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Static websites are easy to create, cost-effective, and search engine-friendly. Ideal for SMBs, consultancies, and anyone seeking a practical, efficient, and budget-friendly solution. By the way, a static website doesn’t mean a non-engaging one. It contains all the necessary features and can be as artistic and elegant as a dynamic website.

two people designing a static website

In this post, we’re handpicking 16 static website examples and exploring what makes them stand out, so you can be inspired to build a stunning website from the get-go.

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1. Nathaniel Koloc

Nathaniel Koloc static website example

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to showcase your portfolio in a simple yet artistic way, this website sets a great example. Its one-page design serves as a creative resume, skillfully organizing and presenting all experiences and information in an attractive and coherent way.

The user-friendly hamburger menu swiftly navigates you to the relevant sections.

What we like: The creative hero image blends the clean background with soft colors. It manages to provide all the necessary details without overwhelming clutter.

2. Gruev

An example of a web designer’s static website

Here‘s another impressive portfolio design. The designer’s talents shine through the thoughtful black-and-white color scheme and the use of colored images of completed projects, which add sophistication to the overall look.

One noteworthy feature is the text that smoothly appears and disappears on the screen while navigating the menu. It’s a creative use of space and guides you to different sections without any sliding on obvious transitioning sections.

The portfolio images are presented in a broken grid layout. You’ll also notice that the cursor changes color dynamically as you hover over elements, adding a playful touch to the browsing experience.

What we like: The portfolio takes a unique approach by implementing the hamburger concept in its sections. You can click to enlarge and delve into the details of the designer’s resume.


COLLINS static website example

Every section and page on this consultancy website flaunts an imaginative design. When you interact with images, they change positions, adding an element of interactivity to the experience. The fullscreen, colorful project displays against a plain backdrop look artistic.

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On their “Ideas” page, you‘ll see creative, beautiful, translucent images that appear as you scroll. Even the page transitions feel like you’re switching between different channels.

What we like: You’ll uncover many pleasant surprises that pop up as you scroll through. Also, there’s an “up” button on their homepage that keeps rolling like a wheel as you scroll down.

4. TwitchCon

TwitchCon static website example

The dedicated website for a gaming convention keeps things simple with just text, icons, and promotional videos. Most of its interactive elements are navigation buttons cleverly designed as hyperlinks. These links do more than just take you to a new page — they also whisk you away to Twitch’s blog and the main website.

Because Twitch offers most of its info on those other sites, this website doesn’t need many pages, keeping the static site super light and quick regarding its loading time.

What we like: The simple page design, coupled with the playful, candy-like, dynamic hero video, directs your attention to the website’s objective.

5. Steven Mengin

Steven Mengin static website example

This website is a standout portfolio with the clever use of the GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP).

Right from when you hit the homepage, the hero header pulls you in with a captivating animated background.

Different projects are revealed with smooth transitions as you scroll, and the vibrant colored images really pop against the backdrop of a chic black theme. Click on projects to view details and more images. This design truly radiates elegance.

What we like: Project images create a delightful ripple effect as you scroll past them. It’s a small touch, but it adds a level of interactivity to wow the visitors.

6. Loops 3.0

Loops 3.0 static website example

This website has many captivating elements, like responsive buttons, scroll-triggered image transitions, and live backgrounds. Stunning 3D hero images and videos highlight product features in detail.

The homepage is split into different, super-creative sections, each with its own unique layout. Most of the homepage has a black, blue, and red theme. But that changes in the middle, where dynamic videos are displayed in a simple grid layout.

What we like: The limited amount of text content on the page with huge bold text conveys clear messaging and looks appealing.

7. Hungry Book

Hungry Book static website example

The Hungry Book website is about B&W elegance.

The responsive images and text activate as you glide over them. The vivid images rise above against a black backdrop. Between the line pattern backgrounds, sliding text, and floating graphics, this website stands out with its signature design.

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What we like: The gliding headers look riveting and are a nice touch. It’s got a minimalist design with just a dash of color—a real winner in our book.

8. Banana Blossom Salads

Banana Blossom static website example

Banana Blossom promotes fresh and healthy eating. Switching from full-wide sections to image carousels, to videos, and even split-screen sections, this website is all about having fun and playing around. Micro-interactions, parallax scrolling, and the use of hovering animations breathe life into the experience.

The site is easy on the eyes, with a bright and attractive color palette and high-quality images and videos that look alive due to smart graphics. Your cursor becomes a small circled window that displays the screen with a monochrome effect, making scrolling more fun.

What we like: The cursor turns into the read button as you browse above their blog section. Pretty cool!

9. Alan Menken

Alan Menkin static website example

This website excellently displays the artist’s lifelong work through a mesmerizing and tuneful website. Launching with a captivating video, the website creates an unforgettable experience. The homepage seems static till you start scrolling. Each colorless strip comes to life with a video.

They use an interactive drop-down overlay menu, a blend of animated buttons and fade-in images, and graphics to keep you scrolling. An extremely creative and unique way to showcase your portfolio.

What we like: A scrollable side menu option that doesn’t disturb the rest of the page.

10. Gleec Chat

Gleec Chat static website examples

Take a trip through a virtual space with this creative website for the Gleec Chat app. The hover-triggered live background, coupled with a simplistic color combination and dot navigation, makes for a compelling and collaborative experience.

This is where art meets technology with pointillism-based creative images and gamification in mind. Perfect for sites with limited content and a single marketing goal.

What we like: From the cursor to scrolls to all CTAs, the interactivity is at its best. The smooth transitioning sections give a video-like feel as you scroll through their homepage.

11. Jack Fielding

Jack Fielding static website examples

This portfolio website rocks a sleek and practical design. Right off the bat, the high-quality image slideshow breathes life into the view and clearly displays the actor’s talents. The slide-up text against that dark background is a real eye-catcher.

The mix of different grid section layouts adds a nice touch of variety to the homepage.

What we like: The navigation links seamlessly take you to the relevant information.

12. Studio MPLS

Studio MPLS static website examples

This packaging company’s website really knows how to impress. It has live images, a scroll-triggered screen reveal, and a clean, uncluttered background. It’s a fantastic platform for showcasing products and giving important features the spotlight they deserve.

As you navigate through the site, you’ll notice how smoothly pages transition. The high-quality product images are a real showstopper. Each image weaves a story about the client and their project.

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What we like: You’ll find images from every angle, showcasing different color combinations so that buyers can make an informed decision.

13. MBC Creative

MBC Creative website exampleThis website has a one-of-a-kind design featuring animated graphics that accompany you as you explore. It kicks off with a dynamic hero image, where the brand name stands out, and small, charming illustrations fall gracefully onto the scene. The soft, beautiful colors add to the allure.

Design, a strategy-driven design company, naturally has a one-of-a-kind website with a visual hierarchy. The hero header looks gorgeous with the stunning animated illustrations.

The transitions between sections are sleek, complemented by striking hero images and hand-selected copy. Additionally, it has an inventive cursor design, includes handy social media links, and offers a sleek off-canvas menu.

The menu takes over the page with a wave effect, accompanied by an adorable dog animation. Other pages are designed just as creatively with illustrative graphics and necessary details.

What we like: As you scroll around the homepage, engaging graphics follow you around, making the experience more interactive.

14. Majestyk

Majestyk static website example

This website for the digital products studio company has a distinctive and imaginative design. Much like the other websites on this list, it starts with a captivating hero header complete with a creative logo, an engaging headline, an informative CTA, and a brand photo. They showcase their portfolio through a timeline layout, which looks very innovative.

What we like: Parallax scrolling and scroll-sensitive sections and images bring a playful touch.

15. Jay Pharoah

Jay Pharoah static website example

This website uses simple animation effects to create a fun user experience.

Vibrant background colors coupled with animated headings and images make every section stand out. The color combination is elegant and changes for most sections. A simple navigation menu keeps things simple yet practical.

This is an excellent example to follow if you want a decent and elegant portfolio

What we like: CTA is highlighted and in boiled text throughout the website.

16. Braun

Braun static website example

Braun’s website‘s a straight shooter. It‘s got a mix of various sections, switching between single-section layouts and multi-section formats, making it perfect for product display. There’s a nifty section with image transitions that lets you swipe through their product lineup.

What we like: Their timeline page is elegantly crafted to take you on a journey through Braun‘s history, all the way back to 1919. What’s cool is that each image on this timeline is clickable. Click one, and you’ll find detailed product descriptions and striking high-quality images—all without leaving the same page.

Ready to build your own static website?

From simple designs to animated landscapes, choose what suits you and your needs best. Whether you’re a brand looking to build a simple company website, an informational website, or even an individual who wants an online resume. These static website design examples have got you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get building.

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