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Strategic planning is essential for business owners, especially as the new year approaches. Crafting a cohesive business strategy can be challenging, but digital tools are changing the game. Meet Miro, a dynamic app designed to streamline this process. With Miro, you can map out your business strategy with ease, making it perfect for gearing up for the new year.

This tool brings together all the elements needed to create a comprehensive plan, setting your business up for success. When it comes to pivoting business strategy, Miro proves to be a valuable tool. Its flexibility and wide range of templates allow businesses to swiftly adjust their strategies in response to changing market conditions. The ability to collaborate in real-time and visually map out pivot strategies makes Miro an excellent platform for businesses looking to stay agile and responsive.

Our Methodology for Reviewing Miro

We’ve taken a close look at Miro to show you how it can be a powerful tool for business owners planning for the new year. Our review focuses on how practical, efficient, and collaborative Miro is. We want to help you see how this tool can make your strategic planning smoother and more effective.

Understanding Strategic Planning Needs (Rating: 9/10)

When it comes to gearing up for the new year, business owners often grapple with how to shape and visualize their strategies. It’s more than just setting goals; it’s about crafting a clear, actionable roadmap. Recognizing these strategic planning needs is vital. This is where Miro shines. It provides the tools that make this often complex task simpler and more approachable, helping business owners effectively plan and set the stage for a successful year.

Comprehensive Feature Analysis of Miro (Rating: 8/10)

Miro offers some great tools for shaping business strategies. Its collaborative whiteboards are a game-changer, making it easy for teams to brainstorm and share ideas in real time. Imagine a digital canvas where everyone’s thoughts can come alive and evolve together. Plus, Miro’s brainstorming tools and project planning templates help streamline strategy development. These features not only make planning more organized but also encourage teamwork, turning complex strategy sessions into productive, engaging experiences.

Collaborative Capabilities (Rating: 8/10)

Miro excels in bringing team members together. Its real-time collaboration feature is a standout, allowing team members to work together on the same page, no matter where they are. Communication is smooth and effortless, thanks to tools that let you chat and share feedback directly within the app. Miro’s ability to integrate with other business apps means it fits seamlessly into your existing workflow. This interconnectedness ensures that collaboration is not just possible, but also efficient and effective.

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User Experience and Accessibility (Rating: 7/10)

Miro’s user interface is designed with accessibility in mind, aiming to be user-friendly for all, regardless of tech expertise. Its intuitive design makes it relatively easy for business owners and their teams to get on board and start using the tool effectively. However, there’s a learning curve, especially for those less familiar with digital tools. The ease of adoption varies, but once accustomed, users find the app quite efficient. This balance of accessibility and functionality earns Miro a solid rating in user experience.

Application in Business Strategy Development (Rating: 9/10)

Miro proves to be a valuable ally in business strategy development. Its suite of tools effectively supports key stages like market analysis, goal setting, action planning, and progress tracking. Business owners can use Miro to dissect market trends, brainstorm goals, and lay out step-by-step action plans. The real gem is its ability to visually track progress, keeping everyone aligned and focused. This visual approach not only clarifies complex concepts but also ensures that strategy implementation stays on track, making Miro an indispensable tool in the strategic planning arsenal.

Real-World Applications and Case Studies (Rating: 8/10)

Businesses have effectively leveraged Miro for strategic planning in various contexts. At ASOS, it was instrumental in uniting teams for planning and enhancing initiative impacts. DocuSign found Miro invaluable for managing tasks across product designers, simplifying the design process. Likewise, Z Energy used Miro to align cross-functional teams, improving productivity and supporting Agile methodologies. These cases showcase Miro’s versatility and effectiveness in different business scenarios, underlining its utility in strategic planning.

Cost-Benefit Analysis (Rating: 7/10)

Miro’s pricing ranges from a free plan, ideal for basic strategic planning with limited boards, to paid plans for more extensive needs. The Starter plan at $8 per member/month (annually) offers unlimited boards, catering to growing planning demands. The Business plan, at $16 per member/month (annually), provides advanced features and security, crucial for larger-scale collaboration. While Miro delivers valuable strategic planning tools, its cost, particularly for advanced plans, is a key consideration for small to medium-sized businesses assessing the investment’s worth.

Comparative Analysis With Other Strategy Tools (Rating: 7/10)

Miro stands out in a field crowded with tools like ClickUp, AchieveIt, Lucidspark, and Hive. While ClickUp and Hive integrate strategic planning with comprehensive project management, and AchieveIt automates the planning process, Miro’s strength lies in its superior collaborative and visual capabilities. Lucidspark excels in brainstorming, but Miro’s broader range of templates and intuitive design make it more versatile. For businesses prioritizing team collaboration and visual strategy formulation, Miro offers a more engaging and user-friendly experience, setting it apart from its competitors.

What is Miro?

Miro is a dynamic online whiteboard platform, revolutionizing the way businesses plan and collaborate. It’s designed for teams to brainstorm, plan, and develop strategies in real time, no matter where they are. Miro’s core functionalities include an interactive whiteboard, brainstorming tools, and project planning templates. Its journey began as a simple tool for visual collaboration and has since evolved into a comprehensive solution for business strategy development. With Miro, teams can visualize their goals, map out action plans, and track progress, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to innovate and grow.

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How to Use Miro for Strategic Planning

Dive into using Miro for strategic planning with ease. This guide will walk you through setting up your workspace, leveraging strategic planning templates, collaborating effectively with your team, and finalizing your strategy for successful implementation.

Adapting to Small Business Strategy Shifts

For small business strategy shifts, Miro’s adaptability is particularly effective. Its user-friendly interface and diverse functionalities cater well to the dynamic needs of small businesses. Miro facilitates quick strategy adjustments, helping small businesses stay competitive and resilient in rapidly changing environments.

Incorporating Business Strategy Games

Integrating business strategy games into Miro’s platform can offer an innovative approach to strategic planning and team building. While Miro primarily focuses on collaboration and planning tools, incorporating elements of strategy games could enhance team engagement and creative thinking. This could be particularly beneficial for brainstorming sessions, where gamification elements add a fun and interactive dimension to serious business strategy discussions.

Managing the Stress of the Holidays

During the stress of the holidays, Miro can be a helpful tool for businesses to plan and organize holiday-related strategies. While not specifically designed for stress management, its efficiency in planning can indirectly alleviate the pressure associated with the hectic holiday season, especially in a business context.

Feature Description Application in Business Strategy Benefits
Collaborative Whiteboards Virtual whiteboards for brainstorming and planning. Mapping out strategic plans, brainstorming sessions. Facilitates collaboration and idea-sharing among team members.
Mind Mapping Tools Tools for creating mind maps to organize thoughts and ideas. Visualizing business goals, strategies, and processes. Helps in structuring thoughts and developing comprehensive strategies.
Templates and Frameworks Pre-designed templates for business planning. Utilizing SWOT analysis, business model canvases, etc. Provides structured frameworks for strategic planning.
Real-time Collaboration Multiple users can work on the same board simultaneously. Team strategy sessions, remote collaboration. Enhances teamwork and allows for diverse input in strategy development.
Sticky Notes and Voting Digital sticky notes and voting for prioritizing ideas. Gathering and prioritizing ideas and feedback. Streamlines decision-making and highlights key focus areas.
Integration with Other Tools Integrates with tools like Google Drive, Slack, etc. Syncing with existing business tools and data. Simplifies data access and enhances workflow efficiency.
Project Planning Features Tools for creating timelines, roadmaps, and project plans. Outlining strategic initiatives and timelines. Assists in setting clear goals and actionable steps.
Presentation Mode Transform boards into presentations. Sharing strategic plans with stakeholders or team members. Allows for clear communication of strategy and plans.
Access Controls Control who can view or edit boards. Sharing sensitive strategic information securely. Ensures information security and controlled access.
Feedback and Comments Feature to leave comments and feedback on boards. Gathering input on strategic plans and revisions. Facilitates ongoing dialogue and continuous improvement of strategies.
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Setting Up Your Miro Workspace

To create your Miro account, go to miro.com/signup and enter your work email, then click “Continue.” You can optionally choose to sign up for Miro using your Google, Microsoft, or Slack account.


Enter your name on the next screen, and your desired password on the screen after that, then click “Continue.” You’ll then be sent a confirmation code via email to verify your account.



Answer seven questions about your team to customize your Miro account as shown below.


Next, you can share your link with your team or enter their email addresses to invite them to Miro. You can optionally skip this step for now, and invite them later. For this guide, I’ll be selecting “Skip for now.”


On the next page, you can choose to start with one of Miro’s templates, or you can choose to start from scratch.


Utilizing Strategic Planning Templates

Miro offers various strategic planning templates, such as SWOT analysis, business model canvases, and roadmap templates. These templates, which you can access from the main dashboard, help users outline and develop different components of a business strategy. For example, the OGSM template breaks down strategies into Objectives, Goals, Strategies, and Measures, while the Scenario Planning template simplifies envisioning future scenarios. The Strategy Diamond template ensures all business needs are addressed, and the Business Plan template streamlines the creation of a comprehensive plan. Lastly, the 7S template helps organizations understand their internal dynamics. To use these templates effectively, choose the one that fits your needs, add it to your workspace, and customize it as needed. This approach allows you to adapt the template to your specific business strategy, making it a powerful tool for strategic planning.


Collaborating with Your Team

Miro is a powerful collaboration tool that facilitates teamwork through features like real-time board editing, commenting, and integration with other collaboration tools. Real-time board editing allows multiple team members to work on the same board simultaneously, with changes made by one member instantly visible to others. Commenting enables team members to leave feedback and discuss ideas directly on the board. Integration with other collaboration tools, such as JIRA, Slack, Confluence, and Trello, helps centralize project management and communication. These features enhance teamwork by enabling seamless brainstorming, visualization of complex strategies, and effective collaboration in developing a comprehensive business strategy.


Finalizing and Implementing Your Strategy

Miro enables teams to visualize strategic plans using customizable templates and infinite canvases. Break down goals into actionable tasks, prioritize them, and assign owners. Map out timelines with Miro’s Gantt charts. Check progress regularly using built-in tracking features. Update tasks as completed and note obstacles. Review board history to see progress over time. With its collaboration features and project management tools, Miro facilitates turning strategic plans into reality while allowing teams to track progress.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up, Miro stands out as a crucial tool for business owners prepping for the new year. Its collaborative features, versatility, and user-friendly design make strategic planning smoother and more effective. Whether you’re brainstorming, setting goals, or tracking progress, Miro adapts to your needs, bringing a new level of clarity and efficiency to the planning process. Give Miro a try and experience how it can transform your strategic planning, setting your business up for a successful year ahead.

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