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When I travel, I often spend the most time booking hotels. I check their websites to see what amenities are offered, what the rooms look like, where the hotel is located, and what there is to do in the area. As a hotel owner, you need a site that stands out and accurately reflects the guest experience.

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To wow potential guests and win their business, you need to put the work into your site. That includes taking great photos of your property and building a seamless experience for site users. Ambiance, visuals, and ease of use — all these elements must come together seamlessly.

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So, how can you do just that? Start by getting inspired. We’ve gathered 30 of the best hotel websites online for you to review. Let’s dive in.

1. Hotel & Spa Resort Kaskady

hotel website examples, Resort Kaskady

The Hotel & Spa Resort Kaskady website is a masterclass in user experience and design. When you land on the homepage, a full-screen showcase of the resort’s luxurious amenities and serene landscapes greets you. This visual approach captivates and gives guests an immersive preview of what awaits them.

Strategic white space and high-quality images further enhance readability, ensuring the site is accessible to users’ various needs.

What we like: The website offers a straightforward navigation menu. This makes it easy to find essential information like available amenities, spa services, and dining options. You can also book a room with ease.

2. Amaris Mykonos

hotel website examples, Amaris Mykonos

How do you know if a hotel is good? You look at reviews. To help your site visitors, aggregate what other people have said about staying at your property. Amaris Mykonos does just that.

The homepage prominently features a 9.2 from Booking.com, showing that the hotel has high ratings. The site also features testimonials from guests, adding a layer of trust and authenticity. The hostesses, Evita and Stellina, receive glowing reviews for their attentive service, making you feel like a guest and part of the Amaris family.

What we like: Amaris Mykonos has a minimalist design. This allows you to focus on the high-quality images that show the hotel at its best.

3. Al Moudira

hotel website examples, Al Moudira Hotel

Much like in real estate, the location of your hotel is everything. If your property is in a culturally rich or centrally located area, show it off. Al Moudira Hotel uses this tactic well. The hotel offers an experience that’s more than just a stay – it’s an immersion into luxury and culture.

Located on the west bank of the Nile in Luxor, the website showcases all of the elements of a tranquil oasis. You see a honeycomb of courtyards and lush gardens that mirror the hotel’s actual setting.

What we like: The site has a section for activities. Here, guests can explore things to do both at the property and in surrounding areas. You have a great jumping-off point to learn about sunrise views at Karnak or fitness center yoga classes.

4. Swiss Deluxe Hotels

hotel website examples, Swiss Deluxe Hotels

Your business may include more than one hotel. If that’s the case, each property likely has its own unique flair. They may even cater to different audiences. A family-friendly hotel may not be the perfect spot for newlyweds on their honeymoon.

Swiss Deluxe Hotels understands that varied vacationers have different interests. That’s why their site has a “Choose Your Experience” button. With a click, a new menu appears with different categories — from family to winter sports to romance to wellness.

Let’s say I want to book an intimate, romantic trip. The romance option brings me to a pink page with chateaus and spas that I might be interested in.

What we like: At Swiss Deluxe Hotels, elegance meets functionality. The website incorporates subtle animations with images showcasing what the hotel offers, adding a dynamic touch without overwhelming users.

5. Silena

hotel website examples, Silena

Oftentimes, vacations don’t just want a hotel. Instead, they want an entry point to explore the local culture. That’s where Silena’s website excels. The site blends cultural elements to create a unique user experience.

The onsen pool section, for example, not only describes the experience but also educates the visitor on Japanese traditions. You’re already learning about the culture you’ll experience before you step foot on the plane.

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What we love: Silena seamlessly integrates South Tyrolean and Southeast Asian influences. Visitors can see a rich tapestry of visuals that transport you to a serene environment.

6. W15 Collection

hotel website examples, W15 collection

The W15 Collection website is a paradigm for luxury and elegance, immediately immersing visitors in the opulence of their properties. The site uses high-quality images and well-crafted text to create an atmosphere of “true beauty,” as they put it.

The clean design focuses on the finest attention to detail. This is evident in the scenic landscapes and carefully chosen color schemes complementing the mise en scène.

What we like: The site is highly accessible, with straightforward navigation that makes it easy for users to explore the various collections and special offers.

7. Landa

hotel website examples, Landa

When booking hotels, guests are often looking at multiple websites. Most have static images. Those on the cutting edge might have a video. The Landa goes above and beyond — creating an immersive experience with animations throughout the site.

When the home page first loads, you see a red background. The name of the hotel pops into view. Then, a digital curtain is pulled back, showing the first glance at some of the hotel’s amenities.

As you scroll down, text spirals in, galleries slide across the screen, and fun patterns pull back to reveal gourmet food. I found myself excited to see what would happen next.

What we like: The site doesn’t compromise function for style. Even with all of the exciting animations, the site still features high-quality images and hotel information, as expected. The Landa really does it all!

8. Petunia Ibiza

hotel website examples, Petunia Hotel

I’ve read the reviews and explored all of my options. Now, I want to book my room — without hassle or fuss. Petunia in Ibiza makes it easy to schedule your stay. A room availability calendar is one of the first things you see.

Beyond ease of booking, Petunia in Ibiza’s site immerses you in the Mediterranean lifestyle. You see full-screen visuals of rural Ibiza and the iconic Es Vedrà. You can even visit a gallery of the different available rooms, as well as the property’s pools and restaurants.

What we like: This site is a digital extension of the hotel’s intimate and stylish atmosphere, making you feel like you’re already on vacation before booking your stay.

9. Maison Mastrorelli

hotel website examples, Maison Mastrorelli

Not every room at your hotel is identical. Some may be more private than others. A few may be suites with a kitchenette. There may be parts of your hotel with different themes. Your website should call out all of these available options to guests, distinctly calling out what makes each different.

Maison Mastrorelli offers multiple booking options, from vacation homes to guest rooms. There are even spaces for photo shoots and residencies. On this site, guests know exactly what their options are and what they’ll get once they book.

What we like: The site is available in French and English, making it accessible to two key audiences.

10. The Wallace

hotel website examples, the Wallace

The Wallace isn’t just a hotel. It’s an experience. The design is modern yet welcoming, setting the stage for a refined drinking and dining experience. This isn’t just a place to sleep; it’s a lounge where you can relax and recharge.

What sets The Wallace apart is its focus on location. While most hotel websites emphasize amenities or room views, The Wallace places you in the heart of Manhattan’s Upper West Side. It’s not just about the hotel; it’s about the vibrant neighborhood that surrounds it.

What we like: The website makes you feel like a real New Yorker, with Central Park just a short walk away and many dining options at your doorstep.

11. Hotel Paradiso Grottammare

hotel website examples, Hotel Paradiso

Hotel Paradiso’s website is a tutorial in user-centric design. When you land on their one-page website, you’re greeted with a compelling call-to-action (CTA) that invites you to book a stay. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about funneling potential customers into making a reservation.

The sleek yet informative design offers everything you need on a single page. Free Wi-Fi is emphasized in the heading from the get-go, a feature many travelers consider non-negotiable.

What we like: The site doesn’t just tell you who they are; it shows you what they offer in a compact, easily navigable layout. This approach cuts through the noise, making it one of the best hotel websites we’ve come across.

12. Eliamos Villas Hotel & Spa

hotel website examples, Eliamos Villas

Eliamos Villas Hotel & Spa offers a minimalist design that’s more than just eye candy — a visual journey. The moment you land on their homepage, you’re greeted with the phrase “Experience Kefalonia,” setting the tone for a luxurious stay in the heart of Greece.

The website’s clean aesthetic focuses on high-quality images of the hotel’s top-notch amenities and the stunning Kefalonian landscape.

What sets this website apart is its seamless integration of Google Maps, helping you with directions wherever you may be. But it doesn’t stop there.

What we like: The site also offers a unique wellness narrative, inviting you to “indulge in staying well” and “rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul.” This focus on holistic well-being is a standout feature, making it more than just a place to book a room — it’s a sanctuary for your senses.

13. Samsara Ubud

hotel website examples, Samsara Ubud

The minimalist design of Samsara Ubud’s website opens with the phrase “Reconnect with nature.” Every element of the site reinforces this central offering.

Greenery abounds in all of the images. The site opens with an overhead shot of the hotel, so you can see where it stands within the lush tropical environment. You’ll see trees directly outside of bedroom windows. Even photos of the restaurant showcase the local plants that surround you as you dine.

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What we like: The website includes a dedicated section introducing the owners. This personal touch adds to the hotel’s story and uniquely engages website visitors. It’s not just a booking platform; it’s an invitation to a sanctuary with a soul.

14. The Drifter Hotel

hotel website examples, Drifter Hotel

The Drifter Hotel’s website is a masterpiece that captures the essence of its New Orleans locale. The site’s opening line, “To be a drifter, you must leave the old propaganda behind you,” sets the tone for a unique, almost rebellious experience. This tagline is more than words; it’s an invitation to break free from the conventional and embrace the new.

The website excels in design and accessibility, offering an interactive layout filled with vibrant colors, playful typography, and eye-catching images. It focuses on community spaces, like the tropical courtyard and lively bar, which sets it apart alongside room offerings.

What we like: The site doesn’t just sell a room; it sells an experience. By doing so, The Drifter Hotel’s website becomes more than a booking platform — it’s a digital extension of the property’s vibrant energy and individualistic ethos.

15. Kinross House

hotel website examples, Kinross House

Kinross House’s website is a masterclass in understated luxury. The moment you land on the homepage, you’re greeted with a succinct yet impactful message that encapsulates the essence of the estate — architectural grandeur, historical richness, and a gastronomic experience. This is a prime example of how less can be more, focusing on the core offerings without overwhelming visitors.

What sets this website apart is its exclusivity factor. Unlike other hotel websites that bombard you with endless options and packages, Kinross House keeps it simple and elite. The site is designed for a specific audience looking for a secluded, high-end retreat.

What we like: It’s not just about booking a room but hiring an entire estate for a unique experience. This approach aligns perfectly with the brand’s image, making it a standout in the crowded hotel website space.

16. Rita Izumo Hirata

hotel website examples, Rita Izumo Hirata

Rita Izumo Hirata’s website blends tradition with modernity. The site’s design is minimalist, focusing on what the hotel offers while keeping social media links conveniently located on the right side of the page.

This minimalism doesn’t come at the expense of character; the site is rich in cultural references, echoing the hotel’s focus on “Heritage,” which is also the origin of its name, “RITA.” Unique to this site is the dual meaning of “Rita,” which also signifies “altruism,” reflecting the hotel’s commitment to community and sustainability.

What we like: This nuanced approach to branding is subtly integrated into the website’s design, making it a standout in the crowded hotel industry.

17. Semi Permanent Hotel

hotel website examples, Semi Permanent Hotel

Semi Permanent Hotel’s website stands out for its avant-garde approach, echoing a modern, artistic atmosphere. It’s not just a hotel; it’s a vision of the future curated by artists, designers, and creators.

What we like: The site’s design is visually appealing and highly accessible, making navigation a breeze. Its focus on showcasing the visions of artists and creators sets it apart, making it more than just a place to stay while on vacation — it’s a destination in itself.

18. Sana Resorts Hotel

hotel website examples, Sana Resorts

Sana Resorts Hotel pairs images with clean transitions, creating a fully immersive introduction to the property. As the site loads, a welcome message appears in Japanese. Then, images of the different cabins and living spaces appear, crossfading seamlessly between different views.

More images and pictures appear as you scroll. This allows the visitor to take in each image. They are not overwhelmed with every multimedia element at once.

What we like: The website goes beyond the norm by featuring family photos. This unique touch adds a layer of warmth. You feel like more than a guest; you’re part of the family.

19. Teranga Lodges

hotel website examples, Teranga Lodges

Teranga Lodges offers a unique experience where visitors can unwind in a rural environment. Guests can choose from staying in an agroecological castle, or they can glamp in luxury cabins.

New to the glamping experience? The website has you covered. The FAQ section is a standout, answering all your questions about the lodge’s amenities and policies in one place.

What we like: Social media is a powerful tool to showcase the guest experience. Tarenga Lodges features a social media feed of posts tagged with #terangalodges. Potential guests can get real-time glimpses into what others have experienced.

20. Napa Valley Lodge

hotel website examples, Napa Valley Lodge

Napa Valley Lodge in Yountville, California, is a luxury boutique hotel that offers an authentic Wine Country experience. The hotel’s family-owned and operated background is prominently displayed on the site. This adds a personal touch that’s often missing from larger hotel chains.

What we like: The Napa Valley Lodge clearly shows the curated activity packages and experiences guests can participate in. This allows visitors to tailor their stay. Whether you’re interested in private wine tours or romantic getaways, the site makes it simple to customize your trip.

21. Attitude Hotels

hotel website examples, Attitude Hotel

Attitude Hotels captures the essence of Mauritius in its web design, offering an inviting and immersive tropical vibe. The site is compact yet rich, featuring a section dedicated to the latest news from the hotel. This keeps visitors updated and engaged, a smart move in today’s fast-paced digital age.

The unique feature that sets this website apart is its poetic narrative, “Living Mauritius,” which offers a sensory journey through the island’s culture and natural beauty. This narrative is not just text; it’s an experience that invites you to make the island your own.

What we like: Coupled with options to subscribe to newsletters and follow their social media channels, Attitude Hotels ensures you’re not just a guest — you’re part of their community.

22. Le Crans Hotel & Spa

hotel website examples, Le Crans Hotel and Spa

What we like: Le Crans Hotel & Spa’s website excels at evoking a sense of place. When you land on the homepage, you’re greeted with the tagline, “Your Mountain Home: An Alpine haven of warmth, tranquility, and restoration.”

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This isn’t just a hotel; it’s a sanctuary perched above the Crans-Montana mountain resort. The website excels in visual storytelling, offering stunning images that make you feel like you’re already soaking in the Swiss Alpine sun.

What sets this website apart is its focus on the transformative journey of the hotel itself. The site mentions that the original building was completely modernized in 2005, yet it retains the spirit of the place.

This narrative adds a layer of authenticity and history, elevating it from a mere lodging option to a destination with a soul. It’s not just about the rooms or the views; it’s about the timeless luxury of a homely Alpine retreat.

23. Tsugito

hotel website examples, Tsugito

What we like: Tsugito’s website immediately immerses you in a distinctly Japanese atmosphere. The homepage is a well-curated blend of the hotel’s philosophy, amenities, and management team, rounded off with recent news and a straightforward “contact us” section at the bottom.

This design choice is not just visually appealing but also highly functional. It gives prospective guests an instant feel of the hotel’s ethos while providing all the essential information they need. The unique aspect here is the inclusion of a “value chain” section, which outlines their commitment to sustainable business practices and community engagement. This adds an extra layer of trust and aligns with the growing trend of responsible tourism.

24. The Corner Hotel

hotel website examples, The Corner Hotel

The Corner Hotel’s website exudes a sense of home from the moment you land on its homepage. A modern, compact design immediately communicates the hotel’s prime location in Barcelona’s Eixample district. The site’s unique feature is its succinct yet impactful tagline, “JUST AROUND THE CORNER,” which cleverly emphasizes the hotel’s proximity to key city attractions.

What we like: The website doesn’t just stop at aesthetics; it’s also highly functional. One standout feature is the footer, which includes the usual social media icons and a dedicated meeting and conference room bookings section. This dual focus on design and utility makes The Corner Hotel’s website a standout in the hospitality sector.

25. K11 Artus

hotel website examples, K11 Artus

K11 Artus takes the luxury hotel concept and elevates it with a touch of artistry. The website’s modern retro design is a breath of fresh air, offering a personalized luxury experience on the homepage. The site features a unique header that showcases the hotel’s latest news, while the left sidebar highlights exclusive offers.

What we like: What sets this website apart is its central focus — a real-time clock. This isn’t just for show; it’s an interactive feature that suggests the best times to enjoy the hotel’s amenities. This clever design choice adds a layer of interactivity and serves as a subtle CTA, encouraging visitors to plan their stay around these optimal times.

26. Amigo Motor Lodge

hotel website examples, Amigo Motor Lodge

Amigo Motor Lodge captivates visitors right from the homepage. The site elegantly showcases the lodge’s offerings. You see cozy rooms to scenic views, all in a visually appealing layout. The real kicker? The hotel’s Instagram feed is integrated at the bottom, offering a dynamic, user-generated view of the lodge.

What we like: The Instagram integration is not just a social media plug; it’s a brilliant strategy to keep the content fresh and relatable. It allows potential guests to see real experiences, not just staged photos.

27. The Gage Hotel

hotel website examples, Gage Hotel

The Gage Hotel’s website is a masterclass in minimalistic design, capturing the essence of the Big Bend region it calls home. The site immediately immerses you in the area’s natural beauty, serving as a gateway to Big Bend National Park. The clean design focuses on the hotel’s unique selling point — its proximity to one of America’s most stunning national parks.

This website’s concierge service sets it apart, offering expert recommendations for day trips to Big Bend National Park. This feature is seamlessly integrated into the site, making it a place to book a room and a comprehensive guide to the entire Big Bend experience.

What we like: Social links are subtly placed at the bottom, inviting you to join their community and further explore what the Gage Hotel offers.

28. Xigera

hotel website examples, Xigera

Xigera’s website excels in storytelling, capturing the essence of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. The site opens with a narrative about the lodge’s legacy and commitment to luxury safaris. This unique storytelling approach sets the stage for an immersive experience even before you enter the hotel.

The website stands out for its focus on sensory engagement. It doesn’t just tell you about the lodge; it makes you feel it, from the evocative interiors showcased in high-quality images to the one-of-a-kind encounters described.

What we like: Xigera’s site is designed to delight your senses. It even includes a Journal that features captivating moments in the area and inspiring stories showcased on Instagram, adding a social media layer to the experience.

29. Lewa House

hotel website examples, Lewa House

When you enter Lewa House’s website, you’re greeted with an audio experience unlike any other hotel site. Storytelling takes center stage as a film titled “Find Yourself in Nature” plays, guiding you through the essence of Lewa House. The CTA button, “Explore Lewa,” is strategically placed, making it easy for visitors to delve deeper into what the hotel offers.

What we like: The website’s design is visually appealing and highly accessible, ensuring users can easily navigate through the various sections. What truly sets it apart is its unique approach to user engagement. Instead of the usual photo galleries or room descriptions, Lewa House introduces you to its world through an immersive audio-visual experience.

30. Hotel Atlantida

hotel website examples, Hotel Atlantida

Hotel Atlantida, situated in the serene Rogaska Slatina, offers more than just luxury accommodation. You can put your wellness first on your vacation.

The standout feature here is the site’s focus on well-being programs, a unique offering that aligns perfectly with its 400-year tradition of healing mineral water. This is not just a place to stay; it’s a retreat for rejuvenation.

What we like: Special offers and exclusive programs like Pegaz Mg are highlighted, making it easy for potential guests to see the value they’ll get beyond just a room for the night.

The Best Hotel Website Designs to Inspire Your Own

Every hotel has a unique offering. Your website is a way to show off what sets your property apart from other available options. Be sure to highlight the amenities that you have, your mission, and what your hotel looks like. Social media integrations and easy booking options also elevate the experience.

So, what’s next? Take inspiration from these examples and craft a website that represents your hotel’s brand.

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