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Small business owners need to make tons of strategic decisions on a daily basis. Each one can have major implications on the success of your business and team. Read tips for making better decisions to lead your business from members of the online small business community below.

Make Unbeatable, Ethical Strategy Decisions

Some people think that business owners need to be either ethical or strategic. But those two qualities can coexist, as long as you’re intentional with your decision-making process. In this Startup Professionals Musings post, Marty Zwilling shares ten tips for making decisions that are both ethical and unbeatable.

tips for making better strategic decisions

Get Real About Happiness

Many entrepreneurs build businesses in order to find personal fulfillment or create a life that makes them happy. But few spend much time actually considering what it means to be happy. In this Strella Social Media post, Rachel Strella discusses the concept in detail.

Find the Best Leadership Style for Your Business

There are many different ways to lead a team. The leadership style that works best for your business likely depends on your personal and business goals, along with your team’s working style. Learn the different options in this Noobpreneur by Ivan Widjaya.

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Learn How to Make the Most of AI in 2023

AI is dramatically changing the business landscape in numerous ways. To make the most of it for your business, it’s important to understand how it’s currently being utilized. This Blogging Wizard post by Lyn Wildwood features 25 statistics to give you plenty of ideas.

Let the Experts Handle Lead Generation

As a leader, part of your job is determining what tasks to outsource. You may decide that you don’t have the resources to handle certain functions – or some may simply be best left to professionals. Theo Poulentzas argues that lead generation is an important thing to outsource here.

Create a Winning Content Strategy

Strategic decisions are essential for creating effective content in any industry. This Omnius post by Matija Golubovic details how fintech companies can create a winning content strategy. And many of the concepts may apply to businesses in other industries as well. After reading, head to the BizSugar community to read comments from members.

Find the Best SEO Tools for Your Business

Choosing the right tools is one of the most important decisions any business owner can make. When it comes to SEO, there’s no shortage of options. Sandeep Mallya of 99signals compares two top options in this post to help business owners make the best possible decision.

Craft an Impeccable Go to Market Strategy

Bringing a new product or service to market requires many strategic decisions. If you’re ready to create a winning strategy for your next offering, read the tips in this post by Neil Patel.

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Meet Your Customers on Their Favorite Platforms

When you think of search marketing, Google is likely the first platform that comes to mind. But there are some groups, like Gen Z, that may be quicker to turn to other platforms when searching online. Read about a recent survey detailing Gen Z’s search preferences in this Search Engine Land post by Danny Goodwin.

Find Ways to Be Self-Sustainable During Economic Uncertainty

Individual business owners have little say over general economic conditions. But your strategies and decisions can help your company successfully navigate tough times. Read a guide to becoming self-sustainable during uncertain times in this SmallBiz Technology post by Becca Williams.

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