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Some businesses are already experienced with influencer marketing. And others may wonder ‘what is Cameo and how can influencers impact my business?’ But no matter your level of experience, working with trusted content creators can help you make a real impression on your target audience. If you sell products to moms, the following top Mom influencers may be ideal for your next campaign.

What is a Mom Influencer?

Before diving into mom influencers, it’s probably beneficial to answer “what’s an influencer?” An influencer is anyone who has clout with a particular audience. In the marketing sense, this usually means a social media personality or content creator.

Mom influencers are mothers who have carved out a unique niche in the social media landscape. They share their experiences, insights, and tips on parenting, family life, and sometimes broader lifestyle topics.

Their content typically includes day-to-day parenting adventures, product recommendations, and advice on various aspects of motherhood and family life. By building a dedicated online following, mom influencers establish a platform that resonates with other parents and caregivers.

Brands often partner with these influencers to promote products and services related to parenting, children’s products, home management, and family-oriented experiences.

Their relatability and authenticity make them valuable partners for companies looking to connect with family-focused audiences.

top mom influencers

Why You Should Consider Partnering with a Mom Influencer

If you’re considering partnering with a mom on the list below for any upcoming influencer campaigns, here are some potential benefits to your business:

  • Expand your audience: Influencers usually have sizable audiences. They may have more followers than your own accounts, which can help you get products or offerings in front of more or new eyes.
  • Build trust: Moms often trust the word of other moms over generic marketing messages. Your pitch almost certainly means more coming from a trusted influencer than it would from your brand account.
  • Create unique stories: Content creators specialize in showing products or brands in the context of a real family. These stories may make your branded content more memorable and provide ideas your team wouldn’t have thought of without a real customer creating content.
  • Increase engagement: Engagement like comments and likes can help your content reach more people. Working with influencers may direct more relevant people to your account. Or you may host a giveaway or similar promotion to get more of this activity.
  • Learn about your audience: Mom influencers interact with other moms online daily. So they may provide valuable insights about your audience that you can use on other campaigns as well.

top mom influencers

Our Methodology: How We Identified the Top Mom Influencers

In the vibrant online community of parenting and family lifestyle, mom influencers play a pivotal role in shaping trends, offering advice, and creating supportive networks.

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Our methodology for identifying the top mom influencers on social media is tailored to capture those who are not only influential but also resonate deeply with parents and families:

Engagement and Community Interaction (10/10)

We give priority to mom influencers with high engagement rates, indicating active interaction with their audience through comments, shares, and likes.

Authenticity and Relatability (9/10)

The ability to present authentic and relatable parenting experiences, challenges, and successes is key. We look for influencers who connect genuinely with their audience.

Content Quality and Diversity (9/10)

We value high-quality, diverse content that covers a range of parenting topics, from everyday family life to specific areas like nutrition, education, or parenting styles.

Consistency in Posting (8/10)

Regular posting and consistent online presence are important for maintaining audience interest and building a sense of community.

Positive Influence and Inspirational Value (8/10)

Mom influencers who inspire and empower their followers, whether through lifestyle tips, parenting advice, or motivational content, score highly in our evaluation.

Collaboration with Family-Friendly Brands (7/10)

Successful collaborations with brands that align with family and parenting values are indicative of the influencer’s credibility and marketability.

Growth and Reach of Audience (7/10)

We assess the growth trends of the influencer’s audience, considering both the expansion rate and the demographics of their followers.

Visual and Aesthetic Appeal (6/10)

Aesthetic appeal in their content, including photography, videography, and overall visual presentation, is an important aspect of the influencer’s attractiveness.

Advocacy and Empowerment (6/10)

We give additional consideration to influencers who advocate for important causes related to families, children, or communities.

Ethical and Responsible Messaging (6/10)

The promotion of ethical, responsible, and positive messaging, especially when discussing parenting and family life, is a crucial criterion.

Educational and Supportive Content (6/10)

Content that provides educational value, practical advice, or emotional support to parents is highly valued.

Our methodology for identifying the top mom influencers focuses on finding individuals who not only have a significant online presence but also foster a supportive and engaging community for parents.

We aim to highlight influencers who offer a blend of authenticity, relatable content, and positive influence, thereby enriching the online parenting landscape with valuable insights and shared experiences.

top mom influencers

Top Mom Influencers to Work With

If you’re looking for mom influencers to partner with on various social media platforms, here are some top accounts that may be relevant to your audience.

1. The Bucket List Family

Niche: Family travel

Main Social Media Channel: YouTube @thebucketlistfamily

Followers: 1.4 million

The Bucket List Family provides a glimpse into the life of Jessica Gee, her husband Garrett, and their three kids. The family travels the world and chronicles their adventures, tips, and suggestions for various products and experiences.

They are also active on Instagram and other social platforms. But their YouTube channel features tons of extensive content. This account is especially relevant for travel brands and/or gear targeting families.

2. Llana Wiles

Niche: Lifestyle

Main Social Media Channel: Instagram @mommyshorts

Followers: 174,000

Ilana Wiles runs the popular accounts @mommyshorts, which shares lifestyle content in NYC, and @averageparentproblems, which shares humorous content on remarkably average parenting. She’s one of the top parenting influencers in New York.

Her content may be especially relevant to lifestyle brands targeting busy moms.

3. Cool Mom Picks

Niche: Tips and product suggestions

Main Social Media Channel: Twitter @coolmompicks

Followers: 455,000

Cool Mom Picks is a popular website run by Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner. They share product recommendations, tips, and insights for all stages of parenting. They are also active on Twitter and have a popular parenting podcast. Unique gadgets, books, and gifts may all fit with this account.

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4. Boss Mom Nation

Niche: Conscious motherhood

Main Social Media Channel: Instagram @bossmomnation

Followers: 17,800

Aliyah Muhammad and Shahidah Zareef run the Boss Mom Nation website and social accounts. The brand’s goal is to support mothers raising conscious children and facilitating change in their communities. In addition to their own product lines, they also recommend books and helpful content to their community.

5. Kristin Cavallari

Niche: Lifestyle

Main Social Media Channel: Instagram @kristincavallari

Followers: 4.3 million

Originally known for appearing in the reality shows Laguna Beach and The Hills, Kristin Cavallari has now carved out her own niche in the social media influencers space. A mom of two, she shares content and product recommendations related to parenting, fashion, beauty, and decor.

6. Jessica Skube

Niche: Blended family life

Main Social Media Channel: YouTube @jesssfam

Followers: 1.3 million

Jessica Skube has shared her motherhood journey in video content for more than ten years. As a former teen mom and now mom of seven in a blended family, her content spans a variety of topics. Her YouTube channel has more than a million subscribers, but she’s also active on Instagram and TikTok. Brands that target young moms and/or large families may be especially relevant for her audience.

7. Honest Mum

Niche: Lifestyle and mommy blogging

Main Social Media Channel: Instagram @honestmum

Followers: 102,000

Honest Mum is a top mommy blogger, broadcaster, and author. She’s one of the top mom bloggers in the UK, with an active following on Instagram, Twitter, and her own website. If you’re looking for mommy bloggers in this market, her content ranges from parenting to lifestyle posts.

8. Mama Natural

Niche: Natural pregnancy, birth, and baby care

Main Social Media Channel: YouTube @mamanatural

Followers: 517,000

Genevieve Howland, a.k.a. Mama Natural is a YouTube channel and social media influencer who focuses on natural living. Topics include everything from childbirth to food and home goods. Brands that offer sustainable and healthy products are likely the best fit for this channel and website.

9. Mattie James

Niche: Lifestyle, blogging, influencer marketing

Main Social Media Channel: Instagram @themattiejames

Followers: 130,000

Mattie James is a lifestyle blogger and mom of three. She also teaches influencer marketing to other moms and content creators. Her account includes lots of content about quality time with family and juggling busy work and home life. She’s worked on tons of campaigns for top brands, from food companies to car manufacturers.

10. Brit Morin

Niche: Tech and lifestyle

Main Social Media Channel: Instagram @brit

Followers: 61,000

Brit Morin is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a focus in the tech space. When she’s not teaching women about cryptocurrency or managing her creative website, she’s also a mom of two boys. Those looking for a working mom influencer who juggles family and multiple projects at once may be inspired by her account.

11. Yuri Sinata

Niche: Beauty, wellness, and lifestyle

Main Social Media Channel: Instagram @yurisinata

Followers: 47,000

Yuri Sinata is a single parent within the influencer space. Her account features a huge array of content, from personal stories to beauty and wellness tips. This Instagram account may be ideal for those looking for a professional and clean aesthetic for anything from supplements to home decor.

12. Jill Smokler

Niche: Honest parenting and humor

Main Social Media Channel: Instagram @jillsmokler

Followers: 10,000

Jill Smokler is a bestselling author and the founder of the popular Scary Mommy brand. The @scarymommy account has a larger following at about 2.5 million. But the content is mostly humorous. Her personal account simply includes snippets from various life events.

13. Naomi Davis

Niche: Lifestyle

Main Social Media Channel: Instagram @taza

Followers: 427,000

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Naomi Davis is the mom behind the popular blog Love Taza and the author of A Coat of Yellow Paint. On Instagram, she often posts about outings with her five children, home renovations, and fun family activities. Her account is currently on hiatus. But when active, she provides a unique perspective on life with a large family and active social calendar.

14. Joanna Goddard

Niche: Lifestyle

Main Social Media Channel: Instagram @cupofjo

Followers: 256,000

Joanna Goddard is the founder of Cup of Jo, a popular lifestyle blog. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two sons. So content ranges from daily blog posts to outings with her boys. Her account doesn’t feature much-branded content. But products and experiences she actually uses may be included in an organic way.

top mom influencers

Comparison of Top Mom Influencers and Their Niches

To assist in selecting the ideal mom influencer for your marketing campaigns, this table compares top influencers, highlighting their niches, main social media channels, and follower counts:

Influencer Niche Main Social Media Channel Followers
The Bucket List Family Family Travel YouTube 1.4M
Ilana Wiles Lifestyle Instagram 174K
Cool Mom Picks Tips & Product Suggestions Twitter 455K
Boss Mom Nation Conscious Motherhood Instagram 17.8K
Kristin Cavallari Lifestyle Instagram 4.3M
Jessica Skube Blended Family Life YouTube 1.3M
Honest Mum Lifestyle & Mommy Blogging Instagram 102K
Mama Natural Natural Pregnancy & Baby Care YouTube 517K
Mattie James Lifestyle, Blogging, Influencer Marketing Instagram 130K
Brit Morin Tech & Lifestyle Instagram 61K
Yuri Sinata Beauty, Wellness, & Lifestyle Instagram 47K
Jill Smokler Honest Parenting & Humor Instagram 10K
Naomi Davis Lifestyle Instagram 427K
Joanna Goddard Lifestyle Instagram 256K

top mom influencers

How to Work with a Mom Influencer as Part of Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Working with mom influencers as part of your influencer marketing strategy can significantly boost your brand’s visibility and authenticity. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate this process effectively:

  • Research Accounts Related to Your Niche: Start by identifying influencers whose content aligns with your brand’s ethos and target audience. Look for influencers who consistently engage with their followers and have a genuine connection with their community.
  • Reach Out to Them or Their Representatives: Once you’ve shortlisted potential influencers, initiate contact through email or direct messages on social media. Personalize your outreach to show that you’ve taken the time to understand their content and how they could align with your brand.
  • Determine Your Goals for the Campaign: Be clear about what you want to achieve with the influencer partnership. This could range from increasing brand awareness to driving sales. Clear objectives will help in crafting a focused campaign.
  • Create a Contract or Agreement: It’s important to formalize the partnership with a contract. This should outline the scope of work, deliverables, timelines, compensation, and any other expectations to ensure both parties are on the same page.
  • Give Influencers the Freedom to Create Content: Allow influencers creative freedom to present your brand in a way that resonates authentically with their audience. Remember, their effectiveness comes from their unique voice and style.
  • Measure Results: Finally, track the performance of the campaign. Assess metrics like engagement rates, website traffic, and sales conversions to evaluate the impact of the influencer partnership on your brand goals.

By following these steps, you can build a fruitful relationship with mom influencers and leverage their influence to reach and engage your target audience more effectively.

top mom influencers

Who is the most popular mommy influencer?

Among the many mom influencers, Jessica Gee of The Bucket List Family stands out with a significant following and influence in the parenting domain. The Gee family has successfully built a comprehensive online presence, encompassing a popular website, YouTube channel, Instagram account, and more.

Their content often features their family travels, daily life, and parenting experiences, offering both entertainment and practical insights to their audience.

The family’s unique approach of combining travel and family lifestyle has garnered them a substantial and engaged following, making them one of the most prominent figures in the mom influencer community.

Their ability to connect with other families on a personal level, sharing both the joys and challenges of parenting and family life, has contributed to their widespread popularity and influence

Which parenting influencers have a huge online community?

There are many mom bloggers and influencers with large followings, and the numbers are always changing. Here are a few accounts with more than a million followers currently.

  • The Bucket List Family @thebucketlistfamily
  • Kristin Cavallari @kristincavallari
  • Jessica Skube @jesssfam
  • Scary Mommy @scarymommy

Who are the best parenting influencers in 2022?

The best parenting influencers depend on your company’s goals. However, the following accounts are active with branded content and provide access to a large following:

  • The Bucket List Family @thebucketlistfamily
  • Jessica Skube @jesssfam
  • Mattie James @themattiejames
  • Honest Mum @huonestmum
  • Kristin Cavallari @kristincavallari

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