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Starting an online business can be intimidating. There are so many things you have to deal with, like how to source your products, how to optimize your landing pages, or what to name your business. But let’s put that aside for now. Let’s look for some inspiration!

We’ve gathered a list of 58 best Shopify stores for you to take inspiration from. Not just random stores, but stores that are killing it. All of them are profitable ecommerce businesses that carved their own way to success. 

And for each of them, success meant different things. Their successes vary, from executing excellent store ideas to having high-end clients like Ben Affleck to earning multimillion-dollar investments and six-figure revenues. 

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What do the most successful Shopify stores have in common?

Top Shopify websites nail their branding. They maintain consistency across all online touchpoints. This consistent branding resonates with their audience. The design and function of their ecommerce sites matter, too. Can visitors navigate without hassle? Is every essential page in place? Can customers grasp the brand’s narrative?

The quality of a brand’s Shopify store can make or break its success. So, it’s crucial to keep the customer front and center. Features like swift checkout enhance the shopping journey.

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With that in mind, let’s look at 58 Shopify-driven brands that lead their industries

58 great Shopify ecommerce stores for inspiration 

1. Negative

Best Shopify stores negative underwear

Negative has one goal: to help women feel confident in their own bodies. It doesn’t want to rely on push-up pads or bows for women to feel sexy. And its strategy is working—this Shopify store’s revenue grew 150% just a few years after it launched. Negative has gained acclaim from big names such as Forbes, Vogue, and The Wall Street Journal for making a place in the industry and bridging the gap between comfort and appearance.

2. Unconditional


Unconditional’s website design is nothing but striking. It’s simple yet eye-catching. This Shopify store started in London more than a decade ago. It describes itself as “a winning combination of the laidback and the edgy.” Its homepage makes you want to explore further, and as you scroll down, you get a neat presentation on its latest fashion collections.

3. Sir

Sir clothes

Located in Sydney, Australia, this store steals a place on our list as one of the most striking online stores for clothing. This Shopify store is bold, big, and beautiful. With its serene photography style, Sir does a great job of sending a calming message through the theme of its store.

4. Naja

1657312371 screenshot 2022 07 04 at 2 10 19 pm

This Shopify store takes a place in our list because of its ethical lingerie and underwear collections. Naja’s designs reflect a modern take on women’s underwear. The brand uses eco-friendly fabrics, and its trims create stunning new silhouettes. There’s so much to say about this store, but we’ll let its website do the talking.

5. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is one of the most well-known fashion Shopify stores around. This shop creates a bond with its customers by encouraging them to share their individual stories. Over the years, its customers have shared amazing stories and pictures from fly fishing trips, motorcycle crashes, hurricane clean-ups, and wedding days. Since its launch, its revenue has tripled each year. Just three years after its launch, the company made $1.5 million in sales and has continued to grow since then.

6. Triangl


Triangl offers simple and sporty-style bikinis in bright fabrics. The idea of this Shopify store first came to co-founder Erin Deering when she realized she couldn’t find a bikini she liked that was also affordable. By the end of Triangl’s first year, the company had made over $5 million. The following year, this top Shopify store earned five times that much.

7. HELM Boots

Helm Boots

Founded in 2009 in Austin, Texas, HELM is a popular Shopify store dedicated to selling classic-style footwear with a versatile, modern perspective. HELM casual and work boots and shoes are produced and sourced in US facilities, making them 100% made in the USA. This young boot retailer is gaining quick traction and getting orders from the likes of Ben Affleck. Introducing its Shopify shop in 2009, HELM is committed to crafting handmade leather boots with pride, care, and purpose.

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8. Millk

Best Shopify store for baby clothes

This Shopify shop offers baby clothing while keeping comfort, style, and practicality in mind. The store went live in 2016, intending to design clothes for everyday living and playing. That’s why Millk pays extra attention to practical shapes, with soft, natural, and versatile fabrics.

9. ban.do

ban.do Shopify store

This Shopify store sells graphic tees, jumpsuits, swimsuits, activewear, and more. It’s more of a lifestyle brand, as it also stocks tech, wellness, and desk items. Ban.do’s website is a canvas of vibrant colors and simple navigation that makes it easy to browse. And it also has an embedded Instagram feed displaying its products in action.

10. Hiut Denim Co.

Hiut Denim Co.

All products on this Shopify store are designed by Marc Wenn in London. The brand focuses mainly on luxury biker denim, Chelsea boots, and handmade backpacks. Marc Wenn advises doing many things to gain traction in the initial days. For example, personally emailing the first 100 customers to say thank you will go a very long way for any business, just as it did for this Shopify store.

11. Pour Moi

Shopify lingere store

Pour Moi is a Shopify store for lingerie, swimwear, and nightwear of any size. It makes sure that its products fit the needs of modern, fashion-conscious women, providing them with the support and comfort they require. Navigating this store, adding products to cart, or connecting socially is a seamless experience.

12. Khara Kapas

khara kapas

Khara Kapas, means “pure cotton.” The brand sells Indian-culture-inspired and handmade boutique clothing. Its products combine an understanding of the elegance of cotton, earthy colors, versatile prints, and minimalistic design that celebrate the uninhibited spirit of style. The products are produced locally in India, but the brand provides shipping worldwide. With its modern take on heritage, this Shopify shop racks up over $1,500 in sales per day.

13. Argent


This Shopify shop is on a mission to make women look great and feel comfortable at work. Its vibrant blazers and floral jackets are nothing if not eye-catching. Overall, Argent does a great job at providing a wide variety of choices to women who want to look sharp at work (or anywhere).

14. Thinx

THINX period underwear

This amazing women’s company that sells period underwear is making big headway and big bucks. The Shopify shop raised $130,000 in 2014 from crowdfunding and has grown 23 times since. Not two times. Not five times. But 23 times!

15. Gymshark


Created in 2012 by teenager Ben Francis and a group of high school friends, Gymshark has grown from a screen-printing operation in a garage into one of the fastest-growing and most recognizable fitness brands worldwide. As dedicated Shopify store owners, they’ve built a brand supported by millions of highly engaged social media followers and customers in 131 countries.

16. The Candi Factory

The Candi Factory

With its simple design and basic structure, this Shopify store is one worth mentioning. The Candi Factory keeps it simple by adding soft colors and expressions to its clothing line, which helps it stand out and create an identity. All in all, its minimal design goes well with its products, which appear to be full of life.

17. Hydrant

1700829867 screenshot 2023 11 24 at 5 44 04 pm

Hydrant’s website boasts bold fonts and vibrant color blocks. Its “where is the rest of the body?” product photos catch the eye. The colorful Shopify store uses a product picker that evokes a candy shop visit. With such a design, Hydrant likely makes customers want to choose it for hydration.

18. Wolf Circus

1603955872 screen shot 2019 01 29 at 16 52 10

Wolf Circus is a Shopify store with a line of fine jewelry products handmade in Vancouver, British Columbia. All its products are hand fabricated or cast using the lost-wax casting process, with either recycled sterling silver or recycled bronze coated in a high-grade 14-karat-gold plating. This Shopify store markets itself as an “attainable luxury.” The brand has gained recognition for the accessories it has been known to produce with great quality and a fine regard for detail.

19. Biko

Biko Shopify Store

Biko describes itself as a “modern nostalgic jewelry brand.” Based in Toronto, this ecommerce business handcrafts every piece it makes with materials including sleek mixed metals and natural stones. This Shopify store has a very simplistic design, with just a few navigational options. The element that makes it stand out is its photography.

20. WP Standard

WP Standard Shopify design award

In 2013, WP Standard won Shopify’s Design Award, giving it some serious exposure to its target audience—the design- and quality-conscious tech crowd. It’s one of the top examples of how design can play a huge part in the success of a Shopify website. This Shopify store deals in full-grain leather goods, including bags, wallets, belts, and laptop sleeves.

21. SoYoung

soyoung inc

This brand has a wide variety of collections for adults, kids, and babies. SoYoung’s line of products earns 25% of its revenue from its online Shopify stores. The profit margin on those sales is higher thanks to direct distribution (i.e., the company sells directly to consumers).

22. Sunday Somewhere

Someday Somewhere

This Shopify store was developed in 2010 by Dave Allison and has gained worldwide recognition since then. The premium eyewear brand focuses on quality, simplicity, and originality to provide the best experience to its customers.

23. Minaal

minaal accessories

This Shopify store sells high-quality travel gear for digital nomads. It was launched by two guys from New Zealand who realized how dissatisfied they were with their travel gear. They thought it would be a great idea to quit their jobs and start their own business. In December 2015, they launched a second Kickstarter campaign and raised just over $700,000 from more than 2,400 people. (The campaign’s goal was only $10,000.) This is a great Shopify store example for entrepreneurs passionate about working on the go.

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24. Bremont

Bremont Watches

This British luxury watchmaker is a Shopify example of an award-winning company producing beautifully engineered chronometers. Its annual production is approximately 8,000 to 10,000 pieces. In 2017, the company achieved a massive financial feat, increasing its earnings to $17 million.

25. Nerdwax


Nerdwax is an organic and all-natural beeswax formulated to keep people’s glasses in place. The company rejected two offers from Shark Tank, but this Shopify store is definitely doing something right if it has made more than a million dollars in total sales to date.


KKW Beauty

One of the best Shopify websites for all things beauty, SKKN BY KIM by Kim Kardashian, has taken the cosmetic world by storm. With periodic sales, the products are not only of exceptional quality but often sell out within mere minutes. It’s a testament to how a well-structured and managed online platform can drive brand success.

27. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics Shopify Store

Kylie Cosmetics, the wildly popular beauty company, uses Shopify to run its fantastic online store. Kylie Cosmetics hosts periodic flash sales, some of the largest on the web. This is another example of a Shopify store where the products sell out within minutes.

28. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

jeffree star cosmetics

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is the cosmetics brand of Jeffree Star, an American makeup artist, fashion designer, and model. It’s arguably among the most popular Shopify stores for makeup and cosmetics. With a hot-pink website, Jeffree Star Cosmetics includes a ton of holiday and special editions for its customers, as well as free US shipping for orders over $100.

29. Concrete Minerals

Concrete Minerals

Founded in 2009, this Shopify store example is all about creating high-end vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics with a unique twist. The brand’s policy is less and more—less ingredients, more pigment. It’s committed to using no parabens or preservatives in its products and is also 100% gluten-free. Located in Southern California, it provides free shipping worldwide on all orders of $40 and above.

30. NCLA Beauty 

NCLA Beauty Shopify Store

This Shopify store offers a wide range of nail products and other cosmetic items, such as jelly balms and lipsticks. What’s interesting about NCLA Beauty’s website is how it has been designed. All we can say is that the website designer nailed the look!

31. Beardbrand

Shopify store for inspiration Beardbrand

Eric Bandholz built an online business for men’s beard care. In less than a year, the company was making $120,000 in monthly sales. Beardbrand’s email list also quickly grew to more than 7,000 emails. Its website invites you to take a quiz that helps you end scent confusion and find the perfect fragrance for your skin, beard, and hair. 

32. Flex

Shopify store health and beauty

Flex is an alternative to tampons. The great thing is that it allows women to enjoy sex while on their period. If you don’t think that’s a worthy business idea, take a look at the social clout this brand has managed to build over the years.

33. SkinnyMe Tea

SkinnyMe Tea Online Store

This Australian company sells all-natural detox teas. Founded in 2012, its mission is to help people achieve their health and wellness goals. Only nine months after this Shopify store started, it generated $600,000 in monthly revenue.

34. Bootea

Bootea Shopify Store

In 2016, Bootea took over the dietary and lifestyle scene with its detox tea. With one of the best marketed Instagram products, this Shopify store has achieved listings with multiple national retailers and more than one million customers worldwide.

35. Happy Earth Tea

happy earth tea

Happy Earth Tea is committed to promoting health and happiness. The brand works directly with certified organic tea gardens to source loose-leaf teas. With a minimalistic design featuring high-quality visuals, this is another Shopify store you can take inspiration from.

36. Bondi Beach Tea Co.

Bondi Beach Tea Co.

Skinny Teatox is a 100%-natural detox tea program that promotes good health and weight. With an undeniably appealing website design, this Shopify store has been included in the list of the top 50 Stunning Ecommerce Stores Built Using Shopify. All the ingredients in Skinny Teatox are 100% natural. There are no chemicals or preservatives. Ingredients include tea leaves, senna leaf, ginseng, chrysanthemum, cinnamon bark, cloves, rhubarb, ginger, and more.

37. Press

1603968922 press london

Press founders Georgie and Ed developed a love for cold-pressed juices and had come to rely on them as a convenient, delicious, and healthy part of their diets. The result? A Shopify store by the name Press. This brand is committed to providing juices that are not only a source of enjoyment but also help you meet your daily nutrition requirements.

38. Nutriseed

nutriseed UK shopify store

Nutriseed is a Shopify store passionate about nutrition. The brand has grown exponentially in the past few years, from humble countryside beginnings to a current state-of-the-art British manufacturing facility. Nutriseed has a hands-on approach that requires it to maintain complete control over the quality of its products, from start to finish. It has almost 40,000 followers on Instagram and sells more than 200 products per day.

39. Cookbook Village

Cookbook Village

Cookbook Village originally sold cookbooks on eBay and is now thriving on Shopify. The founders have a background in marketing and utilize their store’s blog, email marketing, and Google Ads to streamline their business’s success.

40. Quad Lock Shopify stores for gadgets and electronic accessories

Quad Lock is a Shopify store developed in Australia in 2011. Its flagship gadget lets you securely and conveniently attach your smartphone to your bike, car, or arm, among the many mounting options. Since its release, the Quad Lock bike mount has been adapted to suit a range of different applications, including a wall mount, belt clip, and tripod adapter.

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1631081551 burga stylish iphone samsung galaxy cases covers

This Shopify store sells exceptionally fashionable and thoughtfully functional lifestyle accessories. What began as a women-focused phone-case shop grew into a full-fledged store, with products ranging from water bottles to wireless chargers. You’ll recognize BURGA by the vibrant signature designs and unfading prints on its products.

42. Studio Proper

Studio Proper Shopify Store

This Shopify shop is a product design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Studio Proper defines itself as a brand “focused on simplifying everyday interactions with technology in a beautiful and minimal fashion.” Its products include mounting solutions for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, desk stands, travel accessories, wall mounts, and much more. It keeps its website design simple and minimal.

43. Master & Dynamic

Master and Dynamic

For all the audiophiles out there, Master & Dynamic sells high-quality headphones. The products from this Shopify store are part of the $1 billion headphone market and rivals Beats by Dre with its quality.

44. Studio Neat

Pencil by FiftyThree

Studio Neat used Kickstarter to fund its product ideas. In 2016, the founders launched a new campaign for a smartphone tripod, raising almost $210,000 in 30 days. (Its goal was just $50,000.) The store is owned by two designers who love making simple products that address people’s pain points.

45. Zero Gravity

ZeroGravity Shopify Store

This Shopify store is on our list because of its trendy tech accessories. Based in Los Angeles, it designs all of its iPhone cases in house. What’s interesting about these cases is that they have intricate and vibrant designs embroidered onto them. You’ll find products in all shapes and sizes to choose from.

46. St. Frank

St. Frank Shopify Store

This Shopify store sells beautiful handcrafted décor. St. Frank has it all when it comes to decorating your house, as well as a website with a sleek-looking design. You can find all sorts of accessories for your home, ranging from pillows to kitchenware and everything in between. 

47. Hem

HEM Shopify Store

This Shopify store stands out for its modern theme that matches its products. Each product page is accompanied by a detailed description, big imagery, and a bio of the product’s designer. It’s definitely one of the top Shopify stores in terms of appearance.

48. Floorplan

Floorplan Online Store

This top Shopify store is about rugs, rugs, and more rugs. Not only does Floorplan offer a wide selection to choose your favorite rug from, but it also gives you the option to create a custom rug based on how you imagine it in your home.

49. Au Lit Fine Linens

Shopify shop for home and furniture

Au Lit Fine Linens offers a wide variety of bedding, pillows, duvets, and other bath and comfort products. What’s great about this Shopify shop is that it has a section dedicated to tips and advice for those looking for guidance and more. Au Lit Fine Linens aims to “change the way people sleep & improve the quality of their lives.” 

50. 18 Karat Store

Shopify websites for furniture

If you’re looking for inspiration for homeware and furniture, this is the Shopify website to look at. 18 Karat’s product range is described as modern home décor inspired by nature. It has products that range from home furniture to artwork, with the brand using warm autumn colors to accentuate its products on its website.

51. Haus

shopify websites for furniture

This Shopify store has a very simple website. Not only has Haus chosen a smart business name, but the colors it has selected for its website help its products stand out. You can easily navigate this store to look for products you’re interested in.

52. Nick Mayer  Shopify store for art

Nick Mayer is one of the most interesting Shopify art stores around. It reflects the passion of a former marine biologist who’s now pursuing his true calling as an artist. And what better way to showcase his beautiful work than with an eye-catching Shopify website.

53. Amira Rahim

1657345470 screenshot 2022 07 05 at 1 08 29 am

If you’re looking for inspiration for a Shopify website for artwork, this is the right place to be. Raven Roxanne has a uniquely designed Shopify website. She uses vibrant colors on her web page, giving it an artsy feel. And on the homepage, you’ll find a captivating image of her creating art.

54. Luxy Hair

Great Shopify store examples

Luxy Hair is a Shopify store known for creating clip-in hair extensions that thousands of women around the world use every day. They instantly add length and volume, and allow you to experiment with color without any damage to your hair. Its website has a hair blog, transformation videos, information about the brand’s story and products, and much more content to learn from.

55. Pipsnacks

Pipsnacks Shopify Store

Pipsnacks sells healthy snacks and is a Shark Tank success story. It initially received a Shark Tank investment of $200,000 in 2013. A year later, the company made $800,000 in revenue. The brand is a testament of hard work and passion paying off. 

56. Pure Cycle

Pure Cycle Shopify Store

The global bicycle industry is projected to reach $147.24 billion by 2027. Pure Cycle is perfectly positioned to take a big slice of that pie. The brand’s bikes focus on style and comfort, as well as the ease of exploring places on a bike. Pure Cycles was also an early adopter of Shopify AR, giving people a better way to get a feel for its products before they visit its brick-and-mortar store.

57. Tattly

Tattly Shopify Store

Tattly started as a side hobby for designer Tina Roth-Eisenburg. Today, it’s a growing temporary tattoo business.This Shopify store has shipped 2.6 million temporary tattoos, charging $5 to $15 per piece, on average.

58. Leather Head Sports

leather head sports

Founder of Leather Head Sports Paul Cunningham had such success selling his sports leather goods he had to switch from Etsy to Shopify. Shopify’s platform gave him all the tools he needed to make his brand a nation-wide success. Paul hasn’t looked back since.

Shopify stores FAQ

What are some examples of successful Shopify stores?

Gymshark, Negative, Thinx, and SKKN BY KIM are some examples of successful Shopify stores.

How can I set up a successful Shopify store?

If you’ve already selected your product, here are some useful tips you can implement to make sure your Shopify store is on the right path:

  • Select a Shopify theme that reflects the type of products you’re selling.
  • Select Shopify store colors that help convey the right feeling about your brand to your audience.
  • Organize your products into categories and collections to help your customers find the products they’re looking for.
  • Use photography to help bring your store to life.

Is there anything else you’d like to know more about and wish was included in this article? Let us know in the comments below!


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