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In over 15 years since its inception in 2008, the Apple App Store has evolved into a pivotal resource for small businesses, celebrating major milestones along the way. With an initial launch featuring 500 apps, the platform now boasts a global reach, serving customers in over 155 countries.

This remarkable growth highlights the store’s consistent role in assisting small businesses to find the best apps for their iPads and iPhones, ensuring they have access to the most efficient and innovative tools available.

best apps for small business

Our Methodology: How We Chose the Most Useful Small Business Apps from Apple’s Online Store

Selecting the most useful apps for small businesses from Apple’s Online Store involves a detailed analysis of their utility, efficiency, and relevance to a variety of small business needs. Our methodology for this selection uses a scale from 1 to 10, with each criterion’s score reflecting its importance in enhancing business operations.

Higher scores, closer to 10, indicate features that are crucial for small businesses, such as user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and practicality in everyday business scenarios.

Relevance to Small Business Needs (10/10)

Apps that directly address common small business challenges, such as workflow management or customer relationship management, are given the highest priority.

User Interface and Ease of Use (9/10)

The simplicity of the user interface and ease of use are highly valued, as they ensure the app can be quickly adopted by small business teams with varied tech proficiency.

Cost-Effectiveness (9/10)

We prioritize apps that offer significant value, either through free tiers or reasonably priced features, suitable for small business budgets.

Integration with Other Business Tools (8/10)

The ability to integrate with other commonly used business tools and systems adds significant value, allowing for a more streamlined workflow.

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Scalability (8/10)

Apps that can grow with the business, offering more advanced features or user capacity as the business expands, are essential for long-term utility.

Customer Reviews and Ratings (7/10)

Positive feedback and high ratings from other small business users provide insights into the app’s real-world effectiveness and reliability.

Security and Data Privacy (7/10)

Strong security measures and clear data privacy policies are crucial, especially for apps handling sensitive business or customer data.

Support and Resources (6/10)

Good customer support and availability of resources such as tutorials and guides are important for troubleshooting and getting the most out of the app.

Regular Updates and Innovation (6/10)

Frequent updates and continuous improvement of the app ensure that it remains compatible with the latest technology and business needs.

Diversity of Features (5/10)

A broad range of features within a single app, while not essential, can provide added convenience and utility for small business owners.

Our methodology is designed to guide small business owners toward apps from Apple’s Online Store that are not only practical and cost-effective but also user-friendly and relevant to their day-to-day business operations.

By focusing on these key criteria, we aim to identify a selection of apps that effectively meet the diverse needs of small businesses, supporting their growth and efficiency.

best apps for small business

Best Apps for Small Business

That’s why Small Business Trends has put together a list of the Apple App store’s most useful products for small businesses.

  • iTunes: Stay updated with the latest business trends and insights through accessible podcasts.
  • GUSTO: Automate accounting tasks, including payroll and tax filings, for better efficiency.
  • Evernote Business: Keep your team’s notes and contacts organized for seamless project management.
  • Slack: Facilitate real-time communication across various devices, enhancing team coordination.
  • QuickBooks: Manage all financial aspects from billing to payments securely in the cloud.
  • LinkedIn Job Search: Simplify the recruitment process with quick applications and tailored job searches.
  • MailChimp: Integrate with e-commerce platforms to gain valuable customer insights for targeted marketing.

best apps for small business


iTunes, a familiar name in the world of apps, stands out not only for entertainment but also as a valuable tool for small businesses. Sharlrita Deloatch, who runs SJD Enterprises LLC, a business strategy company, highlights iTunes’ utility for staying updated with the latest business trends.

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She particularly appreciates how iTunes facilitates access to a wide range of business podcasts, which are instrumental in keeping her informed and on task. This feature of iTunes makes it a versatile app, not just for personal entertainment but also as a resource for professional development and staying abreast of industry insights.

Its user-friendly interface and vast library of content make it an ideal choice for business owners seeking to blend learning with leisure.

best apps for small business


Kim Smith, associated with GoodFirms, a B2B research and review platform based in Washington DC, recommends Gusto for its comprehensive handling of small business accounting functions.

Gusto streamlines several critical processes such as online employee onboarding, automatic reporting of new contracts to the administration, handling of all tax filings at various governmental levels, automation of deductions for benefits and workers’ compensation payments, and distribution of digital pay stubs to employees.

This app simplifies many of the complex and time-consuming aspects of business administration, making it an invaluable tool for small businesses looking to efficiently manage their accounting and HR functions.

Evernote Business

The transition to digital has posed various challenges for small businesses, particularly in terms of organizing contacts. Evernote Business has emerged as a solution, offering features that not only help in organizing contacts but also enable sharing of notes, ensuring that your office remains mobile.

This app’s ability to keep important information organized and accessible has made it a critical tool for businesses adapting to a more digitized working environment. Its user-friendly interface and ability to sync across devices make it an excellent choice for businesses needing a reliable and efficient way to manage their information on the go.


Cory Sarrett, an SEO/SEM Specialist at Online Optimism in New Orleans, LA, emphasizes the importance of Slack for effective communication, especially in modern work environments.

The app’s versatility on various devices, including iPhones, allows employees to stay connected with office updates whether they are traveling, working remotely, or just momentarily out of office. Its ability to keep all business information in one place and integrate various subordinate apps under its umbrella makes Slack more than just a messaging app.

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It’s a comprehensive communication platform that plays a crucial role in the smooth operation of businesses, facilitating streamlined and efficient collaboration.


QuickBooks offers a cloud-based solution for managing all accounting functions. With features encompassing payments and billing, this app provides an all-in-one package that simplifies financial management for businesses. Its global presence, indicated by its more than 4.3 million customers worldwide, attests to its reliability and effectiveness.

QuickBooks is particularly suited for small businesses looking for an easy-to-use yet comprehensive accounting solution, making financial management more accessible and less time-consuming.

best apps for small business

LinkedIn Job Search

For freelancers and those constantly seeking new opportunities, the LinkedIn Job Search app is a powerful tool. It simplifies the job application process, allowing users to apply to positions with just a tap, including their LinkedIn profile as part of their application.

This feature, combined with location-based search capabilities, makes it an efficient and user-friendly platform for job seekers. The app is particularly beneficial for those seeking to leverage their professional network and quickly respond to job openings in their field.


MailChimp secures its place on the list for its excellent e-commerce integrations, beneficial for small businesses. The app allows businesses to integrate their accounts with platforms like Shopify, enabling them to understand customer purchasing behaviors and preferences.

This feature is particularly valuable for small enterprises seeking to tailor their marketing and sales strategies based on customer data. MailChimp’s ability to combine email marketing with e-commerce insights makes it a versatile tool for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and customer engagement.

Comparison of Top Apple Store Apps for Small Businesses

To aid in selecting the most beneficial apps for your small business, the following table provides a comparative overview of some of the best apps available on Apple’s Online Store.

This comparison highlights their primary functions, key features, and the distinct advantages they offer to small businesses, helping you make informed decisions for your technological needs.

App Name Primary Function Key Features Benefits for Small Businesses
iTunes Entertainment & Podcasts Access to business podcasts Keeps businesses informed on trends
GUSTO Accounting & HR Employee onboarding, tax filing Simplifies financial management
Evernote Business Organization & Note-Taking Contact organization, note-sharing Enhances office mobility and coordination
Slack Communication Cross-device access, app integration Improves team communication and collaboration
QuickBooks Accounting Cloud-based payments and billing Streamlines accounting processes
LinkedIn Job Search Job Searching Easy application process, location-based searches Aids in efficient recruitment
MailChimp Marketing & E-commerce E-commerce integration, customer insight Enhances marketing strategies and customer understanding

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