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Crochet is a popular hobby. But it can also be the basis for an entire business. Before you can turn your crafts into cash, you need supplies. This may vary from shop to shop, but you’ll generally need yarn, crochet hooks, and maybe a sewing needle and thread for extra embellishments. Here’s a guide for sourcing these items.

Is There a Market for Handmade Crochet Items?

Yes, people often buy crochet items as gifts or for personal use on marketplace sites like Etsy or at craft fairs or gift shops. Your crochet journey may lead you to create various products, from sweaters to toys. So you’ll need to do some market research to find what groups will be most interested in what you have to offer.

crochet supplies

What Supplies Are Needed for Crochet?

The essential crochet tool and supplies may vary by project, but here are some that tend to be useful:

  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn
  • Yarn needles
  • Labels or tags
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Stitch markers
  • Patterns

Top Places to Get Supplies for Crocheting

Each crochet project may require different types of yarn or other materials. So here are several places to source these goods.

1. Amazon

Amazon offers nearly everything needed for crochet and craft projects. You can find hooks and a huge array of yarn and finishing touches. Many come from top brands and are available with free, fast shipping.

2. Etsy

Etsy offers craft supplies from makers and resellers. You can find new skeins of yarn and specialized hooks or stitch markers. But there are also hand-spun options that offer extra quality. And you can find unique patterns, though some of these items cannot be resold.

3. Michael’s

Michael’s is one of the top craft supply chains. You can order products online or shop in stores. They carry a huge variety of top brands, and sales reps are often available to provide guidance.

4. JOANN Fabrics

JOANN is another top retailer that offers both in-store and online shopping. You can buy basics like crochet hooks and yarn. But you can also find other craft items like fabric and sewing needles if you plan to embellish your creations.

5. LoveCrafts

LoveCrafts is an online retailer that specifically serves knitters and crocheters. So you can find a large variety of specialty products. And they also provide guides and inspiration.

6. The Woolery

The Woolery focuses on various fibercrafts, from spinning to felting. This means they carry a large selection of quality yarns and supplies made specifically for fiber enthusiasts.

7. Fabric Wholesale Direct

Fabric Wholesale Direct is an online wholesaler that specializes in fabric. But they also have a section full of knit and crochet supplies that you can buy in bulk at lower prices than retail.

8. Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a chain of arts and crafts stores with locations around the country. You can shop for yarn and other embellishments alongside one another or even order specific products online.

9. Walmart

Walmart carries a huge selection of goods both in stores and online. Specifically for crochet, they offer a large yarn selection and kits that include crochet hooks or even kits that include everything needed to make a specific item.

10. The Woobles

The Woobles is an online shop that specializes in crochet kits for beginners. These are intended to help you build the skills needed to later create your own projects. And you can keep the small toys made from these kits or give them as gifts.

11. Target

Target is another large retailer that carries some crochet materials both in stores and online. They often offer sales, and it can be a convenient option for those who are also shopping for other items.

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12. eBay

EBay is an online marketplace that offers a bit of everything. There are tons of hooks, yarn, thread, and accessories to choose from.

You can also find current deals on various crochet supplies here. 

Crochet Tools Needed for Small Business

The specific crochet tools needed vary for each project. There are crochet tools for beginners as well as specialized options for more advanced makers. Here are some specific options that may work in lots of projects.

Acrylic Yarn

crochet supplies

Acrylic yarn is made from synthetic polymers and is known for its durability and affordability. It comes in a vast array of colors and weights. Acrylic is often preferred for its easy care as it’s machine washable and resistant to moths. However, it might not be as breathable as natural fibers, making it less ideal for clothing worn close to the skin in warmer temperatures.

Cotton Yarn

crochet supplies

Cotton is a natural fiber that produces soft and breathable yarn, which is perfect for summer garments, dishcloths, and market bags. It’s known for holding its shape well, but it can sometimes be less stretchy than other yarns. Mercerized cotton, a treated version, has a shinier appearance and greater strength.

Wool Yarn

crochet supplies

Wool is a natural fiber harvested from sheep. It’s prized for its warmth, elasticity, and breathability. Wool yarn is perfect for cozy winter garments and blankets. While it provides excellent insulation, some people might find it itchy against the skin. Wool requires careful washing, as it can felt or shrink in hot water.

Bamboo Yarn

crochet supplies

Made from the bamboo plant, this yarn is silky, soft, and has a lovely sheen. Bamboo is a sustainable resource, and the yarn created from it is breathable, making it suitable for summer garments. It also has natural antibacterial properties.

Alpaca Yarn

crochet supplies

Alpaca yarn comes from the fleece of the alpaca animal. It’s warmer than wool and has a soft, luxurious feel. It’s also hypoallergenic, which makes it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. However, it can be a bit heavy and might stretch over time, so it’s best combined with other fibers or used in projects where drape is desired.

Silk Yarn

crochet supplies

Silk is a natural protein fiber known for its luxurious sheen, softness, and drape. While it’s quite strong, it’s also delicate and can be slippery to work with. Silk yarn is excellent for special occasion garments or accessories.

Chenille Yarn

crochet supplies

Chenille is characterized by its velvety texture, created by short lengths of yarn that stand out at right angles from a core yarn. It creates a soft and plush fabric, perfect for blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals. However, it can be a bit tricky to work with due to its fuzzy nature.

Variegated Yarn

crochet supplies

This isn’t a type of fiber but rather a color technique. Variegated yarn has multiple colors dyed in sections along the yarn, resulting in a multicolored effect in the finished project. It can add a unique and creative touch to any crochet project.

Type of Yarn Material Origin Key Characteristics Ideal Projects Additional Notes
Acrylic Yarn Synthetic Durable, affordable, vast color range, machine washable, moth-resistant General projects Less breathable, not ideal for warm weather wear
Cotton Yarn Natural Soft, breathable, holds shape Summer garments, dishcloths, market bags Can be less stretchy; mercerized version is shinier and stronger
Wool Yarn Natural Warm, elastic, breathable Winter garments, blankets Can be itchy; requires careful washing to avoid felting
Bamboo Yarn Natural Silky, soft, sheen, breathable Summer garments Sustainable; has antibacterial properties
Alpaca Yarn Natural Very warm, soft, luxurious Winter garments, projects requiring drape Hypoallergenic; can be heavy and may stretch over time
Silk Yarn Natural Luxurious sheen, soft, drapes well Special occasion garments, accessories Strong but delicate and can be slippery to work with
Chenille Yarn Can be both natural and synthetic Velvety texture Blankets, pillows, stuffed animals Tricky to work with due to its fuzziness
Variegated Yarn Depends on the base yarn (can be any of the above) Multiple dyed colors along the length Any project for a multicolored effect Color technique; adds a unique touch

Crochet Hooks

crochet supplies

Crochet hooks are the main tools used for crocheting. They come in various sizes and materials, like aluminum, plastic, bamboo, and wood. The size of the hook affects the size of the stitches and the overall density of the fabric.

Circular Crochet Hooks

crochet supplies

Circular crochet hooks are long hooks with a cord attached, ideal for large projects like afghans or tunisian crochet.

Light-up Crochet Hooks

crochet supplies

These hooks include a built-in light, making it easier to see stitches, especially when working with dark yarns.

Yarn Needle

crochet supplies

A yarn needle is a blunt-tipped needle used to weave in yarn ends after a project is completed. It’s essential for giving a finished look to projects.

Stitch Markers

crochet supplies

Stitch markers are used to mark specific stitches or rows in a pattern. They’re especially helpful in keeping track of your place in more complex patterns.

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crochet supplies

Scissors are used for cutting yarn. A good pair of sharp scissors ensures clean cuts without fraying the yarn.

Row Counter

crochet supplies

A row counter is a tool to help keep track of the number of rows worked. It is especially useful in larger projects or when exact row counts are crucial.

Tape Measure

crochet supplies

A tape measure is important for measuring the size of your work, especially for garments where fit matters.

Gauge Checker

crochet supplies

A gauge checker is a tool with cut-out holes to measure the size of your crochet hook and a ruler to check stitch gauge. It ensures consistency in stitch size.

Yarn Bobbins

crochet supplies

Yarn bobbins are small spools that are useful for managing multiple colors in a project, helping prevent tangles.

Stitch Holders

crochet supplies

Stitch holders are useful for holding stitches that are not currently being worked, especially in complex patterns or garment making.

Type of Tool Description Primary Use Additional Notes
Crochet Hooks Essential tools available in various sizes and materials (aluminum, plastic, bamboo, wood). Creating crochet stitches Size affects stitch size and fabric density.
Circular Crochet Hooks Long hooks with a cord attached. Large projects, afghans, tunisian crochet Useful for handling many stitches.
Light-up Crochet Hooks Hooks with a built-in light. Crocheting in low light or with dark yarns Provides better visibility.
Yarn Needle Blunt-tipped needle. Weaving in yarn ends Gives projects a finished look.
Stitch Markers Small markers. Marking specific stitches or rows Helps in tracking place in complex patterns.
Scissors Sharp cutting tool. Cutting yarn Ensures clean cuts without fraying.
Row Counter Tool to count rows. Tracking number of rows worked Useful for ensuring consistency.
Tape Measure Measuring tool. Measuring the size of work Essential for projects like garments where fit is crucial.
Gauge Checker Tool with cut-out holes and ruler. Checking crochet hook size and stitch gauge Ensures consistent stitch size.
Yarn Bobbins Tool to hold yarn. Managing multiple yarn colors Helps prevent yarn tangling.
Stitch Holders Tool to hold stitches. Holding stitches not currently being worked on Useful for intricate patterns or garment making.

Blocking Mats

crochet supplies

Blocking mats are used to shape and set a finished crochet piece to the desired dimensions, especially for lacework or garments.

Blocking Pins

crochet supplies

Blocking pins are used to hold a crochet piece in place on a blocking mat while it dries.

Spray Bottle

crochet supplies

A spray bottle comes in handy for dampening pieces during the blocking process.

Hook Organizer/Case

crochet supplies

This storage solution can help you keep crochet hooks organized, especially useful for those who have multiple hook sizes and types.

Yarn Bowl

crochet supplies

A yarn bowl is designed to hold a ball of yarn in place while you work, preventing it from rolling away.

Yarn Swift

crochet supplies

A yarn swift is a tool used to hold skeins of yarn while winding them into balls or cakes.

Yarn Winder

crochet supplies

A yarn winder is used in conjunction with a yarn swift to wind loose yarn into neat balls or cakes.

Pom-pom Maker

crochet supplies

A pom-pom maker is a tool that makes creating consistent, fluffy pom-poms easier.

Tassel Maker

crochet supplies

A tassel maker assists in making uniform tassels for projects.

Yarn Guide

crochet supplies

A yarn guide is worn on the finger to help manage multiple strands of yarn when working with more than one color.

Type of Supply Description Primary Use Additional Notes
Blocking Mats Mats for shaping crochet pieces. Setting a crochet piece to desired dimensions, especially lacework or garments. Helps ensure accurate sizing and shape.
Blocking Pins Pins to secure crochet items. Holding a crochet piece on a blocking mat during drying. Essential for blocking process.
Spray Bottle Bottle for dampening. Dampening crochet items during blocking. Assists in the blocking process.
Hook Organizer/Case Storage for crochet hooks. Organizing multiple sizes and types of crochet hooks. Protects and keeps hooks easily accessible.
Yarn Bowl Bowl to hold yarn. Holding yarn balls to prevent them from rolling away during use. Enhances the crocheting experience.
Yarn Swift Tool to hold yarn skeins. Supporting skeins during the process of winding them into balls or cakes. Often used with a yarn winder.
Yarn Winder Tool for winding yarn. Winding loose yarn into neat balls or cakes. Helps create tangle-free yarn cakes.
Pom-pom Maker Tool for creating pom-poms. Producing consistent and fluffy pom-poms. Simplifies the pom-pom making process.
Tassel Maker Tool for creating tassels. Crafting uniform tassels for crochet projects. Provides consistency in tassel-making.
Yarn Guide Device worn on the finger. Managing multiple yarn strands when crocheting with multiple colors. Assists in colorwork, preventing yarn tangles.

Ergonomic Hook Grips

crochet supplies

These are attachable grips for crochet hooks that make them more comfortable to hold. They are especially useful for those with arthritis or hand fatigue.

Project Bag

crochet supplies

A project bag is designed to hold yarn, hooks, and other tools, making it easier to crochet on the go.

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Pattern Holder

crochet supplies

A pattern holder is a stand or magnetic board to hold patterns in place, making it easier to read and follow along.

Hook Size Converter

crochet supplies

A hook size conversion chart is a reference tool to convert between different hook size notations (e.g., US, UK, metric).

Yarn Sleeves

crochet supplies

Yarn sleeves are tubes or nets that fit over skeins of yarn to prevent them from tangling or unraveling.

Crochet Stitch Dictionary

crochet supplies

This crochet book or reference guide provides instructions for a variety of crochet stitches.

Yarn Scale

crochet supplies

A digital scale can measure the amount of yarn you have left. It is especially useful for ensuring you have enough yarn for a project.


crochet supplies

If you’re going to sell products and want them to look professional, invest in customized labels with your brand, size, or other relevant information.

Crochet Graph Paper

crochet supplies

Graph paper designed specifically for plotting out crochet patterns can be especially useful for creating colorwork or intricate designs.


crochet supplies

There are tons of crochet patterns you can use to create everything from hats to toys. Some of these are just for personal use. So you can use these to hone your skills before creating your own unique designs to sell.

Type of Tool Description Primary Use Additional Notes
Ergonomic Hook Grips Attachable grips for crochet hooks. Making crochet hooks more comfortable to hold. Beneficial for those with arthritis or hand fatigue.
Project Bag Bag for holding crochet supplies. Carrying yarn, hooks, and tools on the go. Facilitates mobile crocheting.
Pattern Holder Stand or magnetic board for patterns. Holding patterns for easy reading and tracking. Keeps patterns organized and in view.
Hook Size Converter Reference tool for hook sizes. Converting between different hook size notations (e.g., US, UK, metric). Essential for international patterns.
Yarn Sleeves Tubes or nets for yarn skeins. Preventing yarn from tangling or unraveling. Enhances the crocheting experience.
Crochet Stitch Dictionary Book or guide for crochet stitches. Providing instructions for various crochet stitches. Great reference for expanding stitch knowledge.
Yarn Scale Digital scale for yarn. Measuring the amount of remaining yarn. Useful for ensuring enough yarn for projects.
Labels Customizable tags for crochet items. Adding a professional touch to products with brand, size, or other details. Ideal for those selling their crochet creations.
Crochet Graph Paper Specialized graph paper for crochet. Plotting out crochet patterns, especially for intricate designs or colorwork. Assists in pattern design and visualization.
Patterns Guides for creating crochet items. Crafting various crochet projects, from hats to toys. Some are for personal use; a way to practice before creating unique designs.

Is It Profitable to Sell Crochet Items?

Crochet projects can be profitable. It depends on how you price items and how effectively you market them. To improve profits, price items with enough room to pay yourself for your time and materials. And take all your marketing and business administration tasks into account as well.

What Crochet Products Can You Sell?

The world of crochet is vast, and the potential for selling handmade items, both physical and digital, is significant. Here’s an expanded list of crochet items that can be sold:

Physical Items:

  • Hats: From cozy beanies to sun hats, the variety in design and functionality is extensive.
  • Sweaters: Cardigans, pullovers, and vests can be made in myriad styles, from chunky to lacy designs.
  • Scarves: Infinity scarves, cowl necks, or traditional long scarves can be made for all seasons.
  • Stuffed Toys (Amigurumi): These are crocheted stuffed toys that can range from animals to fictional characters.
  • Play Food: Crocheted fruits, vegetables, and other foods are popular toys for children’s play kitchens.
  • Accessories: This can include items like handbags, earrings, necklaces, belts, and even footwear like slippers or sandals.
  • Blankets and Afghans: From baby blankets to full-sized bedspreads, the designs and patterns can vary immensely.
  • Home Décor: Think cushion covers, table runners, coasters, wall hangings, and more.
  • Dishcloths and Towels: Often made from cotton, they are functional and can be designed with unique patterns or motifs.
  • Baby Items: Booties, bibs, baby dresses, and mittens are just a few items that can be crocheted for infants.
  • Pet Accessories: From cat toys to dog sweaters, the pet market can be a fun area to explore.

Digital Products:

  • PDF Stitch Patterns: These are downloadable patterns that instruct users on how to create a specific crochet item. They usually contain step-by-step instructions, photos, and sometimes even videos.
  • Tutorials: Video or photographic guides teaching specific techniques, stitches, or full projects.
  • Crochet E-books: Collections of patterns, techniques, or crochet-related topics can be compiled into an e-book format.
  • Online Courses: A step above tutorials, these are structured classes teaching crochet from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Crochet Graphs: For those who work with colorwork or filet crochet, graphs are essential. Designing unique graphs can be a marketable skill.
  • Printable Labels: For crafters selling their physical items, custom care labels or branding tags can be a welcome addition.

Whether selling online, at craft fairs, or in local boutiques, the key is to ensure quality craftsmanship and unique designs to stand out. It’s also beneficial to keep an eye on current fashion and home decor trends, incorporating popular colors and styles into your creations.

Where Is the Best Online Store to Buy Crochet Supplies Like Crochet Hooks, Crochet Patterns and Stitch Markers?

The best online store to purchase crochet tools for beginners or professionals varies depending on what specific items you’re looking for. For example, you can find many basic supplies on Amazon. However, specialty items like unique patterns or a professional yarn needle or handspun yarn can usually be found on Etsy.

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