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Amazon has unveiled “Astro for Business,” a novel security solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. This innovative product merges robotics, smart security, and artificial intelligence (AI), offering a dynamic approach to safeguarding business premises.

A Tailored Security Approach

Astro for Business is not just another security gadget; it’s a customizable solution that adapts to various business needs. Business owners can enhance their security setups with incremental benefits offered through subscriptions like Ring Protect Pro and the newly introduced Astro Secure. These features, which include advanced security controls such as custom patrol routes and scheduling capabilities, are designed to augment the robustness of the business’s security.

Enhanced Vigilance and Peace of Mind

According to Anthony Robson, head of products for Amazon Astro, businesses suffered nearly $100 billion in losses in 2022, as reported by the National Retail Federation. Astro for Business aims to address this pressing issue by providing more dynamic and cost-effective security solutions. Unlike traditional security systems, Astro offers enhanced visibility, helping to cover blind spots and areas beyond the reach of stationary cameras, ensuring round-the-clock protection of valuable inventory and property.

Advanced Features and Capabilities

Astro for Business boasts a suite of advanced features:

  • Ring Protect Pro: This subscription allows for video history storage of up to 180 days and integrates with Ring Alarm for comprehensive security alerts.
  • Astro Secure: Tailored for business environments, this feature enables autonomous patrolling and customizable monitoring routes, enhancing vigilance against potential security breaches.
  • Virtual Security Guard: Adding this subscription brings in professional monitoring capabilities, with Rapid Response agents ready to respond to any alerts.
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Real-World Applications and Testimonials

The utility of Astro for Business has been affirmed through real-world applications across diverse sectors, including retail, manufacturing, health and wellness, and more. James Mahon, president of Southern Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., praises Astro for its dynamic capabilities, citing an instance where it helped identify a security risk in real-time. Similarly, Chris Adkins of Louisville Office Furniture and Jonathan Hebel from Hapa Group have lauded Astro’s ability to offer real-time checks and prevent potential hazards, like unattended industrial ovens.

Control and Privacy

Astro for Business is easily controlled through the Amazon Astro app, allowing business owners to remotely check in, communicate with employees, and adjust security settings. Importantly, Astro is designed with privacy in mind, featuring multiple layers of controls to disable recording functions and define restricted areas.

Pricing and Availability

Astro for Business is now available for purchase in the U.S., starting at $2,349.99. The package includes a four-month trial of Ring Protect Pro and Astro Secure, offering substantial value. Additional options like the Virtual Security Guard are available for those seeking extra layers of security.

Astro for Business represents a significant leap forward in business security, combining AI and robotics to offer small and medium-sized business owners a more dynamic, effective, and customizable security solution. With its advanced features, ease of control, and focus on privacy, Astro is poised to redefine how businesses protect their assets and operations.

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