-Fire Replacement Warranty: If your file is in a fire it will be replaced at no charge.

Phoenix Vertical Legal Fireproof File Cabinet

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Hirsh’s Vertical File Cabinet


Hirsh’s three-drawer vertical file cabinet comes with three drawers. This includes a small top drawer for keeping pencils, pens, and other small items and two high-side file storage drawers that accommodate letter-size hanging file folders, and

This file cabinet is 18 x 14.25 x 27.3 inches and weighs 24.5 pounds. You only have to assemble the handles to be assembled, otherwise, it arrives fully assembled.  And all the tools are included.

Hirsh Industries 18? Deep 3 Drawer Steel File Cabinet in White

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Flash Furniture Ergonomic Filing Cabinet


Flash Furniture’s ergonomic file cabinet is made from plastic and is 21″D x 16″W x 24″H, making it easy to fit under workspaces. It has a modern, ergonomic design with three drawers and low-set casters. This file cabinet has interlocking drawers that open one at a time to prevent tipping.

It features an interior with a removable pencil tray, a file conversion bar for vertical filing of longer documents, and holds letters, F4 files, and more. This cabinet comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Flash Furniture 3-Drawer Mobile Locking Filing Cabinet with Anti-Tilt Mechanism

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REYADE 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

REYADE 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

This cabinet is made from durable alloy steel and metal and comes with a 3-drawer locking system including one lock with 2 keys that can control all 3 drawers for increased security for your home office filing cabinet.

It comes in at 15.4″ W x 17.7″ D x 23.6″ H, has a load-bearing capacity of up to 330 lbs, five casters, including two brake wheels, two 360° swivel wheels, and a center caster to prevent tipping.

REYADE 3 Drawer Mobile Metal File Cabinets

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Bush Furniture Salinas Lateral File Cabinet in Antique White

Bush Furniture Salinas Lateral File Cabinet

Bush Furniture is a recognized furniture brand and it offers this small file cabinet finished in a slightly distressed finish. The hardware is finished in a pewter color and has full-extension ball-bearing slides for easy opening,  closing, and access to the entire drawer.

This cabinet is 32 x 20 x 30 inches, weighs 82 lbs, supports 200 lbs, is available in several colors, and Bush offers a 1-year warranty on this product.

Bush Furniture Salinas File Cabinet in Antique White

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Fameill Rolling File Cabinet

Rolling Filing Cabinet 2 Drawer File Cabinet

This cabinet offers two drawers and an open shelf. The bottom drawer can accommodate hanging file folders. This file cabinet is made from metal and MDF board and is said to be scratch-resistant and durable. It will fit under most desks and workstations.

It is 16.1″L x 17.8″W x 26.5″H, weighs 40.7 lbs, has four 360-degree wheels, 2 with brakes, and a load capacity of 110 lbs.

Fameill Rolling Filing Cabinet 2 Drawer File Cabinet

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Storex Plastic Two-Drawer File Cabinet

Storex Plastic Two-Drawer File Cabinet

Storex’s plastic two-drawer steel file cabinet is lightweight and easy to move around. Each drawer locks individually and is sized to fit letter and legal-size hanging folders.

This cabinet is made from TAA-compliant plastic and arrives assembled. It comes with 2 keys and 4 removable casters and it is 18.25″D x 14.75″W x 26″H weighing just over 16 lbs.

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Storex Plastic One-Drawer File Cabinet

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Tribesigns 4-Tier Modern Lateral File Cabinet

Tribesigns Bookcase Bookshelf, 4-Tier Modern File Cabinet with 2 Drawers

The Tribesigns filing cabinet is the last on the list. It features 3 open shelves for décor, pictures, or office essentials, and two drawers. The top drawer is smaller and the bottom one is file-sized with hang rails for file folders.

This cabinet is 59’’ H x 23.62’’ L x 15.75’’ W and it is manufactured with certified environmentally preferred laminated particle panels and a steel frame. It is durable, scratch and stain-resistant, and strong. Each shelf can hold up to 35 lbs. All pieces and tools needed for assembly are included.

Tribesigns 4 tier File Cabinet with Drawer & Shelves

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What to Look for When Buying Home Office File Cabinets

In addition to organizing important documents, filing cabinets also provide ample storage space for your home office. But before you buy one, here are some features you should keep an eye on to get the most out of your purchase.

  • Overall Size: First measure the space in your home office and then look for a file cabinet that will best fit that space.
  • Assembly: Most cabinets come disassembled these days, so make sure it is easy to assemble and has easy-to-follow directions. While you are at it take a look at the tools you will need on the box for the assembly.
  • Drawer Size: Get drawers that will easily accommodate the documents you work with the most.
  • Materials: From hard plastic to wood, metal, and other materials you have many options. Consider how much you will use it to ensure a long life for the filing cabinet. Consider wood and metal for daily use and other materials for occasional use or storage.
  • Security: Depending on the types of documents you store in the cabinet, consider locks for all or some of the cabinets.
  • Fireproof: This is yet another level of protection for your documents. These files are expensive, but worth the price if the documents are valuable.
  • Suspension Files: This system works by hanging files and folders with two runners inside of the cabinet.
  • Mobility: It is best to get a home office cabinet with wheels because you can always leave the wheels out during the assembly if you want to permanently place them in one place. On the other hand, you can install it if you move the cabinet around.


Why is it important to manage and organize paperwork and files?

Managing and organizing paperwork and files is important because it keeps them safe and from getting lost as well as theft or damage.

Why is investing in a good storage cabinet essential for securing important paperwork?

Investing in a good storage unit is essential because it helps maintain an orderly work environment and ensures sensitive and confidential information is protected behind locked drawers.

What are the benefits of using filing cabinets to store and organize important documents?

Home office filing cabinets offer a convenient and efficient solution to store and organize important documents in one central location, providing sufficient storage space and allowing easy access to your documents.

What are the key features to consider when buying a file cabinet for a home office?

When buying a file cabinet for a home office, key features to consider include the assembly process, size, material, lock options, durability, mobility, and drawer size and organization options.

How can one determine the appropriate size of a file cabinet for a home office?

You should consider your storage needs and available space in the office. Some file cabinets are designed to fit snugly under a desk, while others can serve as a statement piece of furniture in the office.


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