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Considering jewelry to make and sell? If you’re passionate about crafts and fashion, diving into the jewelry business can be your golden ticket. Selecting a niche is crucial, allowing you to refine your ideas and find the right materials. Read on for a comprehensive guide to top-selling jewelry projects.

Why Should You Sell Handmade Jewelry?

If you’re interested in starting your own venture, here’s why a jewelry business is an ideal option:

  • Monetize a hobby: Jewelry making can be a fun hobby or a way to add to your personal collection. If you already enjoy this activity, it should be fairly easy to start selling your creations.
  • Save on startup costs: Most jewelry businesses only need a few basic supplies and a website to start selling. You can easily earn that amount back and start turning a profit quickly.
  • Express yourself creatively: There are tons of materials and designs to try. This makes it an ideal option for those who are always trying new creative projects.
  • Serve customers around the world: Jewelry is popular in markets around the world. You can easily reach customers online or by partnering with retail outlets in multiple states and countries.
  • Scale and evolve easily: Since jewelry doesn’t cost much to make and sell, you can add offerings or change your style over time.

jewelry to make and sell

Top Jewelry Ideas to Make and Sell

If you’re ready to start a jewelry business, the first step is determining what products to sell. Here are some great ideas for making jewelry that can be sold to various consumers.

1. DIY Morse Code Bracelets

These elegant pieces translate emotion and sentiment into a series of beads and spaces that mimic Morse code. Ideal for those who cherish discreet personal messages or those who love the allure of hidden meanings.

The beauty of these bracelets lies not just in their appearance but in their subtle, encoded messages. Popular with millennials and Gen-Z consumers, they seamlessly blend fashion with sentimental value.

Offering a guide alongside the bracelet that decodes the message can be an added touch, making the experience even more intimate for the wearer.

2. Rosy Dangling Earrings

Crafted to exude femininity and elegance, these earrings serve as a statement piece that can elevate any outfit. The rosy hue of the gemstones or charms can resonate with people who adore pastel palettes or vintage-inspired fashion.

When light catches these earrings, they shimmer and reflect, drawing attention to the face. Pairing them with outfits for date nights, parties, or even bridal events can be a game-changer.

jewelry to make and sell

3. Woven Yarn Bangles

These unique bangles bring texture and warmth to any jewelry collection. By using yarn, you introduce a soft, tactile element that’s often missing in traditional jewelry.

They’re especially popular during colder seasons when the warmth of the yarn complements cozy outfits. The weaving can be as simple or intricate as desired, allowing for a range of designs from minimalist to elaborate.

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4. Rope Necklace

Whether it’s for someone who’s a fan of marine aesthetics or someone who simply loves textured jewelry, rope necklaces offer versatility and style. The raw, earthy texture of the rope can be contrasted with polished beads or pendants for an eclectic look.

Those who are adept at macrame can introduce knots and patterns to the rope, giving it a structured yet boho-chic appearance.

5. Customizable Charm Bracelets

A timeless piece, charm bracelets have long been a favorite for jewelry enthusiasts. By offering customizable options, you allow customers to curate a piece that tells their unique story. Every charm added can signify a memory, achievement, or a piece of the wearer’s personality.

Over time, as more charms are added, the bracelet becomes a dynamic diary of moments and memories. The ability to mix and match, add or remove charms makes this an evolving piece, growing with the owner over the years

6. Stone Pendants

Harness the beauty of nature by incorporating stones into your jewelry. Each stone, be it turquoise with its sky-blue hue or quartz with its clear sheen, tells a story of the Earth’s millennia-old history.

Some consumers even believe in the metaphysical properties of stones, seeking benefits like healing or energy balance. Whether wrapped in wire, set in metal, or simply drilled and hung on a chain, the raw charm of these stones can appeal to both the spiritual and the style-conscious.

jewelry to make and sell

7. Beaded Necklaces

The classic beaded necklace is a testament to the power of variety. The options are limitless – from glass beads to wooden ones, from monochromatic themes to rainbow palettes. With bead sizes ranging from minuscule to statement, these necklaces can be tailored to fit any style.

Offering a “design your own” option can engage customers more deeply, giving them the creative freedom to craft a piece that resonates with their personal aesthetics.

8. Precious Metal Earrings

Gold, silver, platinum, and more – precious metals have always been synonymous with luxury and class. Crafting earrings from these materials not only ensures longevity but also offers a timeless appeal.

Whether it’s the classic hoop, a twisted design, or a more abstract shape, these earrings can be a staple in anyone’s jewelry collection. Combining metals with stones can add another dimension, turning a simple piece into a dazzling one.

9. Wire Rings

The malleability of wire makes it a versatile medium for ring creation. With just a few twists and turns, wire can transform into intricate designs. From Celtic knots to floral patterns or even abstract motifs, the options are as boundless as one’s imagination.

These rings are not only stylish but also adjustable, making them suitable for fingers of all sizes. Adding a bead or a gemstone can turn a simple wire ring into a statement piece.

jewelry to make and sell


10. Quote Bangles

In a world that values expression, what better way to wear your heart on your sleeve than with a bangle that speaks your mind? These wooden bangles can be painted, engraved, or decoupaged with quotes that resonate.

Whether it’s a motivational quote, a line from a favorite song, or a personal mantra, these bangles can be both a style statement and a daily reminder. Ideal for gifts, they can be personalized to fit any occasion or sentiment.

More Ideas for a Handmade Jewelry Business

The small business ideas listed above are just a few options to consider. If you’re already making jewelry or still searching for the perfect niche to get started, here are some additional ideas to consider.

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11. Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets

Another option for customizing wooden bracelets is to add washi tape. This material comes in tons of colors and patterns. So you can constantly update your inventory with new options. But this should be a fairly easy and inexpensive project to complete.

12. Initial Necklaces

Personalization is the keyword in today’s consumer-driven world, and initial necklaces tap into this trend perfectly. Wearing one’s initials or those of loved ones creates a deep personal connection to the jewelry.

These necklaces can be crafted from various materials, such as gold, silver, or even acrylic, with engraving, embossing, or pendant designs. Offering a range of fonts and styles allows customers to find a piece that best represents their personality or the personality of the gift recipient.

13. Silver Accessories

The lustrous sheen of silver has made it a favorite in the jewelry world for centuries. Whether it’s a dainty silver anklet, a statement necklace, or a classic pair of earrings, the versatility of silver is undeniable.

Consider introducing a mix of polished silver items along with oxidized or hammered finishes to cater to a broader audience. Pairing silver with colored gemstones or other materials can further expand the collection and appeal to a wider demographic.

14. Gemstone Rings

Gems, with their array of colors and inherent beauty, are often the highlight of any jewelry piece. From the fiery red of rubies to the serene blue of sapphires, gemstone rings can range from being everyday accessories to once-in-a-lifetime purchases.

While some might look for birthstone rings, others could be on the hunt for the perfect engagement stone. By offering a diverse range of stones and settings, sellers can cater to both the luxury and the affordable markets.

jewelry to make and sell

15. Ornate Brooches

While brooches might be considered old-fashioned by some, they’re making a comeback as both fashion statements and nostalgic accessories. From intricate designs reminiscent of the Victorian era to modern, abstract forms, brooches can be as versatile as any other jewelry piece.

They can adorn jackets, scarves, or even hats, making them versatile accessories for various outfits. Using unique materials or incorporating trending themes can revitalize the traditional brooch and appeal to a younger audience.

16. Handmade Watches

In a world dominated by smartwatches and digital timepieces, there’s still a dedicated market for traditional, handcrafted watches. The intricacies of watchmaking, from the movement to the face and straps, require precision and craftsmanship.

Offering designs that seamlessly blend tradition with modern aesthetics can lure in those who appreciate the art of timekeeping. Customizable features, like interchangeable straps or unique dials, can further enhance the appeal of these bespoke timepieces.

jewelry to make and sell

17. Clay Earrings

The beauty of clay lies in its adaptability. Clay, especially polymer clay, offers an artist the canvas to mold, shape, and create designs that are both intricate and vibrant.

Whether you want to imitate the marbled look of gemstones, create intricate patterns, or even abstract art pieces, clay earrings can cater to a myriad of styles. Additionally, metallic paints, gloss finishes, and embedded gemstones can add an extra touch of elegance and refinement.

Due to their lightweight nature, clay earrings are comfortable to wear throughout the day, making them perfect for both daily wear and special occasions.

18. Painted Wooden Charms

Wooden jewelry exudes an earthy, natural aesthetic, and when combined with paint, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re leaning towards hand-painted miniature landscapes, geometric patterns, or even portraits, the wooden base offers a unique texture and warmth.

Various types of wood can be used, from softwoods like pine or cedar to hardwoods like oak or walnut, each adding its distinctive grain and character to the charm.

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A protective layer of resin or clear coat can enhance durability, ensuring the paint remains vibrant and untarnished over time.

19. Large Plastic Chains

Plastic, especially in its 3D printed form, provides an innovative approach to jewelry making. Large plastic chains can be both bold and avant-garde, appealing to a modern audience looking for unique statement pieces.

By experimenting with different colors, translucencies, and finishes, a jewelry designer can craft pieces that range from the minimalistic to the extravagant. The lightweight nature of plastic ensures these chunky designs are easy on the neck, making them functional yet fashionable.

20. Stacking Rings

The charm of stacking rings lies in their simplicity and versatility. Crafted from slender bands of metal or wire, these rings are designed to be worn together, layered in a way that allows the wearer to express their unique style.

A hint of personalization, be it through an engraved initial, a tiny gemstone, or a textured finish, can add depth and significance to each piece.

Customers love the idea of building their collection, mix-matching different designs, or even commemorating special occasions with a new addition to their stack.

jewelry to make and sell

Jewelry to Make and Sell Projects by Category

To aid your foray into jewelry-making, we’ve categorized various projects under their primary types. This organization allows you to quickly identify the different projects available within a specific jewelry category.

Category Project Primary Materials Difficulty Level Potential Profitability
Earrings Rosy Dangling Earrings Gemstones, earring hooks Medium High
Precious Metal Earrings Metals, optional gems Hard High
Clay Earrings Clay, earring hooks Medium Medium
Bracelets DIY Morse Code Bracelets Beads, charms Easy Medium
Woven Yarn Bangles Yarn, bangle base Medium Medium
Customizable Charm Bracelets Charms, bracelet base Medium High
Quote Bangles Wooden bangle, paint Easy Medium
Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets Washi tape, wooden bracelet Easy Low
Necklaces Rope Necklace Rope, charms Medium High
Stone Pendants Stones, chains Easy High
Beaded Necklaces Beads, chains Easy Medium
Initial Necklaces Metal or pre-made pendants, chains Easy Medium
Large Plastic Chains Plastic, 3D printing equipment Medium Medium
Rings Wire Rings Wire, beads/embellishments Easy Medium
Gemstone Rings Gemstones, metal Hard High
Stacking Rings Metal or wire, optional charms Medium Medium
Brooches Ornate Brooches Gems, stones, metals Medium Medium
Watches Handmade Watches Mechanical movements, metal Expert Very High
Charms Painted Wooden Charms Wood, paint Easy Medium

jewelry to make and sell

What Handmade Jewelry Sells Best?

Handmade jewelry that resonates with personal sentiments and evokes a sense of individuality often attracts a dedicated customer base. Items that offer a touch of personalization, like name necklaces or birthstone rings, are especially sought after.

Such pieces not only add a unique touch to the wearer’s style but also carry sentimental value. Initial necklaces, for instance, are a timeless favorite, resonating with various demographics, from new mothers cherishing their newborn’s initials to couples commemorating special occasions.

These make them ideal for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.

Is Making and Selling Jewelry Profitable?

The profitability of a jewelry business largely hinges on various factors like material costs, production time, and the selling platform. Online platforms, for instance, can offer a wider audience reach but may come with platform fees.

On the other hand, craft shows provide direct engagement with customers but may have booth costs. Simple designs, like those crafted from inexpensive materials like beads and wire, often have a lower production cost, allowing for a higher profit margin when sold at competitive prices.

Conversely, intricate designs using precious metals and gems may fetch a higher price but might also entail a significant initial investment. Monitoring expenses and adjusting pricing strategies are crucial for ensuring profitability.

What Jewelry Is Easiest to Make?

For beginners or those looking for quick crafting projects, certain jewelry items are relatively straightforward to produce. Washi tape bangles, for instance, combine  decorative tapes with simple bangle designs to create colorful and trendy accessories.

Pendant necklaces, especially those that involve simply threading a charm onto a chain, are another beginner-friendly option.

The internet is a goldmine for tutorials; platforms like Google and YouTube host a plethora of step-by-step guides that can assist budding jewelry makers in navigating various designs and techniques.

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