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In the ever-evolving world of web design, one concept has emerged as a game-changer: parallax scrolling. This dynamic technique has redefined how we navigate and interact with websites, taking user engagement to new heights. But what exactly is parallax scrolling, and why is it essential to shine a spotlight on diverse and innovative websites?

person scrolls through parallax website examples

Parallax scrolling is an effect where the background of a web page appears to stay still while the foreground shifts vertically. In this blog post, we invite you to embark on a journey through 20 remarkable parallax scrolling websites.

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Get ready to be inspired by the creativity, inclusivity, and innovation that parallax scrolling brings to the digital realm.

1. The Believer

best parallax website examples, believer

Literary magazine The Believer makes the most of parallax scrolling in its comics section. As the reader scrolls down the page, new panels appear. Images in the foreground shake and move as speech bubbles fade in.

In the comic “Yellow Faces,” JS Wu describes the challenges she faces when drawing herself as a person of color. As her thoughts appear with scrolling, the reader gets to share her epiphanies in a measured, spaced-out way.

What we like: Parallax scrolling keeps the readers engaged as they read comics on The Believer. I love reading printed comics, but this experience cannot be replicated in print form.

2. The Boat

best parallax website examples, The Boat

The Boat is featured because it showcases the potential of parallax scrolling in creating immersive and engaging online stories. The site offers a web-based adaptation of a story about refugees traveling on a boat. As users scroll, panels of the story rock side to side. However, images of boats and a seascape persist.

The Boat invites users to embark on a unique digital adventure, making it a standout example of parallax-driven storytelling.

What we like: The interactive storytelling is immersive because of the different ways the screen scrolls. Images appear at different angles. The sound design adds to the immersive experience. The story is already compelling, and these extra elements keep me hooked.

3. Delassus Group

best parallax website examples, Delassus

Most sites include a carousel of images that show off what they sell. However, Moroccan agricultural company Delassus Group takes this experience to the next level with parallax scrolling. Once the home page loads, visitors can horizontally scroll past the snacking tomatoes, citrus, grapes, avocados, and flowers that they sell.

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What we like: Today, we are bombarded by advertisements. Product presentation needs to be unique to stand out. I like the artistic representations of Delassus’ product. I’m eager to see what appears next as I scroll.

4. The Goonies

best parallax website examples, goonies

When I think of the Goonies, I think of adventures with friends, iconic characters, and a forested coast. This website pays homage to the film perfectly. As you scroll, you zoom into the beach where the story takes place. You see all of your favorite characters and the phrase “Goonies never say die” over a pile of treasure.

What we like: I love how the site logically presents information about the film. You don’t have to scour the site for information. Everything you’d want to know appears on scroll.

5. NASA Prospect

best parallax website examples, NASA Prospect

NASA Prospect brings the wonders of space closer to users, fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity. When you land on the site, you are instructed to turn up the volume and scroll. An astronaut appears against a starry background.

You’re then taken on a science fiction adventure where the space explorer journeys through space with a robot. These two figures change position all with the power of parallax scrolling.

What we like: The cosmic journey that NASA Prospect takes us on, where parallax scrolling makes me feel like I’m exploring outer space.

6. Every Last Drop

best parallax website examples, Every Last Drop

Every Last Drop engages users in the importance of water conservation through a visually captivating narrative. Its parallax scrolling allows visitors to move through the story effortlessly. We follow the character through his day and learn about how much water we consume daily. The scrolling ends with more buttons to continue learning about water conservation.

What we like: The parallax scrolling on this site makes the simple sketches more engaging. I like how the items slide on and off the page, like the changing of a set.

7. Web Design Art History

best parallax website examples, Web Design Art History

Parallax scrolling is a great way of showing evolution. You can create a timeline that shows how a concept has evolved over time. This site about web design and art history demonstrates this capability. The site shows how art has changed from ancient cave paintings to the present.

When people think of art, they often think of stagnant paintings hanging in a museum. Parallax scrolling allows images to move and transition seamlessly on the visitor’s screen.

What we like: Informative text and animated images are balanced throughout the site. You have both plenty to look at and plenty to learn.

8. Ivy Chen

best parallax website examples, Ivy Chen

Parallax scrolling isn’t just for major brands. This technique can help your digital portfolio stand out from the pile. Turn to fashion designer Ivy Chen for inspiration. When her site loads, you see an image of a flower and a sketch of a jacket. As you scroll, these images transform into a model wearing a real-life design.

What we like: Fashion designers turn ideas into products that people can wear. Chen’s site uses parallax scrolling to bring this concept to life.

9. Firewatch

best parallax website examples, Firewatch

Firewatch’s website transports users to the game’s forest setting, generating anticipation and interest. Once the page loads, you can scroll past the sunset. Rocks pop up in the foreground, and text appears to start the journey. You can then learn more about the game’s storyline.

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Firewatch illustrates how parallax can be an effective promotional tool for entertainment products. Visitors automatically get a sense of the art style that they can expect from the game.

What we like: This video game’s website uses parallax scrolling to immerse me in the game’s world.

10. Porsche Evolution

best parallax website examples, Porsche Evolution

Porsche Evolution takes users through a visual timeline of iconic cars, emphasizing the brand’s legacy of excellence. You can scroll past cars, seeing them from different angles. The seamless scroll feels like walking past the cars themselves at a museum. This website exemplifies how parallax scrolling can be used to showcase a product’s history and innovation.

What we like: Parallax scrolling is used in a slideshow-like fashion to showcase Porsche’s evolution and design excellence.

11. Strek

parallax scrolling website examples, strek

Parallax scrolling doesn’t need to dominate your site. This effect can be one element serving a specific purpose.

Let’s turn to yoga studio Strek. When the page first loads, most elements are static. Parallax scrolling is only used to showcase the studio space. As people scroll, they can see exactly where they’ll be practicing yoga.

What we like: Strek shows that parallax scrolling can be used strategically, bringing one specific portion of your site into focus.

12. Soleil Noir

parallax scrolling website examples, Soleil Noir

Soleil Noir opens with sideways scrolling that reads, “We craft immersive and interactive experiences for global brands.” This use of parallax scrolling puts the message right in front of site visitors. There is no way to escape the brand’s mission statement.

Soleil Noir highlights how parallax scrolling can add creativity to a portfolio. This immersive first touch is a telling example of the service they offer.

What we like: The stunning portfolio presentation by this creative agency uses parallax to showcase their work in a visually engaging way.

13. Ben the Bodyguard

parallax scrolling website examples, Ben the Bodyguard

Ben the Bodyguard is a mobile security app designed to protect your passwords. However, instead of a boring lock symbol, users have Ben — the personification of a digital bodyguard. The app’s site uses parallax scrolling and a video-game style that leans into this branding.

As users scroll, Ben appears. Fully clad in a James Bond-esque suit, he walks down a dimly lit screen as you move down the site. Speech bubbles appear, and Ben talks about how dangerous the cyber world can be.

What we like: I enjoy how this parallax site effectively communicates the benefits of a mobile security app through interactive storytelling.

14. NBC News

parallax scrolling website examples, nbc

I know reading the news is important. However, getting through a lengthy article can feel like a push. NBC News has special stories that include parallax scrolling, engaging readers as they learn more about a topic.

Let’s explore “Built to keep Black from white,” a story about a wall in Detroit that separates communities. As I scroll, I can see a map of the wall in the context of greater Detroit. This structure gets closer as I zoom in, and I can see a 3D model of the area.

What we like: Parallax scrolling helps storytellers focus on different elements of the narrative. Creators can also integrate maps, charts, and visuals that reinforce the message.

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15. Cyclemon

parallax scrolling website examples, Cyclemon

Bikes are not a one-size-fits-all product. If you plan on cycling up mountains, you’ll need different equipment than someone taking a leisurely ride to the farmer’s market. Cyclemon shows shoppers all their options, revealing bikes one by one with parallax scrolling.

As you scroll, different versions of the bike appear in front of different backgrounds. For example, a bike with lights appears over a nighttime city street.

What we like: The playful and imaginative world of cycling is presented through parallax scrolling, which appeals to both children and adults.

16. WaterAid

parallax scrolling website examples, WaterAid

If your site wants to showcase images in an engaging way, parallax scrolling can make all the difference. WaterAid is a standout example. The nonprofit showcases visual artist Ngadi Smart, who photographs community resourcefulness in Sierra Leone during a water crisis.

Text appears over images of people living in the area. We can see their homes as we learn about the subject.

What we like: Colors in images shift as you scroll, creating a unique, artistic effect.

17. Louie Sellers

parallax scrolling website examples, louie sellers

If your career is in the design world, having an engaging, user-friendly website is essential. Louie Sellers gets it right in his UX designer portfolio. The first thing you see is the phrase “recap after use” in bold. As you scroll, an open pen appears, which closes as you move further down.

What we like: The first part of the site I encountered was visually stunning. I was grabbed from the very beginning.

18. The Other Side of Truth

parallax scrolling website examples, truth

When it comes to understanding complex geo-political issues, it’s tough to know where to start. Informational websites often use parallax scrolling to create an intuitive starting point for people just learning about complicated topics.

Let’s take a look at The Other Side of Truth, a site about the war in Ukraine. A clear timeline appears, showing images of the area before and during the conflict. You have access to news articles, links, and images all on scroll.

What we like: Parallax scrolling is a tool that can help you order information. This site makes the most of this offering.

19. Dope Good

parallax scrolling website examples, dope good

If you’re showing off products, parallax scrolling can help you make the process an experience. As you scroll, you can see sofas, chairs, and lamps that appear as you scroll. Images slide in from the left and the right, adding extra movement to the site.

What we like: The effective use of parallax scrolling to showcase product features and benefits in an engaging way. This is a clever way to help customers make purchasing decisions.

20. Qode Interactive Catalog

parallax scrolling website examples, Qode

The Qode Interactive Catalog starts strong with parallax scrolling in the intro. Once you scroll past, you’ll find a menu that reveals images with different WordPress themes from the developer. Within the catalog, you can see a scrolling portfolio of examples that use the theme.

What we like: When I think of catalogs, I think of boring magazines that appear in my mailbox. This goes far beyond that.

These websites offer a glimpse into the diverse applications of parallax scrolling in web design, from storytelling to branding and beyond. Each one harnesses the power of parallax to create an engaging and memorable online experience.

The Power of Parallax

Parallax scrolling has transcended the realm of mere aesthetics. It’s a tool for storytelling, user engagement, and inclusivity. As we conclude this journey, it’s clear that parallax scrolling is a dynamic force that continues to redefine web design, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Whether you’re inspired by the cosmos, motivated to save the planet, or simply intrigued by creative storytelling, parallax scrolling has something to offer.

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