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Remote access software can be an invaluable tool for teams that telecommute and work independently. Remote access software enables employees to share files, access each other’s devices and collaborate with ease from remote locations.

This type of software can also benefit IT support teams, helping them manage the devices and PCs of staff members remotely. Sales reps can also take advantage of remote access software to provide support and assistance to external customers.

Increasing advancements in technology and telecommunications translate to more and more businesses allowing employees to work remotely, thereby heightening demand for remote access software.

Remote access software is available in different configurations. Some are multiplatform compatible, others have reporting and session-management features. Certain software solutions include meeting and collaboration tools, while others provide remote customer support features.

From customer service support teams to app developers, marketing agencies to IT support teams, there are a whole host of businesses requiring this type of technology to conduct remote business at optimum efficiency.

Benefits of Remote Access Software for Small Business Users

Remote access software offers a range of benefits for small businesses, enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility. By enabling employees to access work systems and data from anywhere, these tools facilitate a more dynamic work environment. This flexibility is particularly valuable in today’s fast-paced business world, where mobility and swift response are key. Furthermore, remote access software can reduce costs by minimizing the need for physical office space and resources. It also promotes better work-life balance for employees, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity.

Key benefits for small businesses include:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Employees can access work files and applications from any location, ensuring work continues seamlessly, regardless of their physical location.
  • Cost Savings: Reduces the need for extensive physical office infrastructure, leading to significant cost reductions in office space and resources.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Easily adaptable to changing business needs, allowing for scaling up or down as required.
  • Improved Work-Life Balance: Offers employees flexibility in their work schedules, contributing to higher job satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Disaster Recovery: Ensures business continuity by providing remote access to critical data and systems in case of emergencies or disasters.
  • Global Talent Access: Enables hiring of top talent from around the world, not limited by geographical constraints.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitates better teamwork and collaboration through shared access to files and applications.
  • Data Security: Many remote access tools include robust security features, ensuring sensitive business data remains protected.
  • Reduced Commute Time and Environmental Impact: Decreases the need for daily commuting, contributing to lower carbon emissions and a reduced environmental footprint.
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Overall, remote access software aligns well with the evolving needs of modern small businesses, offering them a competitive edge in a rapidly changing business landscape.

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Criteria for Choosing the Best Remote Access Software

Here are the most important factors we considered when compiling our list of the top remote access software.

  1. Security Features (Rating: 10/10)
    • Encryption strength
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Compliance with industry standards (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA)
  2. Ease of Use and Setup (Rating: 8/10)
    • User-friendly interface
    • Quick and straightforward installation process
    • Availability of support and tutorials
  3. Performance and Reliability (Rating: 9/10)
    • Connection stability
    • Speed of access
    • Minimal latency
  4. Compatibility and Integration (Rating: 8/10)
    • Supports various operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux)
    • Integrates well with existing systems and software
    • Mobile access compatibility
  5. Cost-Effectiveness (Rating: 7/10)
    • Transparent pricing models
    • Scalability for growing businesses
    • Free trial or money-back guarantee
  6. Customer Support and Resources (Rating: 7/10)
    • Availability of 24/7 customer support
    • Access to comprehensive resources and FAQs
    • Regular software updates and maintenance
  7. Customization and Features (Rating: 6/10)
    • Ability to tailor settings to specific needs
    • Range of features (file transfer, remote printing, etc.)
    • Multi-user capabilities and session recording
  8. Reputation and User Reviews (Rating: 5/10)
    • Positive feedback from current users
    • Industry recognition and awards
    • Longevity and track record in the market

We believe these criteria comprehensively cover the essential aspects small business owners should consider when selecting remote access software. Each aspect is weighted based on its overall impact on the effectiveness and security of the software.

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Best Remote Access Software

If you are looking to invest in quality remote access software to help simplify collaboration and increase productivity within your remote team, take a look at the following seven best remote access software solutons for your small business.

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Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist offers an all-in-one solution for remote support including unattended desktop access and screen sharing. The company says its software provides a variety of features including Wake-on-LAN, File Transfer, Clipboard syncing, support for mobile devices and more. As far as integration, the software also support multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Zoho Assist has a free version available, but if you want more features, they have other plans that go up to $25 per user.

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TeamViewer empowers secure remote desktop access and support. This powerful software connects people located around the world on a vast array of platforms and technologies, including older operating systems.

TeamViewer is available in 30 different languages and comes with 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentications, Verisign code signing and session passwords, for maximum security. The software connects without a virtual private network and can operate around firewalls.

TeamViewer business subscription costs approximately $45 a month.


LogMeIn is a multiplatform remote access and management system, which includes 1TB of file storage, LastPass password managers, multiple monitor support, SSL/TLS security and remote printing.

LogMeIn’s Pro version includes collaboration and access tools, whilst its Rescue version provides remote support through quick-connection technologies. LogMeIn’s Pro version, which enables you to access and manage computers remotely, is ideal for individuals, small businesses and IT professionals. The Pro version starts at $149 per year.

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GoToMyPC is remote desktop software, which provides remote access on your Mac or PC from anywhere. The software can be installed with ease and, once installed, you can easily transfer files between computers.

GoToMyPC provides multi-monitor support and you can even copy and paste between your connected computers.

GoToMyPC Pro is for small business needs that require admin access to multiple users. The software costs around $21 for two computers per month.

Chrome Remote Desktop

With Chrome Remote Desktop you can use a mobile device or PC to access apps and files on another computer across the internet. You can give remote team members access to your computer with Chrome Remote Desktop, so they will have complete access to your files, apps, emails, history and documents.

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Chrome Remote Desktop can be used for free.

Splashtop Business Access

Splashtop provides fast, simple and secure remote computer access for teams spread about in remote locations. Some of the key features of Slashtop Business Access include file transfer, remote print, chat, access from any device, remote alarm clock, group view, robust security, user management, amongst other.

Costing just $5 a month per user, Splashtop offers an affordable remote access solution for small businesses on a budget.

VCN Connect

VCN Connect is screen sharing and remote access software that provides multi-platform support to businesses of different sizes and industries. Depending on which package you opt for, you can benefit from VCN Connect’s feature-rich systems, which includes file transfer, cloud connectivity, full session encryption, team management capabilities, dedicated support channel, and much more.

VCN Connect’s Professional package stars from $40 a year for one remote computer with discounts for volume and duration.

Feature / Software Zoho Assist TeamViewer LogMeIn GoToMyPC Chrome Remote Desktop Splashtop Business Access VCN Connect
Basic Functionality Remote support Remote desktop access Remote access & manage Remote desktop access Remote access Remote computer access Screen sharing & remote access
Special Features Wake-on-LAN, File Transfer, Clipboard syncing 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication 1TB storage, LastPass, SSL/TLS security Multi-monitor support, easy transfer Access via mobile device or PC File transfer, remote print, chat File transfer, cloud connectivity, full session encryption
Platform Support Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android Multi-platform, including older OS Multi-platform Mac, PC Multi-platform Multi-platform Multi-platform
Pricing Free version available, up to $25/user ~$45/month Starts at $149/year ~$21 for two computers/month Free $5/month per user Starts at $40/year for one remote computer
Target Users General Global users Individuals, small businesses, IT professionals Small business needs General users Small businesses on a budget Businesses of various sizes
Security Features Not specified Verisign code signing, session passwords SSL/TLS security Not specified Not specified Robust security Full session encryption
Languages Supported Not specified 30 languages Not specified Not specified Not specified Not specified Not specified
Remote Printing Not specified Not specified Yes Not specified Not specified Yes Not specified
File Transfer Yes Yes Yes Yes Not specified Yes Yes
Multi-monitor Support Not specified Not specified Yes Yes Not specified Not specified Not specified

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