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Are you looking for some scrapbooking supplies to help with your business? Whether you need stickers, paper, tools, accessories, or anything else related to scrapbooking, there are plenty of great places to shop online and save money to find what you need.

In this article, we’ll take a look at ten websites where you can buy the best scrapbooking supplies. Let’s jump in!

The Scrapbooking Market in 2022

According to Yahoo Finance, the arts and crafts market was worth a lot of money in 2021 at almost $57 billion worldwide. It’s expected to reach a value of about $70 billion by 2027.

International Scrapbooking Industry Day is on March 4th every year and celebrates the global scrapbooking industry, which is still popular worldwide even with digital scrapbooking options.

scrapbooking supplies

Top Places to Buy Scrapbooking Supplies Online

If you’re looking for an online store where you can shop for great scrapbooking deals, then these are the places for you.

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest and most trusted e-commerce sites, so it’s a great place to find quality scrapbooking supplies. They have a wide selection of supplies from different brands, including some hard-to-find items.

2. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace where independent designers, artisans and crafters can sell their handmade items. You can shop, save, and find a variety of deals on scrapbooking supplies here, ranging from stickers, paper and tools to more intricate items like custom-made albums.

3. eBay

eBay is another great website for searching for scrapbooking supplies. They have a wide selection of both new and used items at competitive prices. The great thing about eBay is that you can also find rare and vintage items if you’re looking for something special or some inspiration.

4. Scrapbook.com

Scrapbook.com is an online scrapbooking store that offers a wide selection of products from both its own brand and other top-quality brands. They also have a great selection of tutorials, classes and workshops to help you get started with scrapbooking.

5. Michaels

Michaels is an arts and crafts store that has a great selection of scrapbooking supplies, including paper, tools and embellishments. They also have an online store to accept orders, which makes it easy to find what you need.

6. Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is another popular arts and crafts store that has a great selection of scrapbooking supplies. They offer both physical stores and an online store that makes it easy to find anything you need.

7. Craft Direct

Craft Direct is an online store based out of Cedar City, Utah that offers some of the best scrapbooking supplies such as scrapbook page kits, scrapbooking collections, page protectors, and much more.

8. Oriental Trading

Oriental Trading is a company that specializes in party supplies, but they also have a great selection of scrapbooking supplies. They offer everything from paper in virtually any color to tools and embellishments.

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9. Joann

Joann is a craft store with an extensive selection of scrapbooking supplies, fabric, yarn and much more. If you’re looking for an extensive selection of crafting materials at competitive prices, Joann is a great option.

10. A Cherry On Top

A Cherry On Top, which started back in 1997, has a large selection of scrapbooking-related items, such as glitter, cutting tools, planners, and more. They also have a blog and tutorials to help you get started with scrapbooking.

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Essential Scrapbook Supplies

If you’re looking to stock up on scrapbooking supplies like paper and other basics, then these are the items you’ll need.

Acid-Free Paper

scrapbooking supplies

This type of paper is specifically designed to last over time without yellowing or deteriorating. Acid-free paper ensures that your scrapbook creations remain intact and as beautiful as the day they were created for years to come.

Decorative Paper and Cardstock

scrapbooking supplies

Varieties of colored and patterned papers serve as backgrounds, borders, and decorative elements within your scrapbook.

Adhesive Dots

scrapbooking supplies

These small, clear adhesive dots offer a secure and clean way to attach embellishments to your scrapbook pages. They’re preferable for detailed work and items that might not adhere well with standard glues.

Double-Sided Tape

scrapbooking supplies

A versatile adhesive solution, double-sided tape sticks to both the item you’re attaching and the scrapbook page itself. It’s perfect for adhering larger items like photographs or paper cut-outs.

Photo Corners

scrapbooking supplies

Photo corners are small, triangular pockets that allow you to attach photos to a page without applying adhesive directly to the photo. This means photos can be removed or repositioned without damage.

Scrapbooking Albums

scrapbooking supplies

These are the books where all your pages will be housed. Scrapbooking albums come in various sizes and styles to cater to your personal preferences and the theme of your scrapbook.

Page Protectors

scrapbooking supplies

Page protectors are transparent sheets that fit over your scrapbook pages, page protectors shield your creations from dust, moisture, and fingerprints.

Stamps and Ink Pads

scrapbooking supplies

Stamps let you add decorative designs and phrases to your pages. Paired with colorful or metallic ink pads, the possibilities are endless.


scrapbooking supplies

These are decorative items like ribbons, buttons, stickers, and more. They add depth, texture, and personality to your pages.

Washi Tape

scrapbooking supplies

This decorative tape can be used for borders, highlights, or as an adhesive. Washi tape often comes in numerous colors and patterns.

Distress Inks and Sponges

scrapbooking supplies

Distress inks and sponges create a vintage or aged look to paper edges and can add depth and dimension to your pages.

Brads and Eyelets

scrapbooking supplies

Brads and eyelets are small fasteners that can attach multiple pieces of paper or embellishments together, while adding decorative flair.

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

scrapbooking supplies

For heavier or 3D embellishments, a glue gun provides a stronger adhesive bond. Glue sticks are the refills that provide adhesive.

Glitter and Sequins

scrapbooking supplies

Add sparkle and shine to your pages with decorative elements like loose glitter or sequins.

Chipboard Accents

scrapbooking supplies

Thicker than regular paper, chipboard accents add dimension to your scrapbook pages.

Tags and Labels

scrapbooking supplies

Tags and labels are used for labeling and providing additional information or decorative flair to your scrapbook pages.

Rub-On Transfers

scrapbooking supplies

Rub-on transfers include designs that can be transferred onto your pages by rubbing them with a tool or popsicle stick.

Vellum Paper

scrapbooking supplies

Vellum is a translucent type of paper that can overlay photos or backgrounds for a frosted look.

Extension Posts

scrapbooking supplies

If you run out of space in a post-bound album, extension posts allow you to add more pages to your scrapbook.

Die Cuts

scrapbooking supplies

Die cuts are a great way to add a unique element to your scrapbook pages for all occasions. You can buy pre-made die cuts with specific shapes, or you can purchase a die-cutting machine and make your own.

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Material Primary Use Type Durability Customizability
Acid-Free Paper Base for scrapbooking Paper High Low
Decorative Paper/Cardstock Backgrounds, borders, and decoration Paper Medium-High Medium
Adhesive Dots Attach embellishments Adhesive Medium Low
Double-Sided Tape Attach items to scrapbook Adhesive High Low
Photo Corners Attach photos without direct adhesive Attachment Medium Low
Scrapbooking Albums Housing scrapbook pages Storage High Medium-High
Page Protectors Protecting scrapbook pages Protective High Low
Stamps and Ink Pads Add designs and phrases Decorative Medium High
Embellishments Add depth, texture, and personality Decorative Varies High
Washi Tape Borders, highlights, adhesive Decorative/Adhesive Medium Medium
Distress Inks and Sponges Vintage look to paper edges Decorative Medium Medium
Brads and Eyelets Attach papers/embellishments Fasteners High Medium
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks Attach heavy or 3D embellishments Adhesive High Low
Glitter and Sequins Sparkle and shine Decorative Medium High
Chipboard Accents Add dimension Decorative High Medium
Tags and Labels Labeling and information Functional Medium High
Rub-On Transfers Transfer designs Decorative Medium Medium
Vellum Paper Overlay for a frosted look Paper Medium Low
Extension Posts Add more pages to a post-bound album Functional High Low
Die Cuts Unique decorative elements Decorative Medium-High Very High

Scrapbooking Tools for Business

To create professional-looking scrapbooks, the right tools and accessories can make all the difference. Whether you’re making scrapbooks for customers or just to keep your own memories and thoughts organized, these tools will help you create a timeless product.

Die-Cutting Machine

scrapbooking supplies

A die-cutting machine allows you to cut paper into intricate and detailed designs that would be difficult to achieve by hand.


scrapbooking supplies

Scissors are a must-have item for any scrapbooker. There are several types to choose from including decorative scissors and paper trimmers.


scrapbooking supplies

Trimmers are great for trimming excess paper or creating a straight edge. They come in different sizes and styles to fit your project needs.

Craft Knife

scrapbooking supplies

A craft knife is a precision tool ideal for detailed cutting tasks where scissors or punches might not be suitable.


scrapbooking supplies

Punches are tools that allow you to create specific shapes (like hearts, stars, or butterflies) from paper or cardstock.

Corner Rounder

scrapbooking supplies

A corner rounder is a tool that cuts the sharp corners of photos or paper, providing a rounded finish.

Gel Pens

scrapbooking supplies

Gel pens come in various colors, including metallics and glitters, allowing for decorative writing and drawing.

Journaling Pens

scrapbooking supplies

Pens designed specifically for scrapbooking won’t bleed through the paper and are fade-resistant. They’re essential for adding notes, captions, or stories alongside your photos.

Photo Safe Markers

scrapbooking supplies

Photo safe markers are designed to write on photographs without causing damage or fading over time.

Colored Pencils and Watercolors

scrapbooking supplies

You can use other coloring elements like colored pencils or water colors for hand-drawing or painting elements within your scrapbook.

Acid-Free Photo Glue

scrapbooking supplies

Acid-free photo glue is specifically designed to attach photos without damaging them or causing them to yellow over time.

Foam Tape

scrapbooking supplies

Foam tape includes adhesive that adds dimension by raising certain elements off the page.

Retractable Craft Pick

scrapbooking supplies

Craft picks are useful for picking up and placing small embellishments or poking small holes.

Stencils and Templates

scrapbooking supplies

Stencils and templates allow you to trace and cut out specific shapes or patterns consistently, ensuring uniformity in your designs.

Rulers and Straight Edges

scrapbooking supplies

Rulers or other straight tools are essential for measuring and ensuring straight cuts or lines, they also assist in layout planning.

Embossing Tools

scrapbooking supplies

Embossing tools are used to create raised designs on paper or cardstock, embossing adds a touch of elegance and texture.


scrapbooking supplies

A crop-a-dile is a versatile tool used for punching holes and setting eyelets and snaps.

Bone Folder

scrapbooking supplies

A bone folder can be used to create clean and crisp folds in paper and cardstock.

Storage Containers

scrapbooking supplies

Keep your supplies organized and protected with storage solutions like boxes, bins, or craft tote bags.

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Scrapbook Sketches or Idea Books

scrapbooking supplies

Scrapbooking sketches or idea books provide layout inspiration and design ideas for your scrapbooking projects.

Photo Editing Software

scrapbooking supplies

Photo editing software includes digital tools that allow you to enhance, crop, or add effects to your photos before printing.

Tool Primary Purpose Type Additional Notes
Die-Cutting Machine Cut intricate designs Machine Requires die sets
Scissors Cut paper Manual Tool Varieties include decorative scissors
Trimmers Trim and straighten edges Manual Tool Different sizes/styles available
Craft Knife Detailed cutting Precision Tool Requires a steady hand
Punches Create specific shapes Manual Tool Variety of designs available
Corner Rounder Round paper/photo corners Manual Tool Creates a soft finish
Gel Pens Decorative writing/drawing Writing Tool Available in metallics/glitters
Journaling Pens Write notes/captions Writing Tool Fade-resistant, no bleed-through
Photo Safe Markers Write on photos Writing Tool Won’t damage photos
Colored Pencils/Watercolors Hand-drawing/painting Art Supplies Adds a handcrafted touch
Acid-Free Photo Glue Attach photos safely Adhesive Prevents yellowing/damage
Foam Tape/Dots Add dimension to elements Adhesive Raises elements off the page
Retractable Craft Pick Pick up/place small items Precision Tool Good for small embellishments
Stencils/Templates Trace/cut consistent shapes Template Ensures design uniformity
Rulers/Straight Edges Measure and ensure straight lines Measuring Tool Assists in layout planning
Embossing Tools Create raised designs Texture Tool Adds texture and elegance
Crop-A-Dile Punch holes/set eyelets and snaps Multi-Function Tool Versatile and durable
Bone Folder Create clean paper folds Manual Tool Ensures crisp folds
Storage Containers Organize and store supplies Storage Keeps items protected and accessible
Scrapbook Sketches/Idea Books Provide design inspiration Inspiration Aids in layout planning
Photo Editing Software Enhance and modify photos digitally Digital Tool Requires some technical know-how

What Should a Scrapbook Contain?

Scrapbooks serve as a tangible repository of our cherished moments, experiences, and stories. They encapsulate memories and give them life, ensuring they aren’t forgotten. When embarking on your scrapbooking journey, consider incorporating the following elements to create a rich, personal, and lasting memento:

  • Photos:
    • Capture significant events, places, and people.
    • Can be digitally enhanced or edited before printing for the desired effect.
    • Ensure they’re printed on photo-safe paper to prevent deterioration over time.
  • Paper:
    • Provides a backdrop for your photos and other content.
    • Consider using acid-free paper to preserve the integrity of your memories.
    • Comes in various colors, textures, and patterns to complement your theme or mood.
  • Embellishments:
    • Items such as ribbons, buttons, stickers, washi tape, and more.
    • Add depth, texture, and a personalized touch to your pages.
    • Enhance the thematic or aesthetic appeal of your scrapbook.
  • Journaling:
    • Share stories, emotions, and context behind photos and memories.
    • Utilize journaling pens that won’t bleed through pages and are fade-resistant.
    • Can be handwritten for a personal touch or printed for a cleaner appearance.
  • Memorabilia:
    • Incorporate physical remnants of experiences, such as ticket stubs, postcards, dried flowers, and brochures.
    • These items infuse an authentic touch to your scrapbook, making it a true keepsake.
    • Ensure these are attached securely, using photo-safe adhesives or corner pockets.
  • Album/Binding:
    • The outer cover and binding method that holds your scrapbook together.
    • Options include ring-bound, post-bound, and strap-hinge albums, each with its unique advantages.
    • Choose a style and size that resonates with your vision and the volume of content you have.
  • Page Protectors:
    • Transparent sheets that cover and protect each page.
    • Protect against dust, moisture, and fingerprints, ensuring longevity.
    • Easily slide over pages and are generally part of most scrapbook albums.
  • Titles and Headers:
    • Use to introduce sections, highlight specific events, or add a decorative touch.
    • Can be made using stamps, stickers, or hand-lettering.
  • Layout Sketches/Idea Books:
    • Provide inspiration for arranging photos, embellishments, and other elements.
    • Help in creating cohesive and aesthetically pleasing pages.
  • Tools:
    • Include scissors, craft knives, glue, and more to aid in the design and assembly process.
    • Some specialized tools, like corner rounders or punchers, can elevate the finish and look of your pages.

Assembling a scrapbook is a labor of love. The combination of photos, stories, and personal artifacts ensures it stands as a testament to one’s journey, moments, and milestones. Whether for oneself or as a gift, a scrapbook is a cherished possession that can be revisited and relished for years to come.

What Is the Most Important Scrapbook Tool?

The most important tool for scrapbooking is your imagination! It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the supplies and tools available, but your creativity is the most important part of creating beautiful scrapbook pages.

Once you have your ideas, you can use the right tools and supplies to bring those ideas to life. With a little creativity and the right tools, you can create beautiful scrapbooks that will last for years.

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