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Some small businesses require a team. However, many ambitious individuals are turning to solopreneur business ideas as a viable alternative. But it is possible to start your own company and run it as a solo operation. If you’re ready to start your own business and want the freedom and cost savings of a solopreneur, here are some ideas.

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What is a Solopreneur?

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A solopreneur is more than just a business owner; they are individuals who have embraced the challenge of running a business single-handedly. Solopreneurs are small business owners who operate without additional permanent employees. They epitomize the essence of independence in the business world. Here are some key characteristics and practices of solopreneurs:

  • Self-reliant: Solopreneurs often wear multiple hats, from accounting to marketing, ensuring every aspect of their business runs smoothly. Their success depends on their own skills, decisions, and resilience.
  • Flexible Business Models: While one person can completely manage solo business ideas, other solopreneurs might adapt and outsource certain operations rather than hiring. This could be for specialized tasks like graphic design or digital marketing.
  • Cost-Efficient: By not hiring permanent staff, solopreneurs can significantly reduce overhead costs. They often operate with leaner budgets and have the flexibility to adjust their business expenses as needed.
  • Direct Engagement: Solopreneurs often have a direct relationship with their customers. This can lead to a more personalized service, and they can quickly adapt to customer feedback.
  • Continuous Learning: Given the diverse roles they play, solopreneurs often commit to continuous learning. Whether mastering new software or understanding market trends, they are always looking for ways to enhance their business skills.

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Solopreneur Opportunities in 2023

The allure of being a solopreneur has been steadily on the rise, especially with the transformative shifts in the world of work brought on by advances in technology, the normalization of remote work, and the ubiquity of digital tools.

Solopreneurship grants individuals the autonomy to craft a business around their personal strengths, interests, and lifestyle.

With the myriad of tools available, from digital platforms to freelance marketplaces, managing a business single-handedly has become more feasible.

Some solopreneurs choose to start small, allowing their venture to flourish organically as a side gig, before possibly transitioning to full-time.

Others might dive deep right from the outset, leveraging technology solutions and hiring freelance professionals to handle specialized tasks, thereby maintaining the essence of a one-person show while scaling their operations.

solopreneur business ideas

Why You Should Start Your Own Business as a Solopreneur

If you’re mulling solopreneur business ideas against more traditional company structures, here are some benefits of starting on your own:

  • Save money: Since you don’t have employees, you don’t need to pay for salaries, benefits, office space, recruiting, and training.
  • Get started quickly: Many business structures require legal documentation and complicated tax filings. As a sole proprietorship, the process is similar to just paying your personal income taxes. There may be a few relevant forms depending on your location and industry though.
  • Maintain control: Without a business partner, board, or investors, you have the freedom to make all business decisions on your own.
  • Avoid disagreements: This also means not worrying about disagreeing with a partner or stakeholder about the direction of the business or daily operations.
  • Pivot or evolve quickly: If you discover a new opportunity or want to change things up, there’s not a lengthy process of convincing partners or getting employees on board. You simply do the work on your own.
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Top Solopreneur Ideas in 2022

If you’re ready to start a new business on your own in 2022, here are some top solo business ideas to consider.

1. Pet Grooming Business

If you’re passionate about animals, harness that love and offer your expertise as a pet groomer.

Whether you choose to run your business out of a mobile grooming truck or prefer the personal touch of visiting clients at their homes, this service can be both fulfilling and profitable, especially with the rising trend of pet ownership.

solopreneur business ideas

2. House Cleaning Services

House cleaning remains a consistently in-demand service nationwide. Kick-start your venture by advertising your meticulous cleaning skills locally, then cultivate loyal clientele and construct a schedule tailored to your availability and work preferences.

3. Graphic Designer

Harness your artistic flair and run your own graphic design enterprise from the comfort of your home. By liaising remotely with other business professionals, you can provide tailored design solutions, enhancing brand aesthetics and messaging.

4. Pet Sitting Business

Embark on a pet sitting journey by initially tapping into your personal network for potential clients. As your reputation for reliable and loving care grows, word of mouth will be your most potent advertisement, bringing in a consistent stream of furry clientele.

5. Event Planning

Step into the dynamic world of event planning, assisting clients in orchestrating unforgettable weddings, memorable grad parties, or seamless corporate gatherings. As you navigate this industry, foster relationships with local vendors and steadily expand your client roster.

solopreneur business ideas

6. Life Coach

Life coaching, a transformative service, can be offered virtually or face-to-face. Engage deeply with each client, crafting personalized strategies to empower them in realizing their aspirations and overcoming life’s hurdles.

7. Tutoring Business

As an expert tutor specializing in a distinct subject or academic area, you can forge beneficial partnerships with local schools. Moreover, provide invaluable one-on-one guidance to students, boosting their academic confidence and performance.

8. Coffee Shop Business

solopreneur business ideas - 2 people working in a coffee shop

Venture into the bustling world of coffee by establishing a quaint coffee shop or a mobile cart. Design your operational hours to be manageable, ensuring you maintain both the business’s quality and your work-life balance.

9. Errand Service

Run errands like grocery shopping or dry cleaning for those in your community for a small fee. This is an ideal way to generate income for beginners.

10. Financial Consulting Business

If you have experience managing finances, work with small businesses virtually or at their locations. Consultants normally provide knowledge and tools to help companies manage their own books, instead of providing continual support.

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Online Business Ideas for Solopreneurs

Solo businesses are especially relevant to those looking to make money online. Here are some products and services online entrepreneurs can offer on their own.

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11. Develop Online Courses

solopreneur business ideas - man developing online courses

Design an online course that customers can purchase and work through at their own pace. This is ideal for those looking to generate passive income. However, some successful entrepreneurs also offer live lessons or Q & A sessions to add value.

12. Manage Social Media Accounts

For those adept at the nuances of the digital world, managing social media accounts can be a lucrative venture.

Take charge of business clients’ social media platforms, crafting compelling content, scheduling timely posts, devising impactful campaigns, and ensuring timely engagement by responding to user comments and queries.

13. Web Design Business

Possessing web design skills positions you at an advantage in today’s digital-first business landscape. Extend your expertise to online businesses, enabling them to build user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing websites that effectively communicate their brand’s ethos and offerings.

14. Virtual Assistant

The role of a virtual assistant is diverse and always in demand. From meticulously managing inboxes to adeptly handling scheduling and beyond, the virtual space provides a plethora of opportunities.

To secure clients, you can either tap into online job platforms or establish a dedicated website highlighting your multifaceted virtual assistance services.

solopreneur virtual assistant

15. Freelance Writing

For the wordsmiths out there, freelance writing can be a fulfilling and profitable journey. Produce meticulously crafted articles, engaging blogs, or strategic content marketing pieces tailored to client specifications.

While the flexibility allows working with multiple brands simultaneously, you can also choose to focus on fostering deeper relationships with a select few.

16. E-commerce Seller

solopreneur business ideas -ecommerce seller

Venturing into e-commerce is both exciting and profitable. Launch and manage your very own online storefront, overseeing website optimization, innovative marketing strategies, and efficient inventory management.

To further ease operations, consider leveraging the services of fulfillment centers or adopting the dropshipping model, ensuring streamlined logistics and a seamless customer experience.

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17. Digital Marketing

solopreneur business ideas - digital marketing metrics on an iPAD

Offer various digital marketing services remotely, from PPC advertising to public relations. The startup costs are low; just market your services online to find companies who need your expertise.

18. Social Media Influencer

Having a substantial social media following can open doors to myriad opportunities. With a broad and engaged audience at your fingertips, collaborate with brands to craft authentic, resonating campaigns.

By understanding the unique preferences of your followers, tailor content that strikes a chord, ensuring not only increased visibility for brands but also enhanced trust and credibility for yourself.

19. Software Developer

Harness your coding prowess to design bespoke mobile apps and innovative software solutions tailored to specific client requirements. Work on a contractual basis with diverse businesses, offering solutions that drive their operational efficiency and customer engagement.

Additionally, visionary developers often take the entrepreneurial route, conceptualizing, developing, and marketing their proprietary software products, catering to both individual consumers and corporate clientele.

solopreneur affiliate marketing

20. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing involves posting links to products or services from other companies. Then you would earn a portion of each sale you direct to those sites. This is a great business option for bloggers and content creators, or those looking for an extra income stream for existing ventures.

Solopreneur Business Ideas: A Comparison

Business Idea Description Key Benefit
Pet Grooming Business Offer grooming services either via a mobile truck or by visiting clients’ homes. Tap into the rising trend of pet ownership.
House Cleaning Services Advertise cleaning skills locally, build a loyal clientele. Consistently in-demand service.
Graphic Designer Provide design solutions from home, enhancing brand aesthetics. Digital and remote opportunities.
Pet Sitting Business Start by tapping into personal networks, focus on word-of-mouth advertising. Potential for consistent clientele.
Event Planning Assist clients in planning various events, network with local vendors. Dynamic and diverse clientele possibilities.
Life Coach Offer transformative sessions either virtually or face-to-face. Deep engagement with clients.
Tutoring Business Specialize in a subject, partner with local schools. Enhance student performance and confidence.
Coffee Shop Business Run a coffee shop or mobile cart. Opportunities for community engagement.
Errand Service Offer to run everyday errands for a fee. Ideal for beginners.
Financial Consulting Business Offer tools and knowledge for businesses to manage finances. Expertise-driven.
Develop Online Courses Design courses for purchase, offer live sessions or Q&As. Passive income potential.
Manage Social Media Accounts Oversee content, campaigns, and engagement on client platforms. Lucrative in the digital age.
Web Design Business Create websites for businesses that communicate brand values. High demand in the digital world.
Virtual Assistant Offer diverse online tasks. High demand and variety of services.
Freelance Writing Craft articles, blogs, or marketing content for clients. Flexibility in client choice and topics.
E-commerce Seller Manage an online store, consider dropshipping or using fulfillment centers. High profitability with the right strategies.
Digital Marketing Offer PPC, PR, and other digital marketing services. Low startup costs and high demand.
Social Media Influencer Collaborate with brands for campaigns, resonate with a broad audience. Monetize a large audience.
Software Developer Design apps or software tailored to clients or sell proprietary software. Diverse earning opportunities.
Affiliate Marketer Promote other companies’ products/services and earn a commission. Ideal for content creators or as an extra income stream.
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What Are Examples of Solopreneurs?

At its core, a solopreneur is a unique blend of an individual’s entrepreneurial spirit and their chosen skill set, leading to the creation of a business entity where they wear all the hats.

The versatility of this business model means it spans across various industries and professions. Traditional in-person roles that lend themselves to solopreneurship include professions like independent consultants, therapists, photographers, or private tutors.

The digital age, however, has seen an explosion of online-centric solopreneur ventures.

This could be a virtual assistant offering administrative support to businesses globally, a digital marketer strategizing and executing campaigns for brands, a content creator producing videos, podcasts, or blogs, or a graphic designer bringing visuals to life for clients from different parts of the world.

The essence is the singular force driving the business, harnessing tools, and sometimes external collaboration to bring their vision to fruition.

Quick Guide to Solopreneur Business Opportunities

For those considering a solo venture, the following table provides a snapshot comparison of various solopreneur business ideas, focusing on the initial investment, platform preference, required skills, and potential revenue streams

Business Idea Initial Investment Online/Offline Required Skills Potential Revenue Stream
Pet Grooming Medium Offline Animal Care Service Charges
House Cleaning Services Low Offline Cleaning Service Charges
Graphic Designer Low Online Design Client Projects, Stock Sales
Pet Sitting Low Offline Animal Care Service Charges
Event Planning Medium Both Organization, Communication Event Fees
Life Coach Low Both Counseling, Communication Session Fees
Tutoring Low Both Expertise in Subject Session Fees
Coffee Shop High Offline Customer Service, Brewing Sales
Errand Service Low Offline Organization Service Charges
Financial Consulting Low Both Financial Knowledge Consultation Fees
Develop Online Courses Medium Online Expertise in Subject, Presentation Course Sales
Manage Social Media Low Online Social Media Knowledge Monthly Management Fees
Web Design Low Online Design, Coding Project Fees
Virtual Assistant Low Online Organization, Various Tasks Hourly/Package Rates
Freelance Writing Low Online Writing Per Article/Word Fees
E-commerce Seller Medium-High Online Marketing, Inventory Management Sales
Digital Marketing Low Online Marketing Knowledge Project/Management Fees
Social Media Influencer Low Online Social Media, Content Creation Brand Collaborations, Sponsored Posts
Software Developer Low-Medium Online Coding Contractual Projects, Product Sales
Affiliate Marketer Low Online Marketing, Content Creation Commission on Sales

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