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The beauty industry has consistently grown over the last few years, with many franchise opportunities emerging. The industry’s explosive growth has meant there is a need for businesses such as an eyelash extension franchise and brow bars. There is now a chance for entrepreneurs to fulfill customer needs. For this article, we’ll go through some of the top franchise options available to make the most of the explosive growth the industry is seeing.

What is a Lash and Brow Franchise?

A lash and brow franchise has a simple business model: They focus on providing beauty services for eyelashes and eyebrows. This can include lash franchise opportunities such as eyelash extension franchise, an eyebrow bar for shaping and threading, and more. Many beauty franchises will offer eyelash and eyebrow services alongside other offerings such as body waxing and other cosmetic treatments.



The Beauty Industry in 2022

The beauty industry, specifically the lash industry, is seeing tremendous growth. With new techniques and technologies emerging, the industry is seeing many new brands enter the market to provide services for lashes.

Lash and Brow Franchise

Why You Should Consider a Lash and Brow Franchise

A franchise is the best option if you’re seeking to quickly start a business. Instead of growing a brand from scratch, including marketing and customer awareness, franchises fast-track that. There are many ways to find qualified franchise prospects where you’ll need financing options to get started, but much of the groundwork is already done. There are many lash franchise options to consider if you have the liquid capital to get started.


Criteria for Choosing the Best Lash and Brow Franchise Opportunities: Our Methodology

These criteria will help small business owners and entrepreneurs make an informed decision when considering such franchises. Here’s our methodology:

Criteria for Choosing the Best Lash and Brow Franchise:

  1. Franchise Reputation (5/5): The reputation of the lash and brow franchise is paramount. Look for franchises with a strong track record of success in the beauty and cosmetics industry.
  2. Training and Support (5/5): Consider the level of training and ongoing support provided by the franchisor. Comprehensive training programs and continuous assistance are crucial in the beauty industry.
  3. Licensing and Compliance (4/5): Ensure that the lash and brow franchise complies with all necessary licensing and health regulations in your area. Compliance is essential for a beauty business.
  4. Location Strategy (4/5): The location of your lash and brow franchise is significant. Analyze market demographics and identify areas with a high demand for beauty services.
  5. Menu Variety and Quality (4/5): Evaluate the variety and quality of lash and brow services offered. A diverse and high-quality menu can attract a broader customer base.
  6. Initial Investment Costs (3/5): Assess the upfront costs, including franchise fees, equipment, and real estate expenses. Ensure they align with your budget and financial plan.
  7. Customer Reviews and Feedback (3/5): Check customer reviews and feedback about the franchise. Positive reviews can indicate customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  8. Supplier Relationships (3/5): Examine the franchisor’s relationships with suppliers. Reliable suppliers are essential to maintain consistent service quality.
  9. Marketing and Branding (3/5): Research the franchise’s marketing and branding efforts. A strong brand presence can attract more customers to your lash and brow salon.
  10. Flexibility of Services (2/5): Consider the flexibility to offer a range of lash and brow services. Adapting to various customer preferences can enhance your salon’s success.
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Lash and Brow Franchise

Top Brow and Lash Franchise Options

Many business opportunities are available for lash artists with an entrepreneurial streak. We’ll go through some of the most popular lash franchise opportunities that help you quickly build your business, including technology options and training.

1. Magic Brow Franchise

The Magic Brow franchise is one of the most popular lash franchises out there and rapidly expanding. The franchise is known for its brow, lash, and waxing services and is easy to get started with. The Magic Brow franchise today has a low franchise fee and many support options available for lash artists, including Salon in a Box. In addition, the Magic Brow franchise can be taken for a fixed term, and financing options may be available.

2. Amazing Lash Studio

Like the Magic Brow franchise, the Amazing Lash Studio is also a significant player in the lash industry. The Amazing Lash Studio has a robust business model, which is why so many entrepreneurs have flocked to it. In 2019 alone, they added 35 locations. An initial investment will be needed, and prospective owners need to have a minimum net worth met as well. More information can be found by contacting the Amazing Lash Studio franchise reps.

3. Lume Lash Brow Beauty

The Lume Lash franchise has seen increased interest, with many business owners looking to get on the ground floor by opening one in their area. Lume Lash is an eyelash extension franchise with easy-to-model processes and a personalized set of options to support franchise owners – including support from the owners. In addition, you can schedule a webinar with the Lume Lash team to learn more about the investment needed and how they provide assistance to franchise owners.

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Lash and Brow Franchise


GIRLKIN is a contemporary lash salon brand that has found immense success. GIRLKIN is a lash and brow extension franchise that caters to high-end, luxury clients. For salon owners looking for a prestige brand, the GIRLKIN salon model might be the right fit. Owning a GIRLKIN franchise provides clients with a lavish experience for their lashes with impeccable service.

5. Lashbar

If you’re looking for similar franchises as above to explore, consider Lashbar for your next franchise opportunity. Lashbar enables lash artists to start their salons, train employees, and keep operating expenses a priority rather than trying to establish their brand. Lashbar has a beauty bar-type model with standard processes, support, and training available to help make the grand opening and beyond a success.

6. Beauty Eyebrow and Lash

If you have the right franchise ownership profile, it might also be worth considering a lash franchise like Beauty Eyebrow and Lash. This is the right franchise to consider if you’re looking to offer services like other similar franchises and provide exceptional lashes. However, their franchise comes with both a franchise fee and a royalty fee, so it’s crucial to compare it with other franchise options.

7. The Lash Lounge

Another top lash franchise, The Lash Lounge, has been getting a lot of interest in the industry. The Lash Lounge has marketing and training support available for potential owners. The Lash Lounge is a luxury lashes brand, and that’s a crucial aspect to consider when investing in it. The initial investment may be higher for luxury lash franchises but could also attract a different clientele.

Franchise Name Description Key Criteria to Consider Importance (1-5)
Magic Brow Franchise – Offers brow, lash, and waxing services. – Known for rapid expansion. – Low franchise fee. – Salon in a Box support. – Financing options may be available. Franchise Reputation: Strong track record and growth. 5
Amazing Lash Studio – Robust business model. – Added 35 locations in 2019. – Requires initial investment and minimum net worth. – Contact franchise reps for more information. Training and Support: Comprehensive training and support. 4
Lume Lash Brow Beauty – Eyelash extension franchise. – Easy-to-model processes. – Personalized support options. – Support from owners. – Webinars available for more information. Location Strategy: Analyze market demographics. 4
GIRLKIN – Luxury lash and brow extension franchise. – Caters to high-end, luxury clients. – Provides a lavish experience. Menu Variety and Quality: Diverse and high-quality menu. 3
Lashbar – Enables lash artists to start salons with support. – Offers training and processes. – Focus on cost-effective operations. – Standard processes, support, and training available. Initial Investment Costs: Evaluate upfront expenses. 3
Beauty Eyebrow and Lash – Offers lash and brow services. – Provides exceptional lashes. – Includes franchise and royalty fees. – Compare with other franchise options. Supplier Relationships: Examine relationships with suppliers. 2
The Lash Lounge – Luxury lashes brand. – Marketing and training support. – Consider higher initial investment. – Attracts a different clientele. Flexibility of Services: Adapt to various customer preferences. 2
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Lash and Brow Franchise

How to Choose the Best Franchise to Set Up Your Lash and Brow Business

There are many factors to consider when starting your lash franchise. While the industry has seen explosive growth, balancing that with how much you’re willing to invest and what the market looks like in your area is essential. Here are some tips to ensure you’re selecting the right brands for your needs:

  1. Franchise support options: Starting a lash franchise can be overwhelming, so it’s vital to evaluate both the initial training and ongoing support measures they have in place.
  2. Examples: Contact franchise reps and ask for case studies, references, and documents like the franchise disclosure document to understand whether others have been successful with the franchise. Ask for franchise development information and how long other owners have taken to break even and/or make a profit.
  3. Lead products: What kind of products and processes are in place? Does the franchise offer just lashes, or also full body hair removal and more? Consider how each product will do with your targeted clients and what they’re looking for.
  4. Market potential: What brands have the most recognition from your clients? What do customers in your area typically pay for these services, and why would they potentially go higher for your brand? Again, researching the current area, potential, and customer needs will help you decide which brand is right for you.


How Much Does Opening a Lash and Brow Business Cost the Franchise Owner?

Costs for opening a lash and brow business will vary based on franchise fees, area, and initial budgets. Opening a lash franchise business starts from about $100,000 and upwards, including liquid capital, opening costs, expenses, and more.

Are Lash and Brow Franchises Profitable?

Lash and brow franchises have seen explosive growth over the last few years, and demand has certainly grown. If going with the right brands, franchise owners can efficiently market and build their business to customers in the area and become profitable. However, getting to profitability will take time, and each franchise will have different scenarios, so it’s crucial to budget more time than you think to attain profitability.


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