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Etsy is stepping up its support as the holiday season approaches to ensure its community of millions of small business owners thrives during the most critical shopping season. In a letter to the sellers, Etsy’s Chief Operating Officer, Raina Moskowitz, outlined key updates that promise to bolster support.

Enhanced Purchase Protection: For small business owners, even one mishap or unexpected refund can cut into thin profit margins. Recognizing the need for greater financial security, Etsy has doubled the coverage of its Purchase Protection for sellers. Previously capped at $250, the coverage now stands at a more substantial $500. This change will cover over 99% of orders, should they meet the eligibility criteria. If a buyer’s order faces unforeseen issues, Etsy will manage the refund, ensuring the seller retains their earnings. By prominently featuring these benefits in their marketing strategy, Etsy aims to assure buyers of the reliability of their purchases, which in turn can catalyze more sales for sellers.

Round-the-Clock Support: For many sellers, Etsy isn’t just a hobby; it’s a livelihood. Given the diverse range of time zones and the global nature of the platform, Etsy is providing 24/7 support. Over 80% of all chat queries receive a response within a minute. Furthermore, almost 90% of concerns are resolved within a day. For sellers facing the daunting situation of account suspensions, Etsy has established a streamlined appeal process backed by specialized agents.

Upholding Authenticity: Etsy’s charm lies in its unique, handmade, and creative offerings. Etsy is ramping up its monitoring efforts to ensure the platform remains true to its core ethos. The focus is on celebrating the platform’s authenticity while curbing listings that detract from it. As a testament to this commitment, there has been a 112% increase in removing listings that violate Etsy’s handmade policy this year.

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In addition to these measures, Etsy offers resources to aid its sellers. A holiday checklist and a workshop scheduled for October 4 will provide sellers with expert advice for holiday preparations. And for those looking to make the most of the peak shopping days, details about participating in this year’s Cyber Sale will be released soon.

As the holiday season looms, Etsy is leaving no stone unturned in championing its community of small business owners. With heightened financial protection, robust support, and a renewed commitment to authenticity, Etsy promises a platform and a partner for its sellers. As businesses gear up for the end-of-year rush, it’s evident that Etsy is committed to ensuring their success. Small business owners on the platform have much to look forward to as they navigate the busy weeks ahead.

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