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There are many unique franchising opportunities available that could set you up for business success. We’re all used to seeing the typical franchise options of coffee shops and food, but what if you pursued something a little different? The past few years have seen an increase in franchising possibilities, and we’ll go through some of the more exciting and weird franchises you can consider.

Why it’s the Perfect Way to Start Your Own Business

weird franchises

Starting a franchise can be an exciting venture for entrepreneurs looking to establish their own businesses with the support of an established brand. Here are five reasons why opting for a weird or unique franchise could be the perfect way to start your own business:

  • Brand Recognition: Even unique franchises often come with established brand recognition, which can immediately attract customers and lend credibility to your business.
  • Stand Out from the Competition: By choosing a franchise that’s out of the ordinary, you set yourself apart from the competition, offering something they can’t.
  • Innovative Offerings: Weird franchises are often at the cutting edge of their market, offering innovative products or services that draw in a diverse clientele.
  • Comprehensive Support: Franchisors typically offer extensive training and support, which is invaluable for businesses with unconventional concepts.
  • Marketing Leverage: Unique franchises usually have unique marketing angles and built-in customer appeal, making promotional efforts more impactful and often more viral.
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Our Methodology to Choose these Unique Franchises

When evaluating franchises that fall into the “weird” or unconventional category, we step outside the traditional franchise mold to consider the unique appeal and potential of these businesses. Here’s how we approach the assessment:

Uniqueness and Niche Appeal (Rating: 5/5)

We look for franchises that offer a distinctive concept or cater to a niche market, as the novelty factor can be a significant draw for customers seeking a unique experience or service.

Market Differentiation (Rating: 5/5)

A weird franchise should stand out in the marketplace. We consider how well the franchise differentiates itself from conventional competitors and how it captures the interest of its target audience.

Scalability (Rating: 4/5)

Even the most unconventional business should have room to grow. We assess the scalability of the franchise, considering whether the concept can be successfully replicated and expanded.

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Brand Story and Marketing (Rating: 4/5)

A compelling brand story that resonates with consumers is vital for weird franchises. We evaluate the strength of the brand narrative and the franchisor’s marketing support to franchisees.

Profitability (Rating: 4/5)

Despite their oddity, these franchises must still make financial sense. We analyze their profitability, taking into account their operational costs and revenue potential.

Customer Experience (Rating: 4/5)

We consider the customer experience, which is particularly important for weird franchises. The business should offer a memorable and positive experience that encourages repeat visits and word-of-mouth referrals.

Training and Support (Rating: 3/5)

Franchisees will need guidance to navigate the peculiarities of an unconventional business model. We rate the quality and extent of training and ongoing support provided by the franchisor.

Adaptability (Rating: 3/5)

The capacity to adapt to changing trends and customer preferences is crucial, especially for franchises with a unique angle. We look at how the franchise stays relevant and adapts to the evolving market.

By applying these criteria, we aim to highlight weird franchise opportunities that are not only intriguing and distinct but also viable and sustainable as business ventures.

Check Out These Truly Unique Franchise Opportunities

There are many interesting franchise opportunities out there for a business owner to consider, and they can be an excellent idea for a new business. If you’re considering pursuing a genuinely unique franchise, here are some weird options that will get you thinking and perhaps even inspire you to take the next step.

1. The Spice and Tea Exchange

The Spice and Tea Exchange is an interesting option if you’re looking for something to cater to a niche market. The business model mimics other franchises in many ways since you essentially own a retail store selling specialty teas and spices.

In addition, the franchisee invests in its owners by offering learning and development, including a training school where staff works with the owner to help them feel more confident in the business.

2. Wild Birds Unlimited

weird franchises

Wild Birds Unlimited could be a great opportunity for nature lovers seeking a niche market franchise. Bird feeding, including wild bird feeding, has become an increasingly popular activity, especially with more people working from home.

It’s a unique proposition that could end up being successful. The year’s average gross sales at Wild Birds Unlimited are about $750k and up. The franchise fee is $40,000, with additional startup costs ranging between 190k-200k.

3. We Do Lines

We Do Lines is a bit odd, as it involves parking lot striping. All those uniform lines you see in parking lots will likely come from this business. We Do Lines weird franchises lend themselves to a funny name that sticks out for customers and business owners, and it’s definitely a unique franchise opportunity.

The franchise currently has many Connecticut locations and is looking to expand into parking lot striping and maintenance for the region. You can schedule an initial call to learn more about the franchise and what it can offer you.

4. Soccer Shots

weird franchises

Soccer Shots was developed to make sports more accessible by providing a service that teaches basic soccer skills in different locations, such as community centers. Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s experience in the world of physical fitness, which is often rare in today’s world.

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For owners looking to be hands-on, this could be the right opportunity. The franchise process starts through a call with the head office to learn more about available locations and initial investment.

5. K-9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel

K-9 Resorts is a growing pet care niche franchise that offers premium pampering and boarding services for dogs. Franchise owners can set up their own pet hotel through the K-9 franchise, which has won awards in the pet care segment in International Franchise Association awards.

Locations have grossed an average of a million dollars in sales and are currently seeking to grow their business, so this could be the right fit for a serial entrepreneur.

6. SnorePro

Another one to consider when looking at weird franchise opportunities is SnorePro. The business model consists of creating custom-made oral appliances that are designed to help stop snoring. The marketing materials provided by the business have a lot of great content to work off, and there is a clear demand for the product, as franchises are currently all around the world.

7. Bed Bug Chasers

Pest control tends to be a low-investment franchise like Bed Bug Chasers that yields good results, so it’s definitely one to consider. It tends to involve being in a more fast-paced environment. It is worth going through the franchising discovery process to understand what’s needed, including a pest control license and investment needed.

8. Mosquito Squad

weird franchises

Another pest control option is a franchise like Mosquito Squad, which has a very clear proposition. The franchise operates by providing a barrier protection spray program to homes and businesses dealing with mosquitos and comes with powerful marketing content to help the business gain more customers.

9. Christmas Decor

A bit of an odd one, Christmas Decor isn’t like other franchisees you might have encountered. Christmas Decor consists of weird franchises focusing on Christmas decorations, including providing services like professional holiday decorators. It is associated with low startup costs since it’s more of a seasonal business, and it’s easy to get the company up and running.

10. Bio-One

Bio-One is not for the faint of heart or for those with queasy stomachs. This weird franchise focuses on providing cleanup services for crime scenes and biohazard areas.

There is a lot of safety gear and niche knowledge involved with a franchise system like this one, but it’s a niche offering that’s extremely necessary.

11. DoodyCalls

DoodyCalls is a pet waste removal franchise that offers pooper scooper services. Although perhaps an odd service offer, it’s just a business opportunity that can become very popular in suburban and urban areas. As pet ownership increases, this might be the type of franchise that could be worth the investment.

12. Anger Room

Franchises like iSMASH have become increasingly popular because it’s just what people need at the moment: A place to get their anger and frustration out. People come in, quite literally, to break stuff. They smash donated items and junk collected by the location as a form of entertainment, and the business has grown enough to necessitate franchise development options for other entrepreneurs looking to get in on this.

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13. Cereality

For a food franchise option, Cereality is an interesting one. The concept is a cereal bar, and their menu choice offers cheerios and two brand-name bowls of cereal with toppings. Employees wear pajamas while creating the mixtures to give that cozy home feeling. Like others on the list, it has low startup costs, and it invokes a sense of nostalgia that customers can’t quite resist.

14. Nutty Scientists

Nutty Scientists are changing the STEM education world through their innovative business model. They offer tons of after-school programs, summer camps, and other activities for children using the Nutty Scientist method of experimentation, participation, and fun! It’s one of the top children’s franchises available and doesn’t come with a big initial cash outlay like many of the other franchise options.

15. Batteries Plus

Batteries Plus is a one-stop destination for rechargeable batteries, like the ones in your mobile phone. They also offer other types of rechargeable batteries and services such as cell phone repair, lighting, and other hard-to-find repair services. It’s a truly niche market, but there is a lot of potential in it because of the type of device repairs the franchise offers.

16. Big Frog Custom T-Shirts

Custom shirts and apparel are one of the more enticing franchise opportunities for new and established business owners. Big Frog Custom T-shirts is a perfect entry into that world since it’s a well-liked brand with solid product offerings. Products include custom apparel in fabrics like wool, cotton, fleece, and even customized branded clothing available for customers.

Unique Franchise Opportunities Summary

Franchise Niche Market Unique Selling Point
The Spice and Tea Exchange Specialty teas and spices Learning and development, training school
Wild Birds Unlimited Wild bird feeding Nature-focused, high average gross sales
We Do Lines Parking lot striping Unique service, memorable brand
Soccer Shots Children’s soccer programs Engaging children’s fitness experiences
K-9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel Pet pampering and boarding Award-winning pet care, high sales average
SnorePro Custom oral appliances to stop snoring Unique health solution, worldwide presence
Bed Bug Chasers Pest control Specific niche in pest control
Mosquito Squad Mosquito barrier protection Clear proposition, strong marketing
Christmas Decor Professional holiday decorating Seasonal business, easy setup
Bio-One Crime scene and biohazard cleanup Niche cleanup service, safety-focused
DoodyCalls Pet waste removal Growing demand in pet services
Anger Room Destruction/anger release service Unique entertainment, cathartic experiences
Cereality Cereal bar Unique food concept, nostalgic appeal
Nutty Scientists STEM education for children Innovative education method, low initial investment
Batteries Plus Battery and device repairs One-stop battery shop, diverse repair services
Big Frog Custom T-Shirts Custom apparel Wide range of fabrics, personalized branding services

Which Non-Conventional Franchise Business Model is Best?

weired franchise

There are many types of non-conventional businesses that you can consider. When evaluating options, consider what’s a good fit for you based on prior experience and education. For example, is a niche area, such as pet care or education, that you feel particularly passionate about?

That could be a good start. You’ll also need to consider if there are any competitors in the area offering similar services and how your price points would compete with those for profitability. You will also need to consider whether there is a market need or demand for the product and what kind of gap your business could fill in the local business landscape. Projections can help you understand how your initial investment could fare and what kind of earnings you could expect to see within the first few years of operations.

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