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The best plumbing apps are just as important for a toolbox as pliers and wrenches. These essential tools help a professional plumber with everything from pipe dimensions to payroll reports and invoices. Below, we’ve compiled a list of plumbing apps specifically designed to streamline your business operations. These apps will not only save you time but also assist in efficiently managing your projects.

How Much Money Do Plumbers Make?

So, how much money do plumbers make you may be wondering. The income of plumbers can vary significantly depending on factors such as location, level of experience, specialization, and whether they are self-employed or work for a plumbing company.

According to a U.S. News & World Report article on plumbing careers, plumbers earned a median annual income of $59,880 in 2021, with the top 25% of earners making $77,890 and the bottom 25% earning $46,590 during that year. However, experienced plumbers in high-demand areas or those with specialized skills can earn considerably more, often surpassing six figures.

It’s important to note that plumbing can be a lucrative career, but earnings can vary widely, and success often depends on factors like reputation, reliability, and the ability to secure consistent work.

Also, here are some tips from @NSBulders to make your projects go smoother:

What is a Plumbing App?

A Plumbing App is a specialized software tool designed to assist plumbing businesses, both small and large, in efficiently managing various aspects of their operations. These applications are tailored to the unique needs of plumbers, helping them streamline their workflow and improve overall productivity. Some of the primary goals of plumbing apps are as follows:

  1. Task Management: Plumbing apps aim to simplify task management for small business owners. They help with critical functions such as dispatching, scheduling appointments, and assigning tasks to field technicians. This ensures that jobs are allocated effectively and completed in a timely manner.
  2. Utility and Reference: Many plumbing apps include utility features that provide access to essential plumbing formulas, piping calculations, and water flow calculations. These tools assist plumbers in making accurate measurements and calculations during their work, ensuring compliance with industry standards.
  3. Customer Communication: Effective communication with customers is crucial for any plumbing business. Plumbing apps often offer features that facilitate communication, such as sending notifications, updates, and reminders to clients. This helps in building trust and maintaining good customer relationships.
  4. Employee Time Tracking: To monitor and manage the working hours of field technicians, plumbing apps offer employee time tracking functionalities. This feature enables businesses to ensure accurate payroll processing and efficient resource allocation.
  5. Comprehensive Features: The best plumbing apps provide a wide range of features that cater to the diverse needs of plumbing professionals. These features may include invoicing, payment processing, reporting, inventory management, and more, allowing businesses to handle various aspects of their operations within a single application.
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Plumbing App Benefits

A plumbing company can get many benefits from an all-in-one app. Here are five notable benefits.

1. Calculate Bids Quickly

Plumbing apps simplify the bidding process by providing easy access to historical data on labor and equipment costs, enabling faster and more accurate job cost estimation.

2. Get Paid Faster

best plumbing apps - plumber giving thumbs up

Getting paid faster is always a plus, right? Plumbing apps enhance cash flow management with the ability to accept credit card payments directly through the app. This advantage ensures prompt payment from clients.

3. Efficient Job Scheduling

Streamline job scheduling using color-coded calendars and task assignments to field technicians, reducing scheduling conflicts and improving organization.

4. Optimize Routes

Minimize operational costs by optimizing travel routes, reducing travel time and fuel expenses. Ensure compatibility with your mobile device for efficient navigation.

5. Enhanced Customer Engagement

best plumbing apps - plumber shaking hand with customer

Quality plumbing apps facilitate effective customer engagement by sending pre-visit emails, providing text message notifications when technicians are en route, and automating follow-up and rebooking messages. This enhances customer satisfaction and strengthens client relationships.

How We Selected the Best Plumbing Apps: Essential Criteria for Small Business Owners

When choosing a plumbing app, it’s essential to consider features that align with the practical needs of a plumbing business, from task management to customer communication. Here’s our guide on what went into choosing the apps for this review, along with an importance rating for each criterion:

  1. Task Management (Dispatching and Scheduling) (Rating: 10/10)

    • Efficient job scheduling and dispatch features.
    • Ability to assign jobs and service calls easily.
  2. Customer Communication and Management (Rating: 9/10)

    • Features for sending appointment reminders and follow-up messages.
    • Tools for managing customer information and history.
  3. Bid Calculation and Invoicing (Rating: 9/10)

    • Quick and easy bid calculation based on past data.
    • Ability to create, send, and track invoices directly from the app.
  4. Payment Processing and Cash Flow Management (Rating: 8/10)

    • Integrated payment processing for credit card payments.
    • Features to keep the cash flow moving and get paid faster.
  5. Route Optimization (Rating: 7/10)

    • Tools to reduce travel time and optimize routes.
    • Compatibility with mobile devices for on-the-go access.
  6. Reference and Resource Tools (Rating: 6/10)

    • Access to plumbing formulas, codes, and technical data.
    • Features like pipe size calculators and material specs.
  7. Integration with Other Business Software (Rating: 8/10)

    • Ability to sync with accounting software like QuickBooks.
    • Integration with other relevant business and CRM tools.
  8. Cost and Subscription Model (Rating: 6/10)

    • Transparent and affordable pricing plans.
    • Options for scalability as the business grows.
  9. User Interface and Usability (Rating: 9/10)

    • Easy-to-navigate interface suitable for fieldwork.
    • Mobile compatibility for on-site use.
  10. Training and Customer Support (Rating: 7/10)

    • Availability of training resources and tutorials.
    • Access to customer support for troubleshooting.

Each criterion is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most critical. These factors are specifically tailored to meet the demands of plumbing businesses, ensuring that the app you choose not only assists in daily operations but also contributes to business growth and customer satisfaction.

Best Reference Apps for a Plumbing Business

The plumbing industry has many good choices when it comes to apps. Some of the better ones have free resources. Even the best free apps can help streamline your business.

1. Plumbing Formulator App

As the name suggests, the Plumbing Formulator has formulas for plumbers. One hundred and twenty of them.

Great for tradespeople looking to stay in line with a uniform plumbing code. And an international plumbing code and national standard plumbing code.

Some of the formulas include water flow, numbers on plastic piping, and water velocity

Dozens of plumbing charts are added. It’s updated to stay on top of major plumbing codes.


2. Copper Tube Handbook

The Copper Development Association produced this. Great for plumbers using copper piping systems.

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Built for the iPad and free for the first 10,000 users.

3. Electrical Wiring Lite

Plumbers need to wear several trades hats. For example, plumbing engineers should know basic electrical wiring to steer clear of issues.


4. Pipe Trades Pro Calculator

Pipe trades pro is one of the better reference plumbing apps. Worth the money from the Google Play store at $24.99. Solves pipe design and layout issues that plumbers face on a daily project-by-project basis. This is a practical product that can help with the day-to-day of working as a plumber.


5. Pipe and Fitting

Full of technical data that helps on job sites. Provides info like pipe size numbers, pipe material specs, and pipe calculations. Important joining methods are included too.

A good way to see any job through to completion is having the right resources. This app includes important information on things like gasket and pipe flange dimensions. You can save money on any plumbing project by having this kind of information at your fingertips.

6. EasyMeasure

This is one of the best plumbing apps on Google Play. Measure objects are seen through the camera of any Android device without a ruler or tape measure.

This product replaces a tape measure in more ways than one. For example, measurements taken can even determine the width and height of an object. Plumbers can take advantage of a 3-D augmented reality grid.

There are some other excellent features plumbers should know about. Like the ability to share different results on Twitter, Facebook, or by email. That’s an excellent add-on for remote work that needs to order parts and types from a central location.




7. Bubble Level

Plumbing contractors take note. Designed for Android devices, this app is simple to use, accurate and handy. Moreover, features such as a tilt indicator will work well for your plumbing business. It’s cheap too, with a price tag of $1.99 to $2.99.

This is an important app for plumbers who are joining pipes together. They need to make sure the water is flowing the right way.


Best Business Plumbing Apps

The best plumbing apps also help people in the trade to run their businesses efficiently. Here are a few that will help with business operations.

8. QuickBooks for Plumbers

Lots of features here that will help you when you have multiple jobs.

Send and track invoices and take pictures of receipts for invoices.

This is a good business app that covers iOS and Android devices.

This is a great product for invoicing because it does several things well. You can accept mobile payments and online payments as well as credit cards and cash.

9. FieldEdge

This is a fitting app when you need to do a lot of scheduling Great features like the ability to sync to Quickbooks. Another one of the business apps with a mobile CRM option.

This software offers a number of different features that are unique. One matches up your marketing spend to sales revenue to see how many prospects you’re actually converting.

If you have a small plumbing business, you can get a snapshot of company financials with this software.


10. Connecteam

This app calculates a few different things. The free trial includes an equipment inspection checklist. Never lose another tape measure. Free trial and a basic plan at $39 monthly.

Manage the tasks that you assigned to employees with this software. There is also an HR and people management widget as well as an employee time clock.

11. Jobber

Manage a customer list in one place. New customers to your plumbing contracting business can book through your Facebook page.

Plumbers can take advantage of the one-on-one coaching service this software offers. It’s unlimited and offered through email, phone, and live chat.

12. ServiceTitan

This is one of the best apps. Set up flat rates for your plumbing business. Integrated processing so your bank account and payroll line up.

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Handy Mobile Apps for Plumbing Contractors

A Handy Plumbing app makes life easier for those running plumbing businesses. And those looking for these skilled experts. This app covers over 30 international cities.

Here are some other apps for plumbers that make a difference.

13. Code Snap UPC

Good apps for plumbers need to be specific. This one offers many plumbing charts and costs $7.99 for iOS users. This essential reference guide is great for national electrical code standards. And various plumbing systems design tables.


Good apps for plumbers need to include features that work on the job site. This one has payments and invoicing. Plus streamlined quoting.

15. Knowify

One of the best plumbing apps for commercial plumbers. Get project management and excellent reporting.


16. Commusoft

Put together custom estimates right from the job site. Include pipe layouts and other parts for any given plumbing system. This one syncs in real-time with your mobile device and tablets.

Comparison of Best Reference Apps for a Plumbing Business

What follows is a convenient overview of the best reference apps tailored for plumbing businesses:

App Name Description Key Features Pricing
Plumbing Formulator App Provides plumbing formulas and charts for uniform plumbing codes 120+ formulas, charts, code compliance Free and paid options
Copper Tube Handbook Designed for plumbers using copper piping systems Free for the first 10,000 users Free
Electrical Wiring Lite Helps plumbers with basic electrical knowledge Basic electrical wiring reference Free
Pipe Trades Pro Calculator Solves pipe design and layout issues Pipe design and layout calculations $24.99
Pipe and Fitting Offers technical data for plumbing job sites Pipe size, material specs, calculations Free
EasyMeasure Measure objects using augmented reality 3-D augmented reality grid, sharing features Free and paid options
Bubble Level Provides a level and tilt indicator for plumbing projects Level and tilt indicator, inexpensive $1.99 to $2.99
QuickBooks for Plumbers Helps with invoicing, receipt tracking, and payments Invoicing, receipt tracking, payment options Subscription-based
FieldEdge Offers scheduling and CRM features for plumbing businesses Scheduling, CRM, financial tracking Subscription-based
Connecteam Includes equipment inspection checklist and HR features Employee task management, HR features Free trial, $39/month
Jobber Manages customer list and offers coaching services Customer management, coaching services Subscription-based
ServiceTitan Set up flat rates and integrate processing for plumbing businesses Flat rate setup, integrated processing Pricing on request
Handy Plumbing App Covers over 30 international cities for plumbing services Service listings for international cities Free
Code Snap UPC Offers plumbing charts and references for national electrical codes Plumbing charts, code references $7.99 (iOS)
simPRO Provides payments, invoicing, and quoting features for plumbing jobs Payments, invoicing, quoting Pricing on request
Knowify Offers project management and reporting for commercial plumbers Project management, reporting Pricing on request
Commusoft Allows custom estimates and pipe layouts from the job site Custom estimates, real-time sync Pricing on request

How to Choose the Best Plumbing App for Your Business

how to choose the best plumbing apps

Each plumbing business might need a different app. There’s more to getting one that works than just a user-friendly interface. Here are some tips to get the one that suits your enterprise.

Look For Automation

A good app needs to automate business processes and workflows. Look for one that can manage and schedule times and locations.

Automation can help your plumbing business in several different ways. It can improve transparency and accountability and make data recording more accurate at the same time.

Look For Upgrades

Like a pro version that can create field estimates. And proposals with options and pictures. The upgrades might cost a little more, but they’re worth it.

For example, one that has a sales component is a good idea. Look for something that can send quotes to new prospects in your area.

Finding an upgrade that asks for online reviews takes care of some of the marketing.

Look For Compatibility

Technical data is important. To get numbers on room dimensions, wall thickness, etc. But the app should be able to sync with others. Like route4me route planner.

There’s also a financial aspect you need to look at. Compatibility should include other apps like Quickbooks.

What is the best plumber app?

Best plumbing apps - housecall pro

Looking for the best app for your plumbing business? Housecall Pro checks all the boxes.

Get this one on Android and iOS. There’s a free trial. What separates this from the competition are the features that you can get.

It accepts credit cards on the go and you can dispatch and schedule jobs. You can also take advantage of other great features like the ability to create and send updated invoices.

Runner up is The Plumbing Formulator if you’re looking for a resource.

What is the best free plumbing app?

Free apps don’t always have all of the same features. But they can help get jobs done for people working in the pipe trades.

The best one is ServiceTitan Mobile. This free app can be found on Android and iOS.

There are lots of features like tiered estimates. This is important when you’re putting together estimates in the field on bigger jobs.

Finally, maybe plumbing isn’t for you. If that’s the case, check out these other service business ideas.

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