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When it comes to finding website inspiration for your consulting business, the options can seem overwhelming. To make things easier, we’ve put together a shortlist of our favorite consulting websites and how they use design to deliver their message.

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We‘ll also provide some tips on how you can create an effective consulting website of your own. Let’s get started.

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1. McKinsey & Company

best consulting websites; McKinsey & Company

When it comes to consulting companies, McKinsey is one of the biggest players in the space. Because they are so well known, their site can focus on promoting what they have to say, instead of who they are. The company embraces this reality on its homepage.

I first see a hero image with a guide focused on AI. As I scroll, the site takes a two-column layout. There’s a bold headline on one side with a description. The other side has original artwork. I never feel overwhelmed when information is presented this cleanly.

What we like: The website’s professional design, clean layout, and impressive use of visuals immediately communicate the company’s commitment to innovation. The site provides valuable resources and informative content, positioning the company as a thought leader in the consulting space.

2. Accenture

best consulting websites; Accenture

Accenture’s website offers a wealth of information. Visitors can learn about their services, read compelling case studies, or gain insights from their podcasts. Showcasing this much information can be difficult. However, Accenture uses design to get it right.

They start with a bold headline, reading “Reinvent what your business could be.” The text shifts when I hover over it, making the experience interactive. Underneath, there are boxes with images and headlines. If I want to learn more, I just need to hover, and additional information slides into view.

What we like: Bold colors and dynamic layouts engage visitors. The clear navigation aids user experience, making it easy for potential clients to find what they’re looking for.

3. Boston Consulting Group

best consulting websites; Boston Consulting Group

The website of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a great example of simple, effective design. It showcases its wide array of services and industry expertise right on the homepage, making it easy for potential clients to understand what the company offers.

The consulting group also puts its blog on the home page. An easy-to-use carousel appears, showcasing recent articles.

What we like: BCG’s use of client testimonials adds authenticity and boosts credibility, effectively demonstrating its expertise in the consulting field.

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4. Bain & Company

best consulting websites; Bain & Co

Bain & Company offers a wide range of consulting services. Interested clients know that the firm can help them, but they may not know exactly how. Bain & Company’s designers kept this in mind when building its home page.

When you arrive, there’s a simple two-question quiz that you can take — no email or form required. You just select your industry and your business needs. The quiz then gives you three service options that might be what you need.

What we like: Bain & Company’s “Insights” section is filled with industry news and thought leadership articles, positioning them as a knowledgeable resource in the consulting space.

5. Deloitte

best consulting websites; Deloitte

Deloitte’s website is a gem when it comes to showcasing a wide range of consulting services. Its intuitive navigation and detailed service descriptions make it easy for visitors to find relevant offerings.

The site is also peppered with case studies, providing real-world examples of Deloitte’s impact and further evidencing their prowess in the consulting field.

What we like: The company puts its trending articles prominently in a sidebar. I can easily see what’s top-of-mind in the business community.

6. Booz Allen Hamilton

best consulting websites; Booz Allen Hamilton

The average internet user in the U.S. visits 130 web pages a day. Static, standard designs won’t capture anyone’s attention in this sea of content. That’s where motion and animation come into play.

Booz Allen Hamilton uses motion across its website. Instead of a static hero image, there’s a hero video of a pulsing network. As you scroll, headlines and case studies slide into view. Hovering over buttons has a slight zoom effect. I never lost interest in everything the page had to offer.

What we like: The use of success stories and client testimonials instills trust. This content also emphasizes the firm’s commitment to delivering value to its clients.

7. PwC

best consulting websites; PwC

PwC’s website combines a clean design with an efficient layout, making it a breeze for users to navigate. The home page starts with three of the most prominent PwC reports. Visitors know these are the most important stories for them to focus on. As you scroll, you can see other articles that span PwC’s area of expertise.

The site also offers value to those who want to work for the firm. There’s a section for careers, an area with distinguished alumni, and a way to see where offices are located.

What we like: PwC’s website segments information so it’s easy to navigate. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed.

8. EY

best consulting websites; EY

When building a website, simple choices in color and imagery can make a huge impact. Let’s look at EY for an example.

Before you scroll, the site loads a hero image with a dark overlay. The company’s white-and-yellow logo, as well as the story headline, clearly contrast with the dark colors. In the trending now section, headlines are in yellow, creating a sense of prominence.

In the “Supporting organizations across sectors” section, four sets of services are displayed over the same image. Most websites use grids with a different image per item. EY creates a sense of unity by using larger images across columns.

What we like: The EY website stands out with its sleek design and user-friendly interface. It effectively communicates the company’s global reach and diverse service offerings.


 best consulting websites; KPMG

The KPMG website is a great example of how to create an intuitive, user-friendly experience. Its bold visuals and concisely worded service descriptions make it easy for visitors to get a quick overview of what the firm offers. The inclusion of case studies further strengthens KPMG’s reputation as a top consulting firm.

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What we like: Images on the company’s homepage are all tinted or feature purples and lavender. This matches the brand’s colors.

10. IBM Global Business Services

best consulting websites; IBM

When I visit a website, I don’t always scroll down the homepage. Often, I just click on whatever option seems most relevant to me. IBM’s site features a table of contents directly on its home page to help impatient searchers like me.

I can quickly click on the benefits section to see stats on how IBM has helped clients. I can jump down to case studies so I can see IBM’s work in action. I can even see next steps, where I’ll learn how to contact the team.

What we like: IBM’s site prizes efficiency, showing they know the value of their clients’ time.

11. Cognizant

best consulting websites; Cognizant

Parallax scrolling means the background of a site appears stagnant while images in the foreground move. This technique can be used to add depth to websites. Appearing less frequently than completely static designs, parallax scrolling can catch visitors’ attention.

Cognizant uses this technique on its homepage. As you scroll, images of happy clients and a person pressing a button stay in place. Boxes with text showing the firm’s benefits appear with more information.

What we like: Parallax scrolling is used by cutting-edge web designers. I find this method elevates the user experience in a subtle way that makes a lasting impact.

12. Innosight

best consulting websites; innosight

As a consulting company, you likely have multiple forms of content across your sight. That can include blog posts, full-scale reports, webinars, podcasts, and more. This content is all aimed to spread your knowledge to your audience — no matter how they want to learn.

Innosight understands that not every visitor will want information the same way. On its homepage, the innovation consulting firm labels all of its featured resources by type. Visitors can quickly tell what they’re downloading and the type of content.

What we like: Different topics have different colors, distinguishing them from each other.

13. RHR International

best consulting websites; rhr international

RHR International is a leadership consulting firm with clients at large brands. Their site reinforces their presence in the industry. Animate text counts up from zero to 20,000+, showing how many leaders the business has developed. Logos from identifiable brands — like Airbnb and Coca-Cola — appear underneath.

The homepage also includes five icons with buttons so visitors can learn more. They cover the most prominent areas of the business, like optimizing leadership pipelines, building teams, and developing leaders through training.

Pro tip: If you have big, identifiable clients, include their logos and testimonials on your home page.

14. Heidrick & Struggles

best consulting websites; Heidrick & Struggles

Heidrick & Struggles is another site that has animation triggered on scroll — one of my favorite aspects of web design. When I begin moving down the homepage, the head becomes sticky, moving with me as I continue my journey.

Modern artwork with concentric circles also transforms. A blue dot follows me down, sliding into place in the next section, a portion of the website discussing executive search.

What we love: Moving elements of a site can guide users along, directing them to what they should read next.

15. Peoplism

best consulting websites; Peoplism

Peoplism is a DI&B consulting firm that has mastered design. The hero section of the site makes the most of font. The words “diverse,” “equitable,” and “inclusion” are in bold cursive. Light purple circles and arrows point to these words, asserting their importance.

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Then, a black-and-white puzzle appears with a missing section. As I scroll, the absent piece slides into place, and the image fills with color. This visual representation makes the benefits of a diverse organization tangible.

What we like: Peoplism places its most impressive stats on the home page. It’s one of the few places where light text appears over a black background, helping it stand out.

16. Yardstick Management

best consulting websites; Yardstick Management

On your consulting website, show the impact of your work; don’t just mention that you can make a difference. Yardstick Management provides a helpful role model. Their site opens with a hero section featuring videos of their clients. Here, you can see people from different backgrounds coming together, a great sign for a firm that offers diversity and inclusion consulting.

Further down, the site prominently features three impressive stats in bold:

  • 2.6 million individuals impacted globally.
  • 2,000+ minority C-level executives connected to clients.
  • 100% employees from marginalized backgrounds.

What we like: Yardstick Management provides data and visuals to show that their services make a difference.

17. Alvarez & Marsal (A&M)

best consulting websites; Alvarez and marshal

A&M is a consulting firm that offers advisory, performance improvement, and turnaround management services to businesses. The firm’s web team creates a compelling experience on the homepage for visitors to learn about the business.

A hero image transitions with a crossfade to show featured resources from the firm. As you scroll, you see an intuitive list of services the business offers.

What we like: Your site does not need every bell and whistle to stand out. Clean, simple navigation can also enhance the user experience.


best consulting websites; IQVIA

IQVIA is another site that harnesses the power of animation to keep the visitor engaged. As you scroll down, pill-shaped containers slide in that feature videos. When clicked, users can learn more about different aspects of the business. And it’s not just videos; every image slides in with clean transitions.

What we like: Animation presents information in a certain order. I was not visually bombarded with every image at once. Instead, the experience was paced out for me.

19. ERM (Environmental Resources Management)

best consulting websites; ERM (Environmental Resources Management)

The imagery on your website should reflect the values of your brand. ERM gets it right. This consulting firm focuses on sustainability, a mission reinforced by the photographs featured on its homepage. That includes images of wind power, green trees, farmers, and green skies.

ERM’s 2023 sustainability report is also prominently featured on its homepage. This gives visitors the ability to see important trends right away.

What we like: Instead of a busy header section, there are only five resources featured. Visitors can click on each to learn more, instead of a cluttered, automatic carousel.

20. Just Roots

best consulting websites; just roots

Just Roots is a certified LGBT enterprise focused on workplace equity. The site opens with a mission statement that describes what the organization champions. This makes it easy for visitors to learn about the firm right away.

The homepage also prominently features testimonials from people who have worked with Just Roots. This helps potential clients envision themselves working successfully with the brand.

What we like: Just Roots integrates their Instagram on their site, allowing for frequent updates from the firm.

Building a Site to Reflect Your Firm

Creating an effective consulting website is a multi-step process that requires careful planning and execution. These examples showcase how organizations use their online platforms to promote their mission, share success stories, and provide valuable resources.

Remember, your website is a reflection of your brand, so take the time to create something that embodies the values of your consulting business. Keep refining, and your website can become one of your most powerful business tools.

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