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Knitting is a skill not everyone can master and is a great way to make money. Knowing where to get quality supplies to help take your craft to the next level can be challenging. From knit socks and unique stitches to high-quality tools, we will show you wholesalers and retailers that have everything needed to bring your projects to life. Let’s get started!

The Knitting Industry in 2022

The knitting industry in 2022 is experiencing a surge of creativity and innovation. Knitters are not only using traditional tools like the tapestry needle to create a more intricate pattern, but they are also using new technologies. Whether creating custom fashion or experimenting with bold designs, knitters everywhere are discovering ways to make their work truly unique.

knitting supplies

Top Places to Buy Knitting Supplies

If you’re an avid knitter looking for the best places to buy high-quality knitting supplies like double-pointed needles, circular needles, cable needles, and straight needles, look no further. In this guide, we’ll highlight the top places where you can score the best knitting supplies to help you create your next masterpiece.

1. Amazon

The biggest e-commerce platform and technology service provider is Amazon. This makes it a great place to shop for all of your knitting supplies.

2. Etsy

Etsy, Inc. is a US-based online marketplace that specializes in facilitating the buying and selling of handmade, vintage, and craft-related products. If you are looking for something unique Etsy is for you.

3. Purl Soho

If your preference is a contemporary take on classic fiber arts with gorgeous materials and complimentary patterns, Purl Soho has what you need.

4. Blick

Blick Art Materials is an art supply business that is family-owned and operates both as a retailer and through catalog sales. It is also a leading provider of art supplies in the United States.

5. Darn Good Yarn

Darn Good Yarn’s online store offers a wide range of yarn and yarn-related products, as well as clothing and home goods.

You can also find the top deals on knitting supplies here. 

Must-have Knitting Supply

As a knitting enthusiast, there are many must-have supplies that can help you create unique and quality products. Here are a few materials you’ll likely need to purchase on an ongoing basis as you run your knitting business.


knitting supplies

The primary material used in knitting. There’s a wide variety of yarn types based on material and thickness. Choose yarns that are durable and appropriate for your intended projects. Some popular options are included in the list below.

Acrylic Yarn

knitting supplies

Acrylic yarn is a synthetic yarn made from polymer fibers. It’s known for its lightweight nature, durability, and affordability. Acrylic yarn is versatile and often used for a wide variety of projects, from garments to home décor. It’s also a common choice for beginners because of its cost-effectiveness and ease of care.

Wool Yarn

knitting supplies

Wool yarn is a natural fiber obtained from sheep. It has excellent insulating properties and can be quite soft, depending on the type of wool. Wool yarn is preferred for cozy winter garments like sweaters, scarves, and mittens. It’s also used for felting projects.

Cotton Yarn

knitting supplies

Cotton yarn is made from the natural fibers of the cotton plant. It’s soft, breathable, and absorbent. Often used for summer garments, dishcloths, and market bags. It’s also preferred for baby items because it’s gentle on the skin and easy to wash.

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Silk Yarn

knitting supplies

Silk yarn is derived from the cocoon of the silk worm. It has a luxurious sheen and softness and is used in fine garments, shawls, and other delicate items. Because of its sheen and drape, it’s often used for special occasion wear.

Bamboo Yarn

knitting supplies

Made from the pulp of bamboo plants, this yarn is smooth and has a slight sheen. It’s also known for its eco-friendly properties. Popular for summer garments and accessories due to its breathable nature, bamboo yarn is also naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Alpaca Yarn

knitting supplies

This is a natural fiber harvested from alpacas. It’s warmer than wool and has a silky feel. Alpaca yarn is used for winter garments, especially sweaters, hats, and scarves. It’s prized for its softness and warmth.

Nylon Yarn

knitting supplies

A synthetic yarn known for its strength and durability, nylon yarn is often blended with other yarns to add durability, especially in socks. It is also used in crafting and home décor projects.

Linen Yarn

knitting supplies

Made from the flax plant, linen yarn is durable and becomes softer with each wash. It is commonly used for summer garments and home textiles, like tablecloths and curtains.

Mohair Yarn

knitting supplies

Sourced from the angora goat, mohair is a silky and lustrous yarn. Used in shawls, scarves, and sweaters, mohair yarn is often blended with other fibers to add a halo effect to the finished product.

Cashmere Yarn

knitting supplies

A luxurious yarn obtained from the undercoat of the cashmere goat, cashmere yarn is incredibly soft and warm. Popular for high-end garments like sweaters and scarves, its softness makes it a favorite for next-to-skin wear.

Stitch Markers

knitting supplies

These are small tools used to mark specific points in a pattern. Stitch markers can be especially helpful in complex projects to keep track of stitch counts and pattern repeats.

Knitting Patterns

knitting supplies

Patterns serve as the blueprint for knitting projects. While experienced knitters may create their own, beginners often rely on established patterns to guide them.

Knitting Books and Magazines

knitting supplies

These resources provide inspiration, techniques, and new patterns. Keeping updated with the latest knitting trends and techniques can set the business apart from competitors.

Stitch Holders

knitting supplies

Stitch holders are similar to giant safety pins that hold stitches that are not currently being worked on, especially useful for projects with multiple sections.

Blocking Spray

knitting supplies

Blocking is the process of wetting and setting a knitted item to the desired shape. Blocking spray helps achieve a professional finish, enhancing the look and fit of the item.

Labels and Tags

knitting supplies

If you’re selling your knit goods, branded labels make your products look professional and showcase your brand. You can order generic labels for printing or have custom ones made.

Packaging Materials

knitting supplies

Branded bags, boxes, tissue paper, and labels create a professional unboxing experience for customers. Good packaging can enhance the perceived value of the product and promote brand recognition.

Knitting Supplies Description Primary Use Benefits for Business
Yarn Primary material used in knitting with a variety of types based on material and thickness. Creating the knit fabric. Allows customization of products based on material and texture; essential for product quality.
Stitch Markers Small tools used to mark specific points in a pattern. Tracking stitch counts and pattern repeats. Ensures accuracy in complex projects, leading to consistency in product quality.
Knitting Patterns Blueprints for knitting projects. Guiding the creation of knit items. Provides a standardized approach to creating items; ensures consistent output for each product type.
Knitting Books and Magazines Resources offering inspiration, techniques, and new patterns. Learning new techniques and keeping updated with trends. Sets the business apart by staying updated and offering contemporary products.
Stitch Holders Similar to giant safety pins that hold stitches not currently being worked on. Holding stitches for projects with multiple sections. Helps in multitasking and managing complex projects with ease.
Row Counter Tool to track the number of completed rows. Counting rows especially for repetitive patterns. Reduces human error in counting, ensuring consistent pattern execution.
Knitting Gauge Measures the number of stitches and rows in a given space. Ensuring stitch and row consistency according to pattern specifications. Ensures that finished items are of the correct size and fit, leading to customer satisfaction.
Blocking Spray Helps in the process of wetting and setting a knitted item to its desired shape. Achieving a professional finish for knit items. Enhances the look and fit of products, increasing perceived value and product appeal.
Labels and Tags Branding for knit goods, either generic for printing or custom-made. Branding and detailing on knit items. Elevates the brand perception and showcases professionalism. Provides necessary information like care instructions or material details.
Packaging Materials Includes branded bags, boxes, tissue paper, and labels for a professional unboxing experience. Packaging knit items for sale. Enhances perceived value of products, fosters brand recognition, and provides a memorable unboxing experience for customers.
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Essential Knitting Tools for Businesses

If you’re a business owner in the knitting industry, it’s important to have the best knitting tools to help you create high-quality products efficiently. You can use these materials over and over in various knitting projects. In this article, we’ll explore the best knitting tools for businesses, and why they’re essential for success.

Knitting Needles

knitting supplies

These are fundamental to knitting. There are various types of knitting needles, such as straight, circular, and double-pointed needles. They’re also available in various sizes. The choice of needle often depends on the project type, e.g., socks vs. scarves.

Circular Needles

knitting supplies

Circular needles include two needles attached to a flexible band that allows the two ends to stretch all the way around. They’re often used in circular knits like hats and sleeves.

Double-Pointed Needles

knitting supplies

These are knitting needles with points on both ends. Double-pointed needles are often used in projects with complicated patterns, like cable-knit sweaters.

Tapestry Needle

knitting supplies

A blunt needle with a large eye, a tapestry needle is used to sew seams and weave in yarn ends after knitting.


knitting supplies

A good pair of sharp scissors is essential for cutting yarn and trimming finished pieces.

Measuring Tape

knitting supplies

It’s crucial to measure the dimensions of your knit projects, especially if you are creating garments that need to fit. Measuring tape allows you to measure flexible garments accurately.

Blocking Mats and Pins

knitting supplies

After knitting, many projects benefit from blocking – the process of wetting and then pinning the work in shape to dry. A blocking mat and pins give a finished and professional look.

Ball Winder and Swift

knitting supplies

These tools help in winding skeins of yarn into neat and usable balls or cakes. The swift holds the skein while the winder creates the ball.

Row Counter

knitting supplies

A row counter is a tool to help keep track of how many rows have been completed, which is especially handy for repetitive patterns.

Knitting Storage

knitting supplies

Organizing and storing your supplies efficiently will make the knitting process smoother. Specialized knitting bins have compartments for needles, yarn, and other tools.

Crochet Hook

knitting supplies

Crochet hooks come in different sizes, materials, and shapes, each designed for specific crochet techniques such as picking up dropped stitches and projects. Investing in high-quality crochet hooks can greatly improve the speed, accuracy, and comfort of the knitter. Choosing the right crochet hook is crucial to ensure the finished product meets the desired quality standards of your business.

Knitting Bag

knitting supplies

A knitting bag is an essential accessory for any knitting business, as it provides a practical and functional way to transport and organize knitting supplies. Knitting bags come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, with features such as compartments, pockets, and straps that cater to the specific needs of the knitter. Using a knitting bag ensures that supplies remain tidy and accessible, prevents damage to delicate items, allows for easy transport to and from knitting projects or events, and can make a positive impression on customers and contribute to the branding and marketing of the business.

Yarn Bowl

knitting supplies

A yarn bowl is a type of pottery bowl used to hold a ball of yarn while knitting or crocheting. It typically has a curved cutout that guides the yarn smoothly through the bowl’s opening, preventing it from tangling or rolling around. Yarn bowls are essential to a knitting business as they provide convenience and organization to knitters while keeping their workspace neat and tidy and are an excellent choice for any knitting business.

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Needle Gauge

knitting supplies

A needle gauge is a necessary tool for any knitting business to ensure that its products remain high-quality and meet customer demands. It helps in ensuring that the sizes of knitting needles are accurate, which is crucial for the accuracy of the knitted item and ensuring the stitches and the tension of the knitter are consistent.

Gauge Swatch Measurer

knitting supplies

This tool helps measure the gauge or tension of the knitted fabric. Ensuring consistent gauge is vital for the finished product to match the intended size and fit.

Knitting Tools Description Primary Use Importance for a Knitting Business
Knitting Needles Fundamental tools for knitting, coming in varieties such as straight, circular, and double-pointed needles. Creating knit fabric. Versatility in product range; essential for producing high-quality knitwear.
Tapestry Needle A blunt needle with a large eye. Sewing seams and weaving in yarn ends. Ensures a clean, professional finish on knit items.
Scissors Sharp tools for cutting. Cutting yarn and trimming finished pieces. Critical for precision and cleanliness in product finishing.
Measuring Tape A flexible ruler. Measuring dimensions of knit projects. Ensures products are consistent in size, especially crucial for garments.
Blocking Mats and Pins Tools used in the blocking process. Pinning knit work in shape to dry. Gives knit products a finished, professional appearance.
Ball Winder and Swift Tools that work in tandem for winding yarn. Winding skeins of yarn into balls or cakes. Streamlines the knitting process by providing organized, tangle-free yarn.
Knitting Storage Specialized storage solutions for knitting supplies. Organizing knitting tools and materials. Enhances productivity by keeping tools accessible and organized.
Crochet Hook A tool used for crochet techniques and picking up dropped stitches. Various crochet techniques and fixing mistakes. Improves speed, accuracy, and comfort in knitting; ensures product quality.
Knitting Bag A specialized bag for transporting and organizing knitting supplies. Carrying and organizing knitting supplies. Facilitates mobility, protects supplies, and can be a branding asset.
Yarn Bowl Pottery bowl designed to hold and dispense yarn. Holding yarn and preventing tangles during use. Enhances the knitting experience by keeping the workspace tidy.
Needle Gauge A tool to measure needle sizes. Ensuring knitting needles are of the correct size. Maintains consistency in knit products by ensuring needle accuracy.
Gauge Swatch Measurer A tool to determine the stitch and row count in a given space. Measuring the gauge or tension of the knitted fabric. Crucial for product consistency; ensures items fit the intended specifications.

What Is the Most Important Tool in Knitting?

Undoubtedly, the foundation of any knitting project lies in the choice of yarn and knitting needles. Their significance in the knitting process cannot be overstated:

  • Yarn: The soul of the project. Its type, color, and texture define the appearance, feel, and functionality of the finished product.
  • Knitting Needles: The tools that bring the yarn to life. They come in various sizes and types (straight, circular, double-pointed), each serving a specific purpose and project type.

However, to enhance the knitting experience and ensure the success of a project, there are other tools that a knitter should consider:

  • Stitch Markers: Useful for marking specific points in a pattern, especially in complex designs.
  • Tapestry Needle: A must-have for weaving in yarn ends and sewing pieces together.
  • Scissors: A sharp pair is crucial for neatly cutting yarn.
  • Measuring Tape: Ensures that the knitted piece fits the desired dimensions, especially important for garments.
  • Row Counter: A handy tool for tracking the number of completed rows, particularly in patterns that require precision.
  • Blocking Mats and Pins: Vital for giving the finished product a professional look and correct shape.
  • Ball Winder and Swift: Streamlines the knitting process by converting skeins of yarn into neat, usable balls.

By investing in these essential tools, knitters not only ensure the success of their projects but also enhance their overall knitting experience.

What Tools Do You Need to Knit a Blanket?

To knit a cozy blanket, all that’s required are ample supplies of yarn, a suitable needle set, and a generous amount of time. With an abundance of knitting patterns available, you can select the perfect one to suit your preferences, or some knitters prefer to knit a plain blanket with no particular design in mind.

What Store Offers the Best Yarn Selection?

Hobby Lobby has tons of selections to choose from. With many different colors and textures, as well as great prices it easily the yarn store to shop for your yarn and patterns.

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